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Application To Add Your Merc Corp Page


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#1 Garth Erlam


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Posted 02 December 2011 - 09:03 AM

Hey guys, so here's the deal - you've made an awesome website for your clan The Smiley Guys, but you want to get the word out. Where do you do it? Why here! Simply post a reply with with clans website linked, and we will check it out. If it's not goatce or Nickleback music, it'll be vetted and I'll make an official 'topic' here for it.

Standard Legal Statement:

Warning, this is an off site link. Piranha Games Inc. and its associates cannot be held responsible for content of off site webpages.

We can't wait to see your pages guys, we know they'll be great. UM-R60 jumpjets engage!

EDIT: Per Paul Inouye "We have not made an official statement on how Canon names will be handled. With the advent that Community Warfare has been pushed back in the schedule, we will not be commenting on it until we have a further in-depth plan."
Also - these are not reservations of the name, simply a way to get the word out that your clan/corp/etc has 'x' website. Your unit/corp/company may use a name similar to a Canon unit, but not exact.

Information on Unit Name preregistration can be located here http://mwomercs.com/...stration-rules/

{QQ}RageQuit Mercenary Corporation Founder
1st An-Ting Legion Founder
1st Blackburn's Raiders Founder
[10BUX] Founder
1st Grinders Corp Founder
1st Irian Knights Founder
1st Mechanized Infantry Founder
1st Reaper BN Founder
1st Skull Marshals Founder
12th Vegan Rangers Founder
13th Cavalry Regiment Founder
13th WarDogs Founder
15th Mechanized Expeditionary Unit Founder
201st Stryker Regiment Founder
228th Independent Battlemech Regiment Founder
256th Bear Cav Founder
275th Legionary Knights Founder
286th Highlander Dragoons Founder
12th Thunder-Clad Legion Founder
3 - 7 Combines Arms Detachment Founder
312th Black Trident Regiment Founder
3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Founder
4th Red Rogue Stalkershttp Founder
The 51st Founder
501.Kampfregiment Founder
5th Regimental Combat Team "Ghost Legion" Founder
5th Royal Irish Founder
57th Squadron Founder
67th Stormbirds Company Founder
7th Wolf Dragoons Founder
6th Jaguar Dragoons Founder\
88th Mechanized Militia Founder
9th Sword of the Dragon Founder
Able Company Founder
A.C.E.S Founder
Aces Wild Founder
ACRUX oceanic gaming Founder
ADKGamers Founder
Alpha Males Founder
Apocalypse Lancers Founder
The Ancient Order Founder
Antares Scorpions Founder
Angels Of Death Founder
Armageddon Unlimited Founder
The Art of Warfare (TAW) Founder
Atlas Hunter Founder
Australasian Royal Mechanised Division - ARMD Founder
Battleborn Knights Founder
Beer Warriors Founder
Black Widows Founder
The Black Company Founder
Black Death Union Founder
Black Dragon Elite Founder
Black Forge Mercenaries Founder
Black Hearts Founder
Black Sheep of the Federated Commonwealth Founder
Black Sheep Mercernary Corps Founder
Black Wolves Founder
BlackStar Alliance Founder
Blackstone Knights Founder
Blackthornes Dragoons Founder
Black Omen Founder
Blazing Aces Founder
Blood Pearls Founder
Blue Blazer Irregulars Founder
Blue-Star-Irregulars Founder
Boondock Highlanders Founder
Bosswave Gaming Founder
Bravo Whisky Charlie Founder
The Brethren Founder
Bright Shield Founder
Browncoats and Independents Founder
Brynhildr's Merc Corp Founder
The Browncoats Mercenary Company Founder
Budget Security Founder
Bulldogs Founder
The c³ Gaming Team Founder
C4 Founder
Cameron's Highlanders Founders
Carrior Crows Founder
Chirikof Grenadiers Founder
Clan Black Sheep Founder
Clan Burrock: Dark Caste Mercs Founder
Clan Diamond Shark Founder
Clan Ghost Bear Founder
Clan Hell's Horses Founder
Clan Jade Falcon : The 5th Battle cluster Founder
ClanJadeFalcon Founder
ClanSmokeJaguar Founder
Clan Snow Wolf Founder
ClanStomp Founder
The Company Founder
Comstar Irregulars Founder
Coram Morte Founder
CORED Battalion Founder
cReddit Founder
Crimson Hydra Mercenary Corp Founder
The Crows Founder
Dark Allegiance Founder
Dark Born Founder
The Dark Horse Irregulars Founder
Dark Sabres Mercenary Corporation Founder
