New Competitive Team Formation Deadline

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Jul 11, 2017 10:00 PM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,

Over 30 Teams have thrown down the gauntlet and made it onto the Competitive Play Leaderboards during the ongoing Qualifying Phase of the 2017 MechWarrior Online World Championship. The Semi-Finals are fast-approaching this September!

This message is a notice to all Competitive Teams, participants, and potential participants that the Team Roster & Region Editing Deadline, originally set for August 25th at 6:59 AM UTC, has been moved up to August 1st at 6:59 AM UTC.

This means that all Team Roster compositions and Preferred Region selections must be locked in by August 1st at 6:59 AM UTC. No further changes to Competitive Team Rosters or Preferred Regions will be permitted after that point.
The registration of new Competitive Teams will also be closed at that date and time.

We strongly recommend that all Teams attempt to fill all 12 of their Player Slots before the new Deadline to help minimize the possibility of any scheduling or membership issues causing your Team to not meet the 8 Player requirement for continued participation in the Tournament after the new Deadline.

The original date for the Team Roster & Region Deadline was implemented to provide Teams with a significant portion of time and flexibility with which to adjust their Team compositions during the bulk of the Qualifying Phase. At this stage however, we have made the determination that an August 1st deadline is required to help address what has been perceived by some to be excessive or unsportsmanlike Team and Roster swapping between sub-Teams operating under an overarching Team identity. As a result, this Deadline adjustment is extending the period of time over which the Qualifying Phase requires Team Roster and Region selections to be fully locked-in.
As all Roster adjustments to this point have been in accordance with Tournament rules, no action is being taken against any Teams at this time. 
We feel this new Deadline - though set nearly a month earlier than the previous - still provides all Competitive Teams with sufficient time and flexibility for making necessary Roster adjustments prior to the new cutoff point.

All that aside, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank all participants and followers of the MechWarrior Online Competitive scene and the official Tournament this year! For everyone who may be waiting patiently for the announcement of the 2017 Tournament Supporter Pack, the wait is almost over....


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