This event is now over.

Starts: JAN 27th 4:00:00 PM (PST) (JAN 28th 12:00:00 AM UTC)
Ends: JAN 31st 12:00:00 AM (PST) (8:00:00 AM UTC)


Greetings MechWarriors,

Welcome to the Payback II Personal Challenge Event! There are two components to this Personal Challenge, both based around achieving 'Kill Most Damage Dealt' actions.

First Component

Get a total of 20 'Kill Most Damage Dealt' actions in Quick Play and receive a reward of 1,000,000 C-Bills! There are no restrictions on which 'Mechs you can pilot to contribute toward this component of the Personal Challenge; you can work toward the 20 'Kill Most Damage Dealt' goal with any combination of 'Mechs.

Second Component

Get a total of 4 'Kill Most Damage Dealt' actions in Quick Play with any of the specific Package variants listed below and you'll receive 1,000,000 C-Bills per each 'Mech with which you achieve the goal! This means you can earn a total of 14,000,000 C-Bills from this component of the Challenge by achieving 4 'Kill Most Damage Dealt' actions in each of the 'Mechs listed below. This component of the Challenge only applies to the 'Mechs listed below, and you must pilot the specific variant(s) listed.

As an added bonus, the standard 30% C-bill boost provided by the 'Mechs listed below will be raised to 50% for the duration of the event!

You can track your progress in the Personal Challenge here.

  • Rewards will be injected as the goals are achieved, every 15 minutes.
  • Accounts that engage in violations of the CoC during this Challenge may be subject to disqualification.
  • Solo and Group Queue matches will be counted for these Quick Play game modes: Assault, Skirmish, and Conquest.
  • Private matches and Faction Play matches do not count!
  • No opt-in required.

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