Monday MechWarrior Update with Daeron

by Daeron Katz in [ Announcements ] on, Nov 3, 2020 1:00 AM UTC 146  comments

Greetings, MechWarriors!

This will be my initial post representing a regular, beginning-of-the-week report on the progress of our collaboration with the MWO community towards future development of MechWarrior Online. As many of you know, we got a 5-year license extension from Microsoft this year for our MechWarrior titles, and we want to take full advantage of that opportunity to bring you the best MechWarrior experiences we can. So let's get to it!

Last week I continued to receive and process your feedback, and on Tuesday met with Russ and Matt do go over all of this information. There are definite areas of consensus already establishing themselves, like New Player Experience, Skill Tree, Solaris, Faction Play, Map Updates, Game Mode Updates, and more. But that doesn't mean anything is off the table yet. You will have opportunities in the coming weeks to make your voice heard, either on the relevant MWO forum posts, a town hall style meeting, and communicating with me directly.

This week I will again be meeting with Russ and Matt to go over a rough outline of a plan, based on all of the compiled feedback we went over last week. I will then post this outline for your review and discussion, while also presenting it to the developers for technical reviews. I will have this outline posted by this coming Friday Nov 6th, or Monday Nov 9th at the latest. From there, the real work begins! More on that later.

You can hear all of this in greater detail on the podcasts below:

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