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This event is now over.

Starts: May 25th 12:00:00 PM (PDT) / May 25th 7:00:00 PM (UTC)
Ends: May 31st 5:00:00 PM (PDT) / Jun 1st 12:00:00 AM (UTC)

Earn Double XP in all modes.

Buy or activate your premium time and earn even more XP.

Convert your XP at twice the rate with the XP Conversion Sale!

Double XP

Earn Double XP all weekend in all modes!

  • Don't forget to Equip Premium time for even more XP.
  • Use a Champion 'Mech to Earn Even More XP for that 'Mech!

Example XP earnings

Regular XPDouble XP+50% Boost From Premium Time
100 XP100 XP x 2 = 200 XP200 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 300 XP

If you use a Champion 'Mech, you will receive an additional 30% XP on your in-game rewards.

Example XP earnings with a Champion

Regular XPDouble XP+30% Champion Bonus+50% Boost From Premium Time
100 XP100 XP x 2 = 200 XP200 XP + 30% Champion Boost = 260 XP260 XP + 50% Premium Time boost = 390 XP

Double XP Conversion

Converting 'Mech XP to General XP

Regular XP Conversion RateDouble XP Conversion Rate
Convert 25 XP for 1 MCConvert 50 XP for 1 MC

Q - How do I convert 'Mech XP to General XP?

  • On the Home Screen click the Convert XP Button.
  • Click the arrows on the 'Mech you wish to exchange XP for.

-- OR --

  • Head to your Skills > 'Mech Trees menu
  • Click the 'Mech Tree button for whichever 'Mech you want to perform the exchange with.
  • Click the Convert XP button.

Have a lot of XP to convert? check out our new conversion Rewards!

The more XP you convert the more rewards you get!

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Double XP Reward Table

Amount of XP ConvertedReward
5,000 Common Supply Cache
25,000 Uncommon Supply Cache
50,000 Rare Supply Cache
100,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
200,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
300,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
400,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
500,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
600,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
700,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
800,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle
900,000 1.1 Million C-Bill Bundle, Ultra Rare Supply Cache, and a 'Mech bay
1,000,0001.1 Million C-Bill Bundle, 2 x Ultra Rare Supply Cache, and 2 x 'Mech bay

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