This event is now over.

Starts: DECEMBER 22nd 10:00:00 AM (PST) / 6:00:00 PM (UTC)
Ends: JANUARY 4th 10:00:00 AM (PST) / 6:00:00 PM (UTC)



Due to popular request we have added 25 additional redeems to rifleman pre-order owners! If you don’t own a rifleman package you can pre-order HERE before the event deadline to earn these additional 25 redeems. To keep things festive we have added another 25 redeems to the Faction play mode as well! That’s 150 Game mode redeems and 50 bonus Redeems for Pre-orders!

You have until January 4th 10:00:00 AM (PST) / 6:00:00 PM (UTC) to qualify and until January 8th at 10 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC) to redeem your prizes!

Happy Holidays MechWarrior!

It's that time of the year, MechWarriors!

Holiday prizes are yours for the taking from the Stocking Stuffer randomized loot bag if you can meet the minimum Match Score. Hitting the minimum Match Score in a Quick Play or Faction Play match will provide you with an opportunity to reach into the Stocking Stuffer randomized loot bag for a chance to win MC, C-Bills, GXP, Active Premium Time, Consumables, and Holiday Cockpit Items!

All Archer owners (of any Collection tier) will automatically start this event with 25 bonus redemption opportunities already available! If you haven't snagged an Archer Collection yet you can purchase any Archer Collection at any time during this event to receive your complimentary 25 redemptions. The Early Adopter deadline for Archer ends December 31st, so picking up a Collection before December 31st will maximize your potential rewards! The 25 bonus redemptions provided from Archer ownership are not counted toward the 125 redemption total of this event.


  • Get a Match Score of at least 100 in Faction Play (Invasion or Counter Attack game modes) to earn 1 event point.
  • Get a Match Score of at least 150 in Quick Play (Skirmish, Assault, or Conquest game modes) to earn 1 event point.
  • 1 event point equals 1 opportunity to reach into the Stocking Stuffer loot bag.
  • You can earn up to 75 prizes total in Quick Play and 50 prizes total in Faction Play, for a grand combined total of 125 prizes across all game modes.
  • Owning any Archer Collection tier will provide you with 25 bonus redemptions! These don't count toward the 125 total prize cap.
  • Don't forget to return to this page to check on your qualified matches and claim your prizes!

Possible Prizes:

  • Active Premium Time
  • MC (various values)
  • C-bills (various values)
  • GXP (various values)
  • MC Consumables
    • Cool shot
    • Artillery
    • UAV
    • Air strike
  • Cockpit Items
    • Xmas Lights
    • Green LIghts
    • Holiday Mistletoe
    • Holiday Wreath
    • SnowFlake
    • Holiday Ball
    • Candy Cane
    • Snowman Bobblehead
    • Santa Bobblehead
    • Xmas Elf
  • 'Coal' Items
    • Flamer
    • Small Laser
  • 1 Grand Prize!
    • Centurion CN9-AH 'Mech (including Mech Bay, standard variant / can be sold)
    • This Grand Prize can only be acquired once-per-player!

Please Note

  • All prizes are randomly selected.
  • Support services will not trade or switch out any prizes.
  • Accounts that engage in non-participation or other violations of the CoC, such as (but not limited to) AFK/non-participation farming or 'gaming' of the Community Warfare matchmaking system, will be subject to reward disqualification and moderation actions.
  • Premium Time received during this event activates immediately when you receive the prize in-game.
  • Solo and Group queue matches are eligible, in all Quick Play and Faction Play game modes.
  • No opt-in required.
  • The Stocking Stuffer loot bag will disappear on January 8th at 10 AM PST (6:00 PM UTC)! Redeem your eligible matches on the event page before that deadline or they will be forfeit!
  • In the event that you do not redeem all of your Stocking Stuffer loot bag chances prior to the above deadline, Support services will not be able to provide any retroactive rewards.

Global Prize Totals:Prize quantities can be delayed by up to 15 minutes!

  • MechWarrior Credits

  • C-Bills

  • Premium Time

  • General XP

  • Consumables

  • Cockpit Items


Stocking Stuffer redemptions are now over!

For full rules & regulations governing this challenge, click here.