MRBC Sign-ups!

by Matt Newman in [ Community Spotlight ] on, Mar 7, 2017 12:00 AM UTC 6  comments
MWO’s largest and longest running 3rd party league is welcoming new and returning teams from around the world for its 9th season. Signups will remain open until March 31st.

MRBC is an 8v8 ladder league with teams placed into divisions based on skill level and achievement. Teams with little to no competitive experience are able to start in the lowest division and work their way up from season to season. If your team is looking for a challenging and unique MechWarrior: Online experience, MRBC is for you.

An MRBC season will typically run for about 10 weeks with each team playing 1 match consisting of 5 drops per week. Teams will earn reputation points which will translate to their overall standings in the League Tables. Division winners will be rewarded MC which has been provided by PGI.

If you cannot compete but still want to follow the action, follow MRBC on Twitter at and on Twitch at for league match shoutcasts hosted by our team of casters.

For more information about the league, please visit