BattleMech 11: Cataphract

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Boom Click-boom click-boom click-boom click-boom click

The Ultra AC-5 snickers as she tracks the Jenner in the distance; rounds impacting around, and on, the enemy ‘Mech. She could almost feel the enemy pilot shaking as each round impacted. Leaning forward as he approaches cover, her jump-jets arching her into the sky as the last AC-5 round enters the Jenners left leg, crippling it in an explosion of metal and smoke. Her four medium lasers rake giant lines down and across the top of the torso, her LBX-10 round crushes the centre torso from above, taking the ‘Mech out of action.

Tapping the jump-jets as she lands, the ‘Mechs legs absorb the fall, and she’s moving forward, the Cataphract slowly bobbing as her head tracks left and right for enemy targets. Her time as a Recon pilot is paying off now, as she scans every place she’d have been…

Vaulting through the air, she spots an Atlas in the distance, again the ‘boom click’ of a UAC firing and reloading fills her ears and shots arc out at the Atlas, impacting across the torso while four medium lasers add their burning lines. Just as she reaches the apex of the jump, she hits the Atlas with an LBX-10, clouding the enemy ‘Mech in smoke - and then she’s on the rear-side of a hill, and moving. LRM’s impact around her, causing almost no damage. She grins, twisting to the left and down the hill. That simple jump just took a big chunk out of that enemy Atlas, she thinks with a ferocious smile.

The Hunchback fires it’s AC/20, and her ‘Mech screams in rage as the impact shakes it, followed with a howl of indignation as the two medium and one small laser attempt to reach her through her Cataphract’s stomach. Moving without thinking – she’s already in the air, sailing over the hunchback, 'BOOOOM click' of her LBX-10 in her ears even as the ‘boom click’ of her UAC-5 begins. The four medium lasers trace lines over the head and each shoulder of the Hunchback, as its pilot struggles to turn around and face her. Tapping the jump-jets again, slightly leaning even further out of his firing arc, her AC-5’s and LBX-10 mixed with four medium lasers absolutely shred the rear armour of the Hunchback. She barely registers the 'Mech stumbling forward, focussed instead on the how.

How’d it get behind her? Did she move further forward than she thought? No - she is clearly where she should be! She frantically scans her HUD, looking for any other readings and realises her entire company is gone...


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