Project Phoenix Leaked

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“In an exclusive Inner Sphere News report, we have just received leaked documents about a massive initiative designated as ‘Project Phoenix’. Featuring an exotic range of ancient technology thought lost to the sands of time, this is YOUR chance to pre-order these  BattleMechs via four unique and value-packed offers.

The Locust, a speedy reconnaissance Mech, infamous for its quick speed and extremely quick manoeuvrability, was first introduced by Bergen Industries in 2499. The Shadow Hawk is a versatile and fast medium Mech, arguably most famous for its use by Grayson Death Carlyle of the Gray Death Legion. It was first built by Lang Industries in 2457 during the so-called ‘Golden Age’ of BattleMech creation. The Thunderbolt is an eclectically armed heavy Mech, originally designed as an Assault Mech by Earthwerks Incorporated in 2491. While no longer the biggest chassis around, the Thunderbolt is still respected for its varied load out and especially roomy cockpit. The Battlemaster is a Mech with a very storied history, and has been used in countless battles throughout the inner sphere. With an adaptable weapons platform, this Mech has been used in virtually every role and on hundreds of battlefields, including the Battle of Coventry by Wayne Waco, commander of the Waco Rangers.

Each package delivers both the Phoenix BattleMechs of each unique chassis type, plus two Standard Variants. See the package details here for the full readout on the package contents that accompany each tier. Project Phoenix will be available for a limited time only and once vaulted, these packages will never be made available again! A FAQ of the project can be found here."

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