Here's The Atlas!

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There's something coming, and you can hear it - it sounds like.. an Atlas.


If there was ever a ’Mech that inspired terror in those that faced it, it was the Atlas. Weighing in at 100 tons, boasting a small ’Mechs weight in armour, and having two small ’Mechs worth of weaponry, the Atlas is truly an awe inspiring sight. The unyielding, deliberate movements, and Deaths-Head skull all make the Atlas a truly imposing ’Mech to face.

The Atlas takes a skilled and veteran pilot to be effective – an intimate knowledge of the weapon systems is required.

  • The Left Torso contains your LRM 20, perfect for indirect fire, as well as an SRM 6 for added close-in punch
  • The Left and Right Arms each contain a Medium Laser
  • The Centre Torso contains an additional two Medium Lasers
  • The Right Torso contains your go-to weapon, the AC/20

Heat management, knowledge of weapon grouping and weapon ranges are all necessary to make the most of this fearsome ’Mech. Mastery of these facets will rain destruction on any who face you.

Keep in mind, however, that the Atlas is not the fastest 'Mech, and that being attacked from behind is a very constant and real threat. Scan your battlefield carefully, as even a single Jenner can ruin your day. Carefull positioning is key, as is fire discipline – learn your weapons ranges, as you will be switching between them as you close with the enemy.



Tonnage: 100
Speed: 48 km/h

Weapons and Equipment:

Qty Type Location

1 AC/20 Right Torso

1 LRM 20 Left Torso

1 SRM 6 Left Torso

2 Medium Laser Centre Torso

1 Medium Laser Right Arm

1 Medium Laser Left Arm

The true brawler, this default configuration of the Atlas boasts an incredible array of firepower. LRM 20’s soften up the enemy armour at range, and then the four medium lasers go to work damaging key areas. Once in close range, the one-two punch of the AC/20 and SRM 6 is often enough to destroy an opponent right there. If that doesn't work, try crashing into them.

We’ll listen for you on the battlefield.

The MechWarrior Online Team


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