Sweet Deals with MC

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Feb 11, 2015 9:00 PM UTC 93  comments

Starts:  February 11th, 10AM PST (6PM UTC)

Ends:  February 20th, 10AM PST (6PM UTC)

Between February 11th and February 20th, you'll receive an additional Valentine's gift when purchasing any amount of MC!



and a Reward item!

$99.95 USD

25,000 MC

ShadowHawk Mastery Bundle

$49.95 USD

12,000 MC

TDR-9SE(C) Thunderbolt Champion and Mech Bay

$29.95 USD

6,500 MC

FS9-S(C) FireStarter Champion and Mech Bay

$14.95 USD

3,000 MC

Mech Bay and MWO Mug Standing Cockpit item

$6.95 USD


Mech Bay





  • Each MC tier only provides you with its associated Reward item. Purchasing the highest MC tier does not provide you with any Reward items from lower tiers, for example.

  • There is no limit to how many times you can qualify. You can purchase multiple instances of the $6.95 MC tier to receive multiple Mech Bays, for example.

  • A Reward item associated with your purchase tier cannot be switched with another Reward item. You cannot switch the ShadowHawk Mastery Bundle with a TDR-9SE Champion, for example.

  • The additional content will be injected into eligible accounts every hour on the hour, starting at 11AM PST / 7PM UTC.


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