BattleMech 12: Stalker

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Jun 6, 2012 10:00 AM UTC 676  comments

Whump. Whump. Whump.

Missile Lock Achieved.

The enemy Catapult, far in the distance, has no idea. As it moves to gain a better target on another ’Mech - twin LRM-10’s disgorged their missiles; two Large Lasers follow, dragging a trench of molten metal around the right side of the enemy. A second volley of LRM’s, followed again by the large lasers, and the right missile pod explodes off the side of the Catapult. A second explosion indicated the right torso was breached. Stumbling forward, the ’Mech hides in an outcropping of rock.

Whump. Whump. Whump. The Stalker moves forward - towering high above the battlefield; swaying its massive torso left, then right, looking for more enemies. Grass, bushes, and small trees un-noticed, then suddenly an angry red triangle to the left as a Hunchback pokes out of cover. Two clouds of SRM-6s streak into it, followed by four medium lasers. The enemy ’Mech wheels to the right, missing its left arm and large amounts of torso armour. Clinkclinkclink as the SRMs reload and the Stalker continues forward.

“Support needed over here; I can’t hold this Atlas! Help me, Stalker!”

“On it.”

Turning towards the sound of distress: stop, lock on, and then fire. Fingers of LRMs streaked into the air, then slammed down right onto the enemy Atlas. Moving ponderously forward again, trying for a better angle, torso drift left, then right. Another volley of LRMs launched and still moving forward, peaking the hill in time to see the fight below.

The Dragon wheels behind a building as the Atlas lets loose twin large lasers, the azure beams scoring the building and nicking the right leg. Gauss rifle barking, the shot explodes just beside the Dragons head. Aiming down, the Stalker lets loose: Twelve SRM missile impact all across the enemyʉ۪Mech, followed by twin large lasers drawing vicious grooves across the torso to the head, and then four medium lasers ended the massive barrage, collapsing the right torso inward as the right arm explodes off and crashes to the ground.

“I owe you all the beers ever!”

“You can pay us back by moving, don’t stand there.”

As the Atlas turns to look up at this new threat; the familiar clinkclinkclink of SRM’s reloading, the soft hiss of water evaporating off the lasers, feet crunched into the ground as the looming torso stares down. Again the twelve SRMs streak out and shatter metal and plastic, again twin azure beams focus on the head, and then the four emerald medium lasers add their hum and the Atlas’ cockpit explodes outward, the pilot dead. Falling backward gracelessly, the ’Mech hits the ground, smoking and hissing as the burned and scorched metal cools.

And then the Stalker turns, looking for its next victim.

“Get us out of here, Stalker.”


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