Mechwarrior 3 Anniversary and Cinco de Mayo Event and Sales

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, May 2, 2019 11:00 PM UTC 193  comments

MW3 and Cinco de Mayo Event
Starts: May 3rd 00:00 UTC
Ends: May 10th 00:00 UTC

MechWarrior 3 was released 20 years ago this May.
Let's celebrate this Anniversary with the Mechwarrior 3 Chassis on sale and an event for the weekend.
Oh yeah and Cinco de Mayo is Sunday too so we have a little something for that too.

MechWarrior 3 Clan Dropship Deals

Adder, Nova, Stormcrow, and Shadow Cat

Timber Wolf, Summoner, Mad Dog, Ebon Jaguar, Dire Wolf, Warhawk, and Supernova

MechWarrior 3 IS Chassis on Sale  MC and C-Bills - IN GAME
Champion, Centurion, Bushwacker, Orion, Awesome, Atlas, Annihilator 50% off

Cinco de Mayo Sale - IN GAME
Stay Cool and Fast with these Deals

All Cool Shots 50% off C-Bill and MC Price
All Heat Sink-o's 50% off C-Bill Price - in the Mech lab
All Engines 50% off C-Bill Price - in the Mech lab
All MASC and Equipment 50% off C-Bill Price - in the Mech lab
All Armor Types 50% off - in the Mech lab

MW3 and Cinco de Mayo Event


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