Patch Notes - 1.3.367 - 03-FEB-2015

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Greetings MechWarriors!

January is over and the Christmas hangover is gone! Our team is humming like a 300xl Fusion engine. Here are the results of all those fused protium isotopes.

We have a new Champion in our midst: the Banshee BNC-3M(C). Check its stock load-out below and remember, Champion 'Mechs provide a 30% XP Boost in-game.

The Atlas AS7-S and Centurion CN9-AH are now available as standard variants. These variants share 'Mech XP with the existing reward ‘Mechs, but unlike the reward variants you can apply custom camo spec patterns. These two 'Mechs are available for MC on February 3rd and for C-bills on February 17th.

We've also added Raven and Shadow Hawk Mastery Bundles to the store. These Mastery Bundles give you everything you need to start mastering a chassis, at a 50% MC savings.

Community Warfare’s third map – Hellebore Springs – is now available! You can also fight to take back the ground you lost in the newly revamped Counter Attack game mode. Upon your arrival the gates are open, the orbital defense cannon is destroyed, and you start the fight meeting your enemies head on. Get the most kills and destroy their newly established Mobile Field Base to restore your honor on the battlefield and take back what was rightly yours.

In addition, we've added ceasefire notifications and an update to the queue information displayed in the planet finder.

Faction loyalty achievements now provide a range of rewards from 'Mech Bays to C-Bills to MC. All loyalty achievement rewards are retroactive and will be injected into eligible player accounts during the patch downtime. Not only that, you can now display your awesomeness in-game by choosing which of the titles you've earned to display above your ‘Mech when on the battlefield.

For more details on these features, along with the various tweaks and fixes rolling out with this patch, read on.

See you on the battlefield

- The MechWarrior Team

Change Log



Weapons Rescaling

The AC/20 and AC/10 have been globally resized (scaled up) to fit a more pleasing aesthetic. This will be most noticeable on the Centurion. Please note though, they haven't been scaled up so much as to match the original size (portrayed originally on the Centurion) in order to maintain a standardized look and feel across all platforms, regardless of class.


New Champion 'Mech:

Banshee BNC-3M(C) 

  • Tonnage: 95
  • Engine: 380 XL
  • Top Speed: 64.8 kph
  • Max Engine Rating: 400
  • Torso Movement:
  • 90 degrees to each side.
  • 20 degrees up and down.
  • Arm Movement:
  • 20 degrees to each side.
  • 30 degrees up and down.
  • Armor: 432 (Standard)
  • Internal Structure: Endo-Steel
  • Weapons & Equipment:
  • Left Torso: Large Pulse Laser x3, Double Heat Sink
  • Center Torso: Engine
  • Right Torso: Large Pulse Laser x3, Double Heat Sink
  • Hardpoints:
  • Head: 1 Energy
  • Left Torso: 3 Energy
  • Center Torso: 1 AMS
  • Right Torso: 4 Energy
  • Heat Sinks: 17 Double
  • Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
  • ECM Capable?: No
  • Module Slots:
  • Mech: 1
  • Consumable: 2
  • Weapon: 2
  • Movement Archetype: Huge
  • Quirks:
  • +7.5% Energy Range
  • -7.5% Energy Heat Generation
  • -10% Laser Duration
  • +7.5% Large Pulse Laser Range
  • -7.5% Large Pulse Laser Heat Generation
  • 30% XP bonus when owned.

New Standard 'Mechs:

Atlas AS7-S (MC only Feb 3rd, C-bills Feb 17th)

  • Tonnage: 100
  • Engine: 300 Standard
  • Top Speed: 48.6 kph
  • Max Engine Rating: 360
  • Torso Movement:
  • 75 degrees to each side.
  • 16 degrees up and down.
  • Arm Movement:
  • 35 degrees to each side.
  • 30 degrees up and down.
  • Armor: 608 (Standard)
  • Internal Structure: Standard
  • Weapons & Equipment:
  • Left Arm: Medium Laser, Double Heat Sink x2
  • Left Torso: LRM 20, SRM 6, Streak SRM 2 x2, LRM Ammo x2, SRM Ammo
  • Center Torso: Medium Laser x2
  • Right Torso: AC/20, AC/20 Ammo x2
  • Right Arm: Medium Laser, Double Heat Sink
  • Left Leg: Streak SRM Ammo
  • Right Leg: AC/20 Ammo
  • Hardpoints:
  • Left Arm: 1 Energy, 1 AMS
  • Left Torso: 4 Missile
  • Center Torso: 2 Energy
  • Right Torso: 1 Ballistic
  • Right Arm: 1 Energy
  • Heat Sinks: 15 Double
  • Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
  • ECM Capable?: No
  • Module Slots:
  • Mech: 2
  • Consumable: 2
  • Weapon: 2
  • Movement Archetype: Huge
  • Quirks:
  • +11 Additional Structure (LT)
  • +11 Additional Structure (RT)
  • +7.5% Ballistic Velocity
  • -10% Laser Duration
  • +7.5% Missile Cooldown
  • +7.5% AC/20 Velocity
  • +7.5% SRM 4 Cooldown

