October 17th Patch Time Moved to October 18th at 2PM

by Alexander Garden in [ Announcements ] on, Oct 17, 2017 8:55 PM UTC
Greetings MechWarriors,

The October 17 patch was originally scheduled to release at 2PM Pacific to ensure some final-hour changes were properly implemented and tested, but during the subsequent testing phase we identified an End of Round bug we were not willing to release as-is. As a result of this issue, we have decided to delay the patch until Wednesday, October 18th at 2PM Pacific.

We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this delay may cause; particularly if you were looking forward to getting into your Escalation 'Mechs tonight.

Special Note: To help compensate somewhat for the delay, all accounts that have logged in within the last 60 Days will receive 2 Days of Banked Premium Time.
Additionally, Escalation pack owners of any pack or tier will also receive 1 free MechBay (to a max of 1).
These bonuses will arrive with the patch.

We will do our best to make the patch downtime tomorrow as quick as possible. Thank you for your patience, MechWarriors.

Original Announcement
Due to some final-hour changes to the Nightstar arm orientation and the partial rollback of previously planned Laser changes, the expected downtime for this patch will run from 2 to 4 PM Pacific, rather than our usual time of 10AM.
Apologies for any inconvenience; once the patch downtime begins 2PM we'll do our best to make it as quick as possible!

You can check out the details of our Laser change rollback through our devpost here, and the results of our Nightstar arm angle adjustment here.