Gametrailers Founders Catapult Video

by InnerSphereNews in [ Inner Sphere News ] on, Aug 31, 2012 3:45 PM UTC

Hey everyone, gametrailers has a video of the Founders Catapult in action. So go check it out!

The Catapult C1 is a long-range, indirect fire support Mech, with a blistering amount of Long Range Missiles at its disposal. Perfect for raining down fire on enemies you can't even see the, duo of LRM-15s will ensure your target has a bad day. Difficult to counter - especially if it has a scout Mech spotting for it - the Catapult excels at staying out of enemy range and continuing to pound away with it's missiles. With an excellent top speed of 64 km/h and jumpjets, the Catapult has a surprising amount of manoeuvrability for a Heavy Mech. If enemies get into close range four medium lasers add to this Mechs already potent arsenal.

Catapult CPLT-C1

Class: Heavy
Weight: 65 Tons
Speed: 64 km/h
Jumpjets: Four
Armament: 2x LRM15s; 4x medium lasers
AKA: Death you can't even see

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