Countdown to Flea release June 19th

by Tina Benoit in [ Announcements ] on, Jun 12, 2018 8:10 PM UTC 73  comments

Countdown to release

Flea shipping June 19th!

Countdown to Flea: Livestream Preview

Join Phil and Daeron from NGNGtv for a preview live stream of the Flea!
They will also be showing off the New Save/Load option for Loadouts and Skill Tree.
Starting at 12 Noon PST,  3 pm EST, 7 PM UTC.

Flea Scale Comparison

Flea vs Locust

Flea vs Piranha

Flea Quirks

Flea Faction Pattern Screenshots

Titles and Badges

The Pest

Standard Badge

The Bite


Tune in again tomorrow for the next sneak peek to the countdown!


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