Centurion CN9-AH (MC only Feb 3rd, C-bills Feb 17th)
  • Tonnage: 50
  • Engine: 200 Standard
  • Top Speed: 64.8 kph
  • Max Engine Rating: 275
  • Torso Movement:
  • 110 degrees to each side.
  • 25 degrees up and down.
  • Arm Movement:
  • 0 degrees to each side.
  • 35 degrees up and down.
  • Armor: 272 (Standard)
  • Internal Structure: Standard
  • Weapons & Equipment:
  • Left Torso: LRM 10, LRM Ammo x2
  • Right Torso: AC/20 Ammo x2
  • Right Arm: AC/20
  • Left Leg: Heat Sink
  • Right Leg: Heat Sink
  • Hardpoints:
  • Left Torso: 3 Missile
  • Right Torso: 1 AMS
  • Right Arm: 3 Ballistic
  • Heat Sinks: 10 Single
  • Jump Jets: 0 (0 Max)
  • ECM Capable?: No
  • Module Slots:
  • Mech: 1
  • Consumable: 2
  • Weapon: 2
  • Movement Archetype: Medium
  • Quirks:
  • Deceleration Rate: +10%
  • Turn Rate: +10%
  • +16 Additional Armor (LA)
  • +16 Additional Structure(RA)
  • Torso Turn Rate (Yaw): +35%
  • +10% Ballistic Velocity
  • +10% Ballistic Cooldown
  • +12.5% Missile Range
  • +12.5% Missile Cooldown
  • +10% AC/20 Velocity
  • +10% AC/20 Cooldown

New Bundles

Raven Mastery Bundle - 5362 MC
  • 3 x 'Mech Bays
  • RVN-H Huggin
  • RVN-3L(C)
  • RVN-4X
  • Raven Standing Item Statue
  • 30 Days Premium Time

ShadowHawk Mastery Bundle - 5750 MC

  • 3 x 'Mech Bays
  • SHD-GD The Gray Death
  • SHD-2H(C)
  • SHD-2D2
  • 30 Days Premium Time


Queue info screen

Not sure why it’s taking so long to find a match in CW? Wonder no more! We’re giving you the information to see where your best chance to find a match will be. 

Click on a planet and check out the queuing information to see the number of full strike-team Dropships waiting in orbit to do battle, as well as the number and size of the groups waiting to form a team.

Once your full strike-team has formed, you’ll know exactly where you are in the queue and how many teams are lined up on the other side. While you’re waiting to drop the sector map now shows how many battles are being fought and roughly how long they’ve been fighting for, so you’ll have a better idea of how long the wait will be.

We’re also working on a system to further support player grouping. We’ll provide more details on this in the next couple of weeks.


Any title earned in-game can now be displayed above your ‘Mech. You can choose which title you want to display in the 'Titles/Badges' screen, accessed from your in-game Home screen.

Hellebore Springs

The highly-anticipated third Community Warfare map has arrived!

Originally home to only a small pocket of hardy colonists, this arid planet has become a valuable prize due to an abundance of easy to reach hydrocarbons. An ancient, yet still active Space Defense System ensures attacking forces must first disable the waiting anti-orbital gauss cannon before proceeding towards any industrial centers.

A small embankment to the rear of the primary SDS battery provides the surest approach and offers attackers two routes towards their objective. Once past the gate attackers will have to quickly identify cover as the vantage points afforded by the terraced canyon walls make them highly effective defensive positions.

Once home to a sprawling ancient marshland, the fossils found along the canyon walls give clues to the lush ecosystems that have long since disappeared. During the short wet season fragile flowering plants and lichens spring to life, accenting the usual red stone with their bright purple tones. The blooms, whilst beautiful, are poisonous and provide no nourishment to those living amongst the desperate surroundings.

Counter Attack game mode

Upon counter-attacking, players will now arrive at the base with the gates open and the orbital defense cannon destroyed. As with Skirmish, players fight head-to-head to get the highest score. The difference is that attackers must also destroy the mobile field base; defenders must protect it, and if the base is still up at the end of the match, they win. 

Ceasefire notifications

Players can see when a ceasefire is in effect. Both the planet finder and planet information screens will display the notice “Ceasefire in Effect” along with the time remaining until the next planetary invasion window.


  • The loyalty reward versions of the AS7-S and CN9-AH have been renamed AS7-S(L) and CN9-AH(L)
  • The CN9-AH(L) now has mounting bracket geometry on its left torso.
  • The CN9-AH(L)'s MechLab icon has been re-rendered to reflect this.
  • Myst Lynx standard variants are now available for CB
  • Hellbringer standard variants are now available for MC

Bug Fixes 

  • Terrain now casts shadows in most maps, eliminating floating 'Mech shadows
  • Performance optimizations for jumpjets and missile flames 
  • Fixed the Battlegrid Map alignment in Boreal Vault
  • Small Battlegrid UI fixes for Community Warfare
  • Optimization to the HUD targeting system
  • Various text fixes
  • Various rendering fixes
  • Graphics fixes
  • Various 'stuck in geometry' bug fixes
  • Notification will no longer say "Unknown has killed player" once a user dies due to an ammo explosion
  • Players will no longer be charged CB/MC when using 'auto refill' on consumables they already own
  • Bitching Betty now properly announces "target destroyed" when killing the last enemy 'Mech
  • Call to Arms notifications should no longer appear during ceasefire
  • Players should no longer receive Unknown Failure errors when attempting to redeem items
  • ALT+ENTER is now functional under all resolutions when running DirectX 11

Known Issues

  • In the titles UI, the small scale versions of the Clan Badges will be updated to more legible versions in the next patch
  • Rarely, the targeting box will stay on-screen
  • Skill trees for Clan Reinforcement 'Mechs are in a locked condition until the player first drops into a Testing Grounds session with any 'Mech


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