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#81 RavenGryphon


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Posted 31 March 2014 - 05:03 PM

Unit Name: Mechanized Tactical Assault Corps (MTAC)
Website: mtac.enjin.com
English Speaking Unit. Anyone is welcome.
Look us up on the NGNG TS

Please add to the list. Thank you.

#82 Janos Vandermeer


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 08:10 AM

Unit Name: Nims Ninja of House Kurita, changing to Nims Ninja.
website: http://nimsninja.enjin.com/
NEW only 2 members.
Please add to list!

#83 Zahadoom


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Posted 02 April 2014 - 01:55 PM

Merc Unit Name: 57th Squadron

Website: http://www.57th.net

Founder: Zahadoom

#84 sh1mone


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Posted 05 April 2014 - 01:47 PM

Unit Name: Team-Aftershocks Corp

Website: http://team-aftershocks.com/

English Speaking Corps.

Please add to the list thank you.

#85 Capt Killian Hook


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Posted 06 April 2014 - 01:48 PM

Unit Name : The Brethren
Website: http://brethrenMWO.enjin.com
We are an english speaking, casual play unit open to everyone offering a family friendly environment

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#86 Wolniewski


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Posted 07 April 2014 - 07:26 PM

Unit Name: The House of Solveinean
Website Link: http://thehouseofsolveinean.org/
Time-Zone: Global & Eastern Unite State
Tag: [H*S]
Voip Service: TS3
Play-style: Casual to Competitive
Focus: Tactics and Strategy
Language: English
Establish: 04/07/2014

"They say when the Solveineans split from humanity, the Universe quaked and all eternally Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omni-eternal beings, force and energies trembled in eternal ecstasy. They did so because in that very moment religious fanaticism became manifested into a living presence and not restrained simply by residing in the essence or soul as some call it. Now it would be found in the very atoms, genetics of singular people known as the Solveineans and would eternally intensify throughout all of eternity as long as singular atom, genetic marked reminded they could return. They knew with their eternal version of all that they would eternally be for better or worse and all would know them.”

First Naschina of House Solveinean, Loukas Solveinean [Exile of the Solveineans, History I]

Real-Life Introduction:

We are not for the average gaming community as we take this community very seriously and that includes our focus on tactics and strategy in all Massively Multiplayer Online Games that we choose to participate in. We are a House that believes in the ideals of serious training, team work and treating situations in-game as real life situation and not simply approaching the from the O’ it’s just another game prospective. This prospective is not easy for everyone as idle chatter in drop ships, squads, groups or platoons can get you in trouble and make you lose focus in combat or serious situations. We are paramilitary gaming organization / group, this means that our approach is different than some gaming communities as example of this would be are focused on our first (Unit) and (Allies) first all others come second. This means in situation where a choice needs to be made it will always be clear cut and to the point our (Unit) and (Allies) before outside groups and individuals.

We treat our ranking system with the same serious manner as well that means you have to earn that rank and then keep that rank. This can be a very difficult task as it means keeping up with your assigned duties in our (unit) and treat it with respect and to move beyond it can be even more difficult than simply keeping it as it should be and will be in this Unit. When earning the next rank we measure it by your willingness to fulfill the role of your rank and the dedication through your personal efforts to improve upon your own abilities and the abilities of this [unit] through your assist in whatever tasks are needed to be performed on behalf of this House. We also understand life circumstance can get in the way of things and all we ask is that you keep common courtesy with us by letting us know before hand, during or after if you are not going to be round for a duration of a period of time or during the events as they unfold so we can keep up to date or put you on a leave status, so you won’t be seen as disrespecting this House (Unit).

We do require our members to use the [H*S] tag in their nicknames, whenever they are not on our Voip such as team-speak, but rather on an alternative team speaks or VoIP services to show your loyalty to this community. When possible we ask our members to put the House forum tag in your signature upon becoming a full member of this unit in any or all massively multiplayer Games that you are participating in with us to display your loyalty and respect to this House and community. We are friendly to newbies, causal player and we accept both of them into our ranks and we have veterans in our community from many back rounds in many different massively multiplayer games during their closed betas and alphas. That can help you with any questions or concerns.

We follow a structure that requires you to improve upon your abilities and while building loyalty to this House. We are not simple [Unit] but dedicated [Unit] as long as you show loyalty and attempt perform at your best in all you do here in this House [Unit] that is all that is required of you and you will have a place with us. We consider ourselves an offline and online community because of our friendship extend off the internet in many cases into real life. We seek to be the best and we thrive to continually approve upon this House and Community whenever possible by adapting and changing but never lowering our standards but improving upon them raising them when it is warranted. There is no special treatment for officers or higher ranks as all are equally treated and can be easily demoted in rank or dismissed from this [unit] as easily as the lowest ranking member, respect must always be maintained and quality not quantity is what we seek here in the House of Solveinean.

