First Hero Mech Live: Yen-Lo-Wang!

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 25, 2012 8:30 PM UTC 23  comments

Our first Hero Mech is now LIVE: Check out the Yen-Lo-Wang!

The Yen-Lo-Wang Hero Mech is a customized Centurion, used to win the Solaris Championships not once, but twice. Featuring a weapons load out of an AC/20 and two medium lasers, and almost as much armour as the Mech can hold, the Yen-Lo-Wang is a terror on the battlefield. In addition to the having to face the massive punch of that weapons load out and a quite healthy amount of armour, opponents also get to stare at a rather striking custom skin; a white and red painted chassis with red sunburst. 

  • New Centurion Variant (CN9-YLW)
  • 30% permanent C-Bill gain boost
  • 3750 MC
  • Comes with a unique skin and colours
  • AC/20 in the right arm, and twin medium lasers in the centre torso 
             o Two energy weapon slots in the centre torso, one AMS slot in the right torso, two ballistic slots in the right arm, and three module slots.

So if you would like to pilot the most iconic Centurion ever - get into the Mechlab, and go check out the Yen-Lo-Wang!

The MechWarrior Online Team


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