Thanatos for MC and Nova Cat and Nightstar for C-Bills

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, Apr 3, 2018 10:30 PM UTC 43  comments

April 3rd mech Release
Thanatos for MC
Nova Cat and Nightstar for C-Bills

Thanatos for MC

THANATOS TNS-4S                      4715 MC
THANATOS TNS-4P                     4270 MC
THANATOS TNS-5P                     3915 MC
THANATOS TNS-5S                    4400 MC
THANATOS TNS-5T                    3495 MC
THANATOS HANGOVER             5625 MC

Nova Cat for C-Bills

NOVA CAT NCT-PRIME                12,814,651 C-Bills
NOVA CAT NCT-A                         12,526,651 C-Bills
NOVA CAT NCT-B                          13,027,251 C-Bills
NOVA CAT NCT-C                          12,306,711 C-Bills
NOVA CAT NCT-D                          12,794,611 C-Bills

 Nightstar for C-Bills

NIGHTSTAR NSR-9J                      12,389,706 C-Bills
NIGHTSTAR NSR-9FC                   14,382,853 C-Bills
NIGHTSTAR NSR-9S                       13,125,658 C-Bills
NIGHTSTAR NSR-9P                      12,589,076 C-Bills
NIGHTSTAR NSR-10P                      11,623,750 C-Bills