Darkling Inc Founder
DarkStar Alliance Mercenary Force Founder
Davion Royal House Guards Founder
Dead Man's Hand Founder
Death Adders Founder
Death Before Dishonor Founder
Death Dealer Mecenaries Founder
Death Draka Founder
Death's Hand Brigade Founder
Death Hawk Legion Founder
Death Inc Founder
Death Watch Legion Founder
The Defiantz Founder
The Defiant Irregulars Founder
Demon Hawks Founder
Devlin's Destroyers Founder
The Devil Dogs Founder
Dire Wolves Alpha Regiment Founder
Dirt Nap Squad Founder
Disciples of carnage {D.o.C} Founder
Dismal Disinherited Founder
Doom Rider Mercenaries Founder
The Dreadnought Merc Corp [TDMC] Founder
Ebonheart Dragoons Founder
Emerald Riders Founder
Eridani Light Pony Founder
Equal Opportunity Destroyers Founder
Equestria Royal Guard Founder
Exiled Knights Founder
The Fallen Founder
Fed Suns Founder
Fever Founder
Fight Club Founder
Firepower Unlimited, LLC Founder
The Followers of O Founder
The Foot Shadow Alliance Founder
Forge Founder
The Forgotten 8th Legion Founder
Fortune Hunters Incorporated Founder
The FragWarriors Mercenary Army Founder
Frontier Rangers Founder
Fury Team 8 Founder
Teh Foggie Kittenz Founder
The Gamers Legion Founder
Gold Dragons of Vincents Commando's Founder
Golden Eagle Merc Corp Founder
Golden Foxes Founder
GrayDeathLegion Founder
Gray Fox Inc. Founder
Grey Reavers Founder
Greyhounds Founder
Gun Special Squadrons Founder
Hammer and Sickle Founder
Hammer[ed] Tactical Contracting Founder
Hammerhead PMS Founder
[HARD] Founder
Harlequin Corps Founder
Harolds of Ragnorak Founder
HeadHunters of Davion Founder
HeadShot Xtreme Founder
Heavy Mech Tech Founder
Heavy Metal Brigade Founder
Hell's Black Aces Founder
Hell's Ponies Merc Corp Founder
Hellfire Brigade Founder
Hesperus II TMM Founder
The High Guard Founder
Highland Dragoon Guards Founder
Holly's Hardcases Founder
Horizon Founder
HotDrop Inc Founder
House Jurai Founder
House Liao Founder
House Luau Founder
The House of Solveinean Founder
IAM's Armored Mercenaries Founder
International Strategic Strikeforce Alliance Founder
The Ice Talons Founder
Inner Sphere Irregulars Founder
Iron Angels Founder
KaoS Legion Founder
Karaian Empire Founder
TheKellHounds Founder
Kimble's Terminators Founder
Kiith-Sa Hunter Founder
The Knights of Stone Founder
Knight Wardens Founder
Knights Who Say Ni Founder
Landsknechte Founder
Lashropa Levi's Lancemen Founder
Legion of the Damned Founder
Legion of Phobos Founder
Legion of Smiling Death Founder
Legion of Steel Founder
Legion of the White Rose. Mercenary unit Founder
Light Warriors Online Founder
Living Legends Founder
Lone Wolfs Founder
Lordz of Chaos Founder
Luna Wolves Founder
Malum Factum Founder
MarineMechs Founder
Mech Busters Founder
Mechanized Tactical Assault Corps Founder
The Mechronomicon Founder
MechWarrior BattleTech Online Founder
Merc Unit Tau'ri Founder
Mercs Platoon Founder
Mercenary Corporation the Windbourne Highlanders Founder
The Midnight Cobras Mercenary Unit Founder
The Midnight Sons Founder
Mountain Wolf Sentinels Mercenary Company Founder
Murders & Acquisitions Founder
Murphy's Law Founder
MUX Founder
Nasty Boys Founder
Nekoryu-no Seishin Founder
NorthwindHighlanders Founder
Nims Ninja Founder
Night's Scorn Founder
Night Watch Founder
Obsidian Founder
Oceanic Merc Corp Founder
Old Dragon Battle Group Founder
Omega Defense Corps Founder
The Old Guard Founder
Outlaws Founder
Paladin's Legion Founder
Paragon Founder
The Peregrine Legionnaires Founder
Phoenix Dominion Founder
Praetorian Legion Founder
Prophecy Founder
QED BlackSheep Founder
Raptor Pack Founder
Ragnarok's Huscarls Mercenary Company Founder
Raven Alliance Founder
ReaXtion Founder
Red Corsairs Founder
The Red Legion Founder
Red Sky Mech Corp Founder
Red Squadron Founder
Relic Legionnaires Founder
The Remnant Founder
Robinson Rangers Founder
Ronin Legion Founder
Rough Riders Founder
Roving Guns Founder
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Founder
Royal Terra Guard Founder
The Rum Runners of Tortuga Prime Founder
Ryu Oni Merc's Founder
Ryuken-Ni-Sorei Founder

more to come!... see Helmer's post below

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#2 Helmer


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Posted 24 February 2012 - 06:15 AM

