Missing Content

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Q: I purchased a 'Mech Pack but it wasn't injected into my account. When will it arrive?

  • Content injections are performed on the hour, every hour. For example, if you purchased your 'Mech Collection at 5:25 PM, it will arrive in your MWO account at 6:00 PM. If your game client is running, please reboot MWO in order to redeem the content.
  • The content might not be available in game yet.The release dates are listed on the 'Mech Pack's Store page and its  FAQ Section.
  • If your content was acquired by gift code you will need to redeem it first in our Redemption Portal. Once the gift code is redeemed the content will arrive on the hour.  

Q: I haven't accessed my account for an extended period of time and all of my items disappeared. Can I get them back ?

Inactive accounts are not modified. Make sure that you are accessing the account that the content was purchased on and the 'Mechs/Items were not sold in the past. If you can't locate the content you are looking for, please contact us at accounts@mwomercs.com