Premium Time is back! Civil War Packs!

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 4, 2017 8:00 PM UTC 165  comments

You asked for it!
Civil War Packs and Civil War: Escalation Packs!

 Civil War and 

Civil War: Escalation

All Standard Mech Packs

All Collectors Mech Packs

All Ultimate Mech Packs


No Premium Time.

30 Days Active Premium Time.

30 Days Active Premium Time (from Collectors Pack)


30 Days Active Premium Time!!

60 Days Active Premium Time!!!

60 Days Active Premium Time!!!
(from Collectors Pack)


Why did you do this?
Because you asked for it!

What if I have already Purchased a Pack?
You don't have to do anything! you will get the increased Premium time in your pack when it is injected to your account!

What if I want to Purchase a Pack now?
Civil War Packs can be purchased here and will be delivered this month July 18th along with the Civil War Game Update!
Civil War: Escalation can be purchased here and you can take advantage of Early Adopters rewards until the end of July! Civil War: Escalation Packs will be released in October.

What is Active Premium Time?
Active Premium Time activates upon redemption, typically your first login after the mech pack is delivered!
Active Premium time increases the rate of XP and C-Bill gain in matches.

Have More Questions?

More Questions?

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