The Seraphim Founder
The Saucy Sixth Founder
The Scorpion Alliance Founder
Sea Wolves Mercenary Unit Founder
The Selous Scouts Founder
Shadow Legion Founder
The Shadow of Solaris Founder
The Shieldwall of Rashalhague Founder
The Shinigamis Founder
Skeletonkrew Merc Corps Founder
The Skjaldborg Founder
SkyeRangers Founder
The Slackers Lounge Founder
Snords Irregulars Founder
Stalkers in the Night Founder
The Star's End Corsairs Founder
Steele's 1st Legion of Thunder Founder
Steel Jaguar Founder
St. Ives Expeditionary Group Founder
Swiftslayers S.O.G. Founder
Swords of Avarice Founder
Swords of Kentares Founder
Sword of Rasalhague Founder
Synergy Consortium Founder
Task Force Kerberos Founder
Tattooed Dragon Merc Corp Founder
Team-Aftershocks Corp Founder
Team Banzai Founder
Team Cortez Mercenary Corps Founder
Team Honey Badger Founder
Team Inferno Founder
Team Special Forces Founder
Terran Titans Founder
The Stormbringers Founder
The Templars Founder
Theta Galaxy "Smoke Adders," Clan Star Adder Founder
Thunder Mountain Forces Founder
TIDMADT Mech Crew Founder
Total Punishment Corp Founder
TRiAD Founder
Trident Arms Ltd. Founder
Ulfhednar Founder
United Mechanized Assault Division [U.M.A.D] Founder
Unseen Regiment Founder
The Vanguard Mercenary Corporation Founder
Vindicators Founder
Vinsons Vigilantes Founder
Warpigs Mercenary Company Warriors And Raiders Founder
The Wayward Sons Founder
We Are Ruthless Founder
White Tigers Mercenaries Founder
Wild Wolf Pack Founder
Windbourne Highlanders Founder
WidowMakers Founder
Wolf's Black Cobras Founder
The Wolf Brigade Founder
Wolf's Dragoon's - Alpha Regiment Founder
Wolf Spiders Founder
Wolves of Davion Founder
Wraiths of Acheron Founder
Zenith Founder
Zero Fox Merc Corps Founder
ZhiZhu Mercenary Corporation Founder
Zulu 6 - The Phoenix Talons Founder

Army of the North Founder
BlackBusterz Old Division
Black Spikes Founder
Gray Fox Inc. Founder
Eridani Light Horse - SLDF [RU]
Librarians Founder
Old Fanged Farts Founder
Reapers of Justice Founder
Russian Death Legion
Sputnik Military Corporation Founder

13th. Ghost Regiment DCMS Founder
Black Thorns Founder
Black-Wing Founder
Cerberus Garde Founder
Die Sumpfratten Founder
Dudesclub Merc Corp Founder
Duncan's Demons Founder
German Clan Ghost Bear Founder
Ghosts of War Founder
[MK2] Founder
Phoenix Legion Founder
Rush (Skyriders Keshik) Founder
Solaris Devils Founder
Tamar Jaeger Founder
Todesschatten Founder
Wolf's Dragoner - Delta Regiment

Black Crusaders Founder
Federación Española

1st Grunwald "Iron Fist" Regiment Founder

Black Sun Founder
Frati Mazzolatori Founder
Navy Mech Founder

Ajatar Syndicate Founder
Finnish Tank Clan (FTC) Founder

South Africa:
South African clan Founder

313th CzechoSlovak MechCompany Founder

Le Consortium Horizon Founder

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#3 Peltarius


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 08:18 AM

There is also a list of player units on the MechWarrior Wiki. Feel free to add a page for your own unit by using the form here. If you're new to wikis just give it your best shot and I'll help you with any problems.

#4 Seth


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Posted 03 May 2012 - 01:14 PM

In addition to adding your unit to this page, you can also add it to the list of MechWarrior Online units on the MechWarrior Online WIki. Over 160 units have already added their units to the list. To add yours, simply fill out this form.

#5 Threat Doc


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Posted 03 May 2012 - 01:44 PM

With the forthcoming words about Canon unit names not being able to be used, today, is this list going to be cleaned up? If it is, please ensure Armageddon Unlimited is NOT removed from it; after all, AU is NOT a Canon unit, it's been my unit since 1985. Thank you.

#6 CSG Gunslinger


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Posted 16 May 2012 - 07:49 AM

The ComStar Guard

Due to the way Cannon units etc are handled we are planning on fighting as a Merc unit (unless there are significant changes to gameplay going forward).


Edited by CSG Gunslinger, 16 May 2012 - 07:50 AM.

#7 General Peron


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Posted 16 May 2012 - 08:43 AM

I'm planning on making an Argentinian Merc Corp Called "Los Lopez Reggae", but I don't have any page or anything, I just want to save the merc corp name.

