Upcoming Patch - Tuesday, August 4th @ 10AM – 1PM PDT
Patch Number:   1.3.416.0
Patch size: ~250 MB

Greetings MechWarriors,

You've seen it used before in promo videos, NGNG content, and in videos from select content creators, but starting with this patch a fully-revamped Spectator Tool is available for use in Private Matches by all pilots! Re-designed specifically with live-streaming and content-creation in mind, the new Spectator Tool will provide pilots with an array of spectating controls to make the most of their creations and tournaments.

Since the release of the new MechLab in June we've been working on further improvements to the MechWarrior Online menu and user interface systems. This patch sees the release of the latest phase of that work with the introduction of a completely revamped Select 'Mech screen.

Directly informed by player feedback, the new Select 'Mech screen has a strong focus toward improved filtering, organization, functionality, and aesthetic quality. One change in particular has long been a popular request, so we're excited to introduce dynamic 'Mech portraits as part of this release.
Further refinements to the user interface are set for future updates, but until then we hope you enjoy the improved Select 'Mech screen.

The Oceanic servers are here! The activation of these servers should have a significant impact on the playing experience for players in the Oceanic region, with reductions in server latency (ping) and a consequent impact in critical areas such as hit registration and player input responsiveness.
We've also introduced ping value indicators for each of the three servers in the Matchmaking Status pop-up window to help you make a more informed decision about which servers will provide you with an optimal or otherwise playable connection strength.

After two rounds of voting and well over 500 submissions, the loadout re-designs of the Inner Sphere Champion 'Mechs are now complete. Inner Sphere forces are also receiving a brand new Champion 'Mech based on the Enforcer chassis, while a first-of-its-kind Timber Wolf Champion 'Mech heralds the arrival of Clan Champions to the battlefield.

Resistance pilots will now be able to apply all standard patterns to their 'Mechs, with full pattern support now available for the Enforcer, Grasshopper, Panther, and Zeus 'Mechs. Pattern retro-fits for Wave 2 are also now complete, with the Gargoyle receiving full pattern support in this patch. Work on pattern support for the King Crab and UrbanMech is currently underway!

Rounding out the patch we have a complete rework of the crystalline collision meshes on Tourmaline Desert, an array of other map fixes, improvements to crosshair feedback behavior, a reversion of the July 21st collision changes, a multitude of crash fixes (thank you to everyone who has submitted crash reports using the new reporting tool), a fix for the MSAA/TXAA wireframe issue, a performance boost for the 64-bit client, and much more!

Read on for all the details of the August 4th patch, and we'll see you on the battlefield!

- The MechWarrior Team

Change Log

Updated Champion 'Mechs

After a round of Community submissions and votes, 24 Inner Sphere Champion 'Mechs have had their loadouts re-designed! All eight of the current Inner Sphere Trial 'Mechs are included in this loadout re-design pass. As the prices for Champion 'Mechs are derived as a percentage of the standard price for the non-Champion variants they are based on, the prices of the re-designed Champion 'Mechs have not been changed from their original values.

This patch also sees the release of the first Clan Champion 'Mech, based on the TBR-C!

The following Inner Sphere 'Mechs have undergone a loadout change to varying degrees:

Trial Champions

  • Banshee BNC-3M (C)

  • Griffin GRF-1S (C)

  • Quickdraw QKD-4G (C)

  • Raven RVN-3L (C)

  • Spider SDR-5K (C)

  • Thunderbolt TDR-9SE (C)

  • Trebuchet TBT-7M (C)

  • Victor VTR-9S (C)

Non-Trial Champions

  • Atlas AS7-RS (C)

  • Cataphract CTF-3D (C)

  • Catapult CPLT-A1 (C)

  • Centurion CN9-A (C)

  • Cicada CDA-2A (C)

  • Dragon DRG-5N (C)

  • Firestarter FS9-S (C)

  • Highlander HGN-733C (C)

  • Hunchback HBK-4P (C)

  • JagerMech JM6-A (C)

  • Jenner JR7-F (C)

  • Kintaro KTO-18 (C)

  • Orion ON1-K (C)

  • Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (C)

  • Stalker STK-3F (C)

  • Wolverine WVR-6K (C)

The following Champion 'Mechs have been added to the game:

New Champions

  • Enforcer ENF-4R (C)

    • MC price: 1,915

  • Timber Wolf TBR-C (C)

    • MC price: 7,590

Specific Loadout details for all the above Champion 'Mechs can be found in a dedicated post here.

Spectator Tool

This patch introduces the first set of player-oriented tools to be added to the current Spectator capabilities of MechWarrior Online. You've likely seen the the original spectator tool in-use before in videos from NGNG, through the creations of select members in the MWO community, and in our own promotional material. The original spectator tool was actually a provisional, developer-oriented system that was only made available to certain community members who met a series of strict prerequisites.
As of today's patch, anyone who uses the Private Match functionality of MWO will now have access to a brand new Spectator tool designed with streamers, content creators, and tournament administrators in mind.

