Here's The Jenner!

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Today we’ve posted the Founders Jenner video on our youtube page – so go check it out!



The Jenner JR7 is a Light, 35 ton ‘Mech with a max speed of 118 km/h. Quick, agile, and with an impressive weapons loadout of four medium lasers and a short range missile 4, the Jenner can make quick work of larger opponents. The jumpjets merely add to the flexibility of this 'Mech.

While not outfitted with much in the way of armour, the Jenner lives by the motto ‘Speed is life.’ Holding still is a death sentence, thus Jenner pilots must become familiar with weaving through opponents, turning to fire at their exposed backs.

Heat management, and knowing to always move, and always find your opponents weak spots are key to becoming a successful Jenner Pilot. The Jenner has a very small amount of armour, however. Getting caught in a bad turn (or worse, holding still) will see your ’Mech torn apart in seconds. Always stay on the move, always manoeuvre, always shoot their backs. Use your jumpjets to get out of bad situations, or jump into the middle of the enemy, and then jump out.



Tonnage: 35 tons

Speed: 118 km/h

Weapons and Equipment:

Qty      Type                  Location

1          SRM-4              Centre Torso

2          Medium Laser    Right Arm

2          Medium Laser    Left Arm

The ultimate skirmisher, the Jenner is perfect for picking apart larger enemy ’Mechs. Running in ‘Flocks’ is advised, as even a pair of Jenners can disrupt an entire enemy team.

Legendary Founders Package Includes:

• All Four exclusive Founder’s BattleMechs

o Each of which has a lifetime C-Bill booster – because your skills are more sought after!

• $80 of in-game currency – We’re giving money away; literally!

• Three months of Premium Account o Earning you XP and C-Bills faster! It’s raining money!

• A Founders Tag to let people know on the forums and in-game just how devoted a MechWarrior you are. Our personal kudos to you!

• Your name in the game’s credits! When aliens discover our civilizations ashes, they’ll also find a copy of the game, with your name on it.

• Early closed Beta access on August 7 – That’s only two weeks away!

o Be entered for random draws to get closed Beta access before the 7th, too! Your friends would be jealous, if you could tell them.


Good luck, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!


The MechWarrior Online Team


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