Wednesday Hot Drop

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Feb 29, 2012 10:05 AM UTC 305  comments

Many of our viewers were excited to see a video featuring a live hot drop of an Atlas - today we are pleased to be able to show you that video in 1080p!



In addition, we have the following report on the Leopard dropship. Stay tuned after for more announcements!


Jostling back and forth, she imagined space, outside the ship. She could not see (though she knew) that as they hit the atmosphere, brilliant colours would be seen surrounding the ship. She also knew that two ASF fighters were holding a loose circle around them, hoping to intercept any incoming fighters. Her ‘Mech was freezing, as it took many minutes to rev-up to full power. The surroundings were all dark, her ‘Mech starting out from its docking cradle.



One never became used to it. The fall. The drop from the heavens to the hells of the battlefield. The jolts became harder, more frequent. Com-chatter non-existent, she wondered how many of these she had been on. Hell, she knew of at least twelve drops in this Leopard alone. Her recon lance, long veterans of being in the first wave, were around her, though she could not see them. Suddenly her ‘Mech came to life, and she toggled all systems on, running a quick check. Reactor online, Sensors online, Weapons online, All Systems Nominal. Purring like a kitten, she thought, giving a thumbs up to the ‘tech looking at her.

Her ‘Mech jolted back and forth as the crane moved. Her comms suddenly came to life:

“YOU OK IN THERE?” a Tech shouted over all the noise.

“Roger.” She replied.


That finished, she checked her lance:


“Watching buttons flash. Sometimes I push them. Alright, Check.”

“Susan?” “Board is green, I’m locked in. Check”

“Marv?” “This thing is cold as Hell. Check”

The doors below her opened, and her ‘Mech hung precariously over an open ‘Mechbay, staring straight down. Clouds whipped by as she slowed her breathing…


She grit her teeth as the atmosphere and wind slammed into her ‘Mech, tossing her left and right. 500 meters left. 400. 300. 200. 100… the jumpjet harness was going full blast as she jolted to the ground, almost losing balance, then coming to a standstill. The harness popped off, and she started moving to cover, even as her lancemates arrived. Missiles dropped all around her.

“Command, we are on the ground and under fire!”