Reward Last Call

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Jun 6, 2014 6:33 PM UTC 211  comments

As we prepare for Clan Collections to be delivered on June 17 we would like to extend a final invitation to those who haven't had a chance to pre-order. Clan Collections will still be available for purchase after June 17.


Pre-order a Clan Collection before June 17 at 10am PDT and receive the associated rewards in their Collection or A La Carte purchase as listed below (the items listed below will not be included with any package after this date):


-All purchases to receive the June Monthly Rewards of Clan Colors, and all unlocked Social Rewards (currently a Polygon Camo and Polygon Colors for each Mech purchased).

-A Coffee Cup Cockpit Item for those who purchased our previous promotions, the Phoenix or Founder's Packages.

-Daishi Collection and above will receive Signed Digital Concept Art.

-Puma Collection and above will receive a Digital Wallpaper.


Head on over to the Clan Collections website to pre-order!


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