Heavy 'Mech Madness

by InnerSphereNews in [ Announcements ] on, Mar 15, 2013 1:00 PM UTC

I've got the POWER! It's gettin' It's gettin' Its' gettin' kinda heavy!... bonus points for anyone who recognizes that!

This month is all about Heavy 'Mechs, so it goes without saying that we have a sale on select Heavy 'Mechs, Heavy 'mech Tiger Pattern, and the colour green. Yes the colour green is heavy, just trust me on that.
We also have 7-day premium time on sale so you can be rolling in green, while you are rolling in green. Yes C-Bills are green, just trust me on that. Here are all the details!

Heavy Mech Madness 

This sale is effective March 15th 10am PDT to March 19th 10am PDT

7-Day Premium Time 40% off  reg. 1250 NOW 750

 30% off the price of the following Heavy 'Mechs

  • Cataphract
    • CTF-1X   reg. 2385  NOW 1669 
    • CTF-4X   reg. 2095  NOW 1466 
  • Catapult
    • CPLT-A1   reg. 2230  NOW 1561 
    • CPLT-C1   reg. 2325  NOW 1627 
  • Dragon
    • DRG-1N   reg. 1935  NOW 1354 
    • DRG-5N   reg. 2040  NOW 1428

Heavy 'Mechs Tiger Stripe Perm 50% Off 

  • Cataphract  reg. 750  NOW 375
  • Catapult  reg. 750  NOW 375
  • Dragon  reg. 750  NOW 375

Premium Green Color Pallet 50% off  reg. 1000 NOW 500!

Featured colours are : Epidote, Xanh, Mantis, Ogopogo, Volkonskoite, Moegi, Zeleno, Pigment, lachani, Phthalo, Evergreen, and Chrome Oxide.