Noticiation: This is Mechwarrior Online group only, all other MMOs have been suspend and face removal in the near future.

Lore introduction

The 312th Black Trident Regiment comes from the Deep Periphery a people lost from the record histories of humanity in a time in which chaos ran ramped in the early 2028, they are people changed by genetic alteration and religious fanaticism. They find humanity in general distasteful by nature as it is soar reminder of past that do not wish to remember as they wore not clean by their definition in their essence (Soul) and presences (Flesh) as they have become so much more now. They are people that carry the former appearance, yet the Solveineans have fanatically changed themselves their internal organs and three genders that need to come together for child bearing and more are just some of the difference between humanity and Solveinean.

The Solveineans do not look down on the Clans and often worked with them in their past, they are known to have taken in clanners where they would not even consider humanity. They do not look well on Davion’s as their genetic lines more specifically than any other House in the Inner-Sphere hold the genetic remnants of troubled past with the Solveineans. The one that had tortured, disfigured and killed their first lady and the mother of the Solveinean people known as Lady Kurray Solveinean it has been discovered five out of six Davion’s has some genetic relationship to this individual. They have returned to the inner-sphere not to fix its issues, not to assist in its rebuilding or making of allies they have come to wipe out this genetic disease from the universe.

They have no issue working with clanners and out prefer it as they respect the clans, while only respect one house do to genetic markers of their first Lady Kurray Kurita Solveinean remaining within it. They have non-official alliance stance, where if they aid the Solveineans the Solveineans will aid them in return with their man power not their technology. They have fought alongside them and the House of Kurita wore the first to be able to learn small fragments of their language and begin open communication in 3015 way before the other House new of them. They have not been officially put on any star maps or acknowledged formally as most Houses are uncomfortable with the idea of empire they cannot see out in the Deep Periphery.

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#87 Noesis


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Posted 14 April 2014 - 05:39 PM

Posted Image

Unit Name: Dark Born
Website Link: http://mwodarkborn.enjin.com
Time-Zone: Global
Tag: [DB]
Voip Service: TS3
Play-style: Casual to Competitive
Focus: CW and other
Language: English
Establish: 01/04/2014

The Dark Born represents elements of the Dark Caste from Clan society, who are associated as nefarious characters from multiple origins. Normally represented as bandits within the Clan worlds they also have mercantile and other associations deep within its Dark recesses. Please note however that this unique kind of game play will be treated with some maturity and that respect to other pilots in MWO will be expected. So other than reasonable RP elements presented as part of the role to make the experience more enjoyable, any personal disrespect to other players or units outside of this context will not be tolerated.

The Dark Born community then represents both lone wolves and pilots interested in playing in more team work orientated game play like 12 man competitions though the focus of the game play will be orientated towards Community Warfare where the use of either lone wolf or Mercenary aspects as a Merc unit to cover all the appropriate game play options. This recognising a complete spectrum of player interests from casuals to more competitive as well as veterans or newer players. The Dark Born is then both an idealised Merc Corp and a site for individual lone wolf players who want to play this game with a more "criminal" perspective as part of Clan society.

The community has both a forum site and TS3 Server with various tools and links to other community sites to give a comprehensive guidance to playing MWO in the Dark Caste. This includes training aspects and guides that are being incorporated to help pilots in their various team games with an appropriate command structure known as "The Silk" to also help guide these interests. In addition new feature are being developed as alternative trial systems different from Clan Zellbringen that helps personify the interests of this group better.

Diplomatic interests with other groups are also being established to help provide gameplay opportunities and further social interests as the Dark Born group develops. This also identifies with the idea of respectfully keeping player and RP interests separate despite obvious canon associations with the Clans. As such we are representative as part of the Clan society and their community interests being included in the Clan community forums etc.

The Dark Born site can be found here: http://mwodarkborn.enjin.com which includes the TS3 server details for use. So even if you want to join as a visitor or lone wolf before considering committing to joining more organised elements of the unit this is acceptable where the interest with this element of game play and Clan society exists in MWO.

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies, and bacon doughnuts dipped in JD.

The group is still only in its infancy, starting April 2014, but with ambitions to grow and provide an alternative mature experience to the MWO community for this particular segment of unique game play.


Governor Noesis

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