Thx a lot

#8 Iron Sid


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Posted 26 May 2012 - 08:20 PM

Our group will be starting the Merc Company "The Fighting Uruk Hai". More to come on this.

#9 Threat Doc


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Posted 27 May 2012 - 07:31 AM

You might want to reconsider that name... Canon unit names are not allowed... http://www.sarna.net...ighting_Urukhai

#10 Vampyr


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Posted 30 May 2012 - 04:18 PM


We have set up a website for the Wolf's Dragoons Arctic Wolves Gamma Regiment
(AWGR) here:


We will have forums, an online application, and some fiction shortly.


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#11 CW Roy


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Posted 31 May 2012 - 04:45 PM

Our clan name is -- Clan Wolf. If this is a problem to cause us to not be listed, as I'm sure multiple people will want to hold the clan name (pcht, we've had it since 2003 though), then please submit our name as Clan Wolf USA. Otherwise just go with Clan Wolf. We are currently setting our website up and hope to have something basic running soon. I will post back with a link when that time comes.

#12 Yvraith


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Posted 31 May 2012 - 06:13 PM

Name: Black Storm Irregulars
Site: tba

#13 Peiper


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Posted 02 June 2012 - 12:42 AM

Is there any word about our unit names being locked once they've been chosen? What I mean is, if we've set ourselves up here, will we be able to reserve our unit names the way we would reserve our pilot names?

And if so, will clone names be filtered out? For example, if I pick 'HouseSteiner' or 'Wolves Dragoons' or something like that?

I guess one thing we don't know yet is if there will be any identifiers on our mechs or displays to show affiliations other than 'red' is the bad guy, shoot him!

I did read that people will not be able to personalize their mechs with individual icons, but it might be cool if we could get approved UNIT icons. As they would be used on several mechs, I'd think it wouldn't be a big deal for the staff to check them out and approve them, should the machinery be there to apply the patches (where the Steiner fist would be on house units). If not that, perhaps a skin color combination?

Just curious.

If I'm in the Booberry Regiment, it would suck if I saw a bunch of people I didn't know also sporting the same name, tags, icons, or colors. Also, it would inspire a espirit de corps, or at least strike the fear (or laughter) in the hearts of our opponents when they see the Booberries and their legion of Flea and Locust Battlemechs streaming across the field...

Edited by Helmer, 16 October 2012 - 09:29 AM.
Unkown at this time. We are waiting the Community warfare to be introduced.

#14 Huneycutt


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Posted 02 June 2012 - 06:51 AM

For some reason our link in your list is broken, it should be: http://guildportal.c...92&TabID=787274


Edited by Helmer, 16 July 2012 - 03:27 PM.
What unit is yours?

#15 sawtooth


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Posted 02 June 2012 - 09:04 AM

The Nasty Boys

#16 NightBlades


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Posted 12 June 2012 - 12:22 PM

Hell's Fists Company

Site TBA

#17 Neon Kerensky


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Posted 14 June 2012 - 07:56 PM

Please add clan wolf. Clanwolf.org

Edited by Helmer, 08 January 2013 - 07:23 PM.
Canon names cannot be added. Those already on the list will be removed once Community Warfare gets closer.

#18 Zephonarch II


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 01:08 PM

and what if I say, have a group with no website, very few members (even enough to fill a single lance), no forum callsigns, and not even a logo (made one, but looking to make a website to insert it on)?, but I'm waiting for some fellow pilots to join (friends), that might soon give meaning to be on this list. what do I do? because I seriously have no experience in making a website, or organizing this beyond a forum homepage...

Group: ASM , Astra Shadow Marauders

Oh and if there is a thread meant for helping emerging merc corps, this will be moved there right?.....

Edited by Helmer, 08 January 2013 - 07:25 PM.
Look at sites like http://www.enjin.com/ for free Clan websites.

#19 Howling Mad Murdock


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Posted 23 June 2012 - 11:25 PM


We are not a Merc Corp but I have been advised by a Moderator that out of courtesy I should post in here our details to let you know our intentions.

We would like to create a Unit under the Banner of Preston's Lancers. They have been mentioned a couple of times in Battletech lore but virtually nothing is known about them apart from their name. I hope that this is good enough for us to use them without creating any conflicts.

I have built a recruitment site http://prestons-lancers.enjin.com where people can join the forum and apply to join. Please could you allow us to use this Unit as our own within the game.

Many Thanks


Edited by Helmer, 16 July 2012 - 02:58 PM.
Awaiting official review. Name is Canon.

#20 Von Falkenstein


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Posted 30 June 2012 - 10:04 AM

12th Donegal Guards (German)


Now recruiting!

Edited by Helmer, 16 July 2012 - 02:54 PM.
Awaiting Official review. Name is canon.

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