Upon the creation of a Private Lobby you will notice the presence of two new 'spectator slots' in the Private Lobby settings area. These two slots can be occupied by anyone who has entered the Private Lobby; the creator of the Private Lobby simply needs to drag a player from the player list over to one of the available spectator slots. If a player is in a spectator slot, they will be placed directly into Spectator Mode when the match begins. These spectators can now essentially act as your referees, broadcasters, or camera person. Any players listed in the spectator slots will be seen by both teams. There are no hidden spectators.

Once in the match, the spectators will have a full set of new keyboard controls available to them. These controls will allow spectator's to perform the following actions:

  • Quickly selecting players on each team via the 1-0 number keys (or the - and = keys).

    • To select players on the opposite team, press Left Shift in combination with one of those above keys.

  • Toggle player names/'Mech Chassis information on and off.

  • Toggle dead player identifiers on and off.

  • Toggle Team Composition/Status overlays on and off.

  • Toggle outlines around 'Mechs so they're easier to see.

  • Toggle the mouse pointer on/off so individual 'Mechs can be selected.

  • Toggle the display of the Score and Timer header.

  • Toggle the display of detailed 'Mech information of the selected 'Mech.

  • Toggle to switch from spectator free cam to 1PV of a selected player.

  • Toggle the Battle Grid on and off.

  • Toggle 'Mech location indicators.

  • Move the camera quickly using digital inputs.

  • Crane the camera up and down.

For a more detailed write-up on camera functionality and keymaps, we've put together this PDF instruction manual for your use.

If you want to take full advantage of the spectator tool we highly recommend the use of a gamepad controller such as the MS 360 Controller for Windows. Using a gamepad instead of a keyboard and mouse will allow you to achieve nice, smooth camera movements. The keyboard and mouse work just fine if you don't have a gamepad available, but you won't be able to achieve the same level of analog control.

This is the first implementation of the player-accessible spectator tool, but the tool will be getting more features and tuning as time allows.

Spectators and Elevated Private Lobby Features

When using the Spectator Tool to spectate Private Matches, any Spectator's with Active Premium Time will count toward the Premium Time requirement for unlocking the elevated features of Private Lobbies:

  • 1 player (Spectator or otherwise) in the Lobby with Active Premium Time unlocks: Tonnage rules, Match Time, View Mode

  • 2 players (Spectators or otherwise, any combination) in the Lobby with Active Premium Time unlocks: Full Teams

New Select 'Mech Menu

Directly informed by feedback received during the new MechLab PTS session back in May, the new Select 'Mech screen releasing in this patch patch features an array of significant changes and improvements over its previous form. From dynamic 'Mech portraits that will reflect your current loadout and applied camo to a complete re-design of the 'Mech Stats window, the new Select 'Mech screen is designed to provide you with greater control and insight into the organization and details of your 'Mech collection.

'Mech Stats window

The 'Mech Stats window has been re-designed to provide you with faster and more detailed insight into the most vital aspects of your selected 'Mech.

    • An Interactive 'Mech 'paperdoll' will now allow you to highlight specific components to quickly view which weapons and equipment you have equipped and where they are located

    • Collapsible tabs are now in place to provide you with greater control over the display of whichever information you need most

      • Hardpoints

      • Modules/Consumables

      • Quirks

      • Performance graphs

Filtering and Sorting

The filtering and sorting options in the Select 'Mech screen have been greatly expanded, providing you with greater control over how your 'Mechs are displayed.

    • Display your 'Mechs by Class or Chassis, in Ascending or Descending order

    • Filter your displayed 'Mechs by Class, Clan/IS, and Owned/Trial

    • Buttons to Show All/Expand All/Collapse All currently filtered 'Mechs

Dynamic 'Mech Portraits

    • Any time you save the loadout or camo spec for a 'Mech its portrait will update to reflect your changes

    • Please note: 'Mechs which already have custom camo applied prior to this patch will not show their custom appearance until you save loadout/camo spec for that 'Mech after patch

There are some additional features and fixes for the new 'Mech Select screen that are tentatively scheduled to roll out on August 18th:

Filter persistence

  • In the current release your previously-selected filters in the Select 'Mech screen will not persist across client sessions, after returning from a match, or after returning from a Testing Grounds session.
Private Matches and Community Warfare
  • The new Select 'Mech screen is not yet available for Private Matches or Drop Deck management in Community Warfare.
Cockpit Items in the 'Mech Stats window
  • The new 'Mech Stats screen does not currently display which of your Cockpit Items you have equipped on your selected 'Mech.

Beyond August 18th we're planning to roll out further improvements for different aspects of the Select 'Mech screen, so keep an eye out for future updates!

Oceanic Servers

Oceanic regional servers are going live in this patch! The activation of these servers should have a significant impact on the playing experience for players in the Oceanic region, with reductions in server latency (ping) and a consequent impact in critical areas such as hit registration and player input responsiveness.

By default the Oceanic servers will not be selected upon your first login, but the server selection window will appear automatically upon your first login. Be sure to check the box if you want to join the Oceanic pool!

Connections to the Oceanic servers originating from the West Coast of North America should be strong enough for effective play, so we recommend that players in NA West region include the Oceanic region in their server selection window.

