Weekly Community Spotlight! #3

by Tina Benoit in [ Community Spotlight ] on, Apr 1, 2015 8:31 PM UTC 6  comments

Weekly Community Spotlight!

Hello MechWarriors, welcome to the Community Spotlight! 
This is a weekly announcement to keep you up to date on what’s currently going on in MWO’s player-run events, creations and more!


Community Run Tournaments!

Sign ups are still available for the Major League MechWarrior Tournament!

The winner’s prize pool is at $2750 and there will be 125 Mechbays and over 200,000 MC giveaways in other prizes to competitors and viewers alike!

That’s not all though! Take a look at the MLMW prizing details!

Don’t have a team yet but you would like to join? Go to MLMW Team and Player Finder.
Contact Homeless Bill or email majorleaguemechwarrior@gmail.com for more details! 

MLMW Website


- Watch Run Hot or Die Tournament Season 6 Week 3 match starting tonight, April 1st at 9PM EST with 228th IBR vs. EmpyreaL. Casted by TheMagician and Homeless Bill on http://www.twitch.tv/MWOLN

And Tomorrow’s match tomorrow April 2nd at 10PM EST with Dragons of Morgoth vs. QQ Merc Corps. Casted by Heimdelight and Siriothrax also on http://www.twitch.tv/MWOLN

See the match calendar!

Mercenary Review Bonding Comission Tournament League is now taking signups for Season 5!!

The MRBC is a league based on division where each division has 4 teams, win your division and go up a division next season, come last and go down. 
This is great for teams looking to get into competition as they can start from the bottom and work their way up as they improve!

Check out the MRBC league rules for details



April 1st Special Creation by Heffay



Community Run Events!

Is anyone here into 1 vs 1 matches?

If you are check out this thread by Euklides, who's looking for some 1 on 1 practice to try out different play-styles! 


Also next week, Urbie Derby Event starts on April 8th at 8PM PDT!

Event details here


Player Creation of the Week!

Congratulations to Jason Zero, you have won the creation of the week!

You won’t regret reading these Big Botts magazines.

Submit your own creation for a chance to be chosen as next week's Player-Creation of the Week!


Streamer of the week!

Streamer Casual_Joker will be doing Giveaways once he reaches 300 Followers! 

That means he requires only 3 more!! 


Gameplay of the week!

Check out Penclick Productions gameplay video, playing a full match without the HUD!


Want to share your creations and events with the community too? 

Contact community@mwomercs.com with your details!


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