PATCH NOTES - - 21-JULY-2020

by Matt Newman in [ Patch Notes ] on, Jul 16, 2020 5:00 PM UTC 44  comments

Patch - 21st JULY 2020 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT

Patch Number: v1.4.228.0
Standalone Client Patch Size: 

Please note that due to compression differences the Steam patch size may be larger than the standalone client patch size. 

• Patch Files (Direct Download) -


Bug Fix

  • Fixed a bug where under certain conditions weapon doors would prevent missiles from registering properly on the server.

Patch Files (Direct Download)

To make the patching process easier for players with limited download caps, we'll be providing direct download links for the patch file(s) that comprise this patch. This will allow you to download the patch file(s) elsewhere, for manual injection into the MWO patcher through a Patch Cache folder.
Aside from allowing you to download the patch file(s) elsewhere, on another connection, there are no additional benefits to performing the patch this way; the patching process itself will be the same.
This direct patch download process will only work for players running the standalone client. It does not apply to players running MWO through Steam.

Patch File(s): To be provided on patch day

How to use these patch files
• Download the above file(s)
• For sake of ease, we recommend creating a dedicated folder for the patch file(s), such as 'MWO Patch Cache'
• You do not need to unzip or unpack the patch file(s)
• Launch the MWO Portal
• Select the three horizontal lines in the top left of the Portal Window
• Choose the 'Specify Patch File Cache' option
• In the field that appears, paste or enter the location in which you saved the patch file(s) and hit OK
• For example, C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MWO Patch Cache
• Click the blue Patch button
• The launcher will now check the Patch Cache folder you defined. If it locates the required patch files, it will unpack and use those files to apply the patch.
• Once the patch is complete, launch the game


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