For other players outside the Oceanic region, we recommend that you run a match or two on the Oceanic servers to determine the quality of your connection in a live match.

As part of this final phase in our recent regional server expansions, we have also added ping indicators to the Server Selection window and Play Now statistics window.

The ping value and strength distributions are as follows:

Green status: 1-100 ping

Yellow status: 101-200 ping

Red status: 201+ ping 

New Items

Camo Patterns

  • Gargoyle now has full Pattern functionality

  • Grasshopper now has full Pattern functionality

  • Panther now has full Pattern functionality

  • Zeus now has full Pattern functionality

  • Enforcer now has full Pattern functionality

Cockpit Glass

  • All 'Mechs have new Cockpit glass

    • Cockpit glass can still be toggled On/Off through the Settings > Game menu

Gameplay Fixes and Changes

  • Updated the crosshair feedback behavior

    • Crosshair no longer flashes yellow for one frame

    • Crosshair flashes will fade out much quicker

    • Multiple hits will appear as distinct flashes more consistently

  • The collision changes rolled out in the July 21st patch have been reverted

    • This reversion will remove the collision leg damage and obstruction issues introduced in the July 21st patch

  • Your current ping value will now be displayed through the in-match F9 statistics overlay

  • Modified the 'Mech SFX collision events

  • The Premium Time requirements for elevated Private Match features have been adjusted

    • 1 player (Spectator or otherwise) in the Lobby with Active Premium Time unlocks: Tonnage rules, Match Time, View Mode

    • 2 players (Spectators or otherwise, any combination) in the Lobby with Active Premium Time unlocks: Full Teams

Map Fixes and Changes

  • Canyon Network: Fixed a shadowing issue around a set of rocks in the stream in E5 sector

  • Canyon Network: Fixed a shadowing issue in the water in B5 sector

  • Canyon Network: Fixed a shadowing issue with submerged rocks in C5 sector

  • Caustic Valley: Fixed invisible geometry in D4 sector

  • River City: The planet has been removed from the skybox, pending a visual beautification pass

  • River City: Fixed an issue where jet streams were not attached to the jets

  • River City: Fixed a 'Mech obstruction issue in F5 sector

  • River City: Fixed a 'Mech obstruction issue where tall 'Mechs walking at slow speed would collide with overhead pipes

  • Tourmaline Desert: The collision meshes have been globally reworked

  • Viridian Bog: Fixed a 'Mech obstruction issue in D4 sector

  • Viridian Bog: Fixed a 'Mech obstruction issue in B5 sector

  • Vitric Forge: The gate ramp has been raised slightly above the ground in F5 sector

  • Vitric Forge: Invisible walls have been fixed around the cables coming from the Omega turret in E3/E4 sector

  • Vitric Forge: Starfield is no longer visible through the blue giant

'Mech Fixes and Changes

  • Arctic Cheetah

    • Fixed a minor UV/texture issue on both arms

  • Ebon Jaguar

    • Fixed an issue where the smoke effects from overheating would not appear

  • UrbanMech

    • The Secondary and Tertiary channels of the Kurita Pattern have been swapped to their proper locations. The Dragon detail is now mapped to the Tertiary channel.

Other Fixes and Changes

  • Ping indicators have been added to the Server Selection/Play Now pop-up windows

  • The Select 'Mech screen will now provide you with same options when accessed through the Home and MechLab menu's (loadout, camo spec, etc)

  • Fixed an issue where the Gamma and Brightness sliders were not functioning

  • Fixed the wireframe issue for users running MSAA/TXAA

  • Fixed an issue where Liao gate banners were missing textures on one side for all CW maps

  • Fixed an issue where the Plasma Ball Standing Cockpit Item would appear as a white square under Thermal Vision

  • Resolved several crashes users could experience in the front end

  • Resolved several crashes users could experience in a match

  • Resolved several crashes when users were loading into the front end or a match

  • Change to improve x64 bit client performance

'Mechs Now Available for Purchase In-Game

Loadout details for this 'Mech can be found in the June 16th Patch Notes.


  • EXE-D

    • MC price: 7,005

  • EXE-B

    • MC price: 7,280

  • EXE-A

    • MC price: 7,170


    • MC price: 7,070

  • C-Bill availability release date: September 1st

Known Issues in this patch

Select 'Mech

  • Through MechLab > Select 'Mech: Selecting a Trial 'Mech and then selecting any other 'Mech will prompt you with a 'Changes will be lost' message

  • Saving a camo spec or loadout change while inside the Select 'Mech screen may not update the portrait until you leave the Select 'Mech screen

Spectator Mode

  • Vision mode carries over to Spectate free-cam if the previously spectated player had engaged Thermal or Night Vision

  • Returning to free-cam after spectating a player may cause the spectator to hear a constant engine idle noise

  • Creating a Private Lobby, assigning yourself as a Spectator, and then switching back to being a regular player prevent you from being able to Launch the match

Community Warfare

  • 'Mech images inside the Scoreboard screen may appear enlarged if selected or highlighted repeatedly