Bushwacker for C-Bills Supernova for MC

by Matt Newman in [ Announcements ] on, May 3, 2017 4:00 PM UTC 33  comments

Bushwacker Available for C-Bills 
Supernova Available for MC

Supernova  MC Prices

SNV-1                       3,875 MC
SNV-3                       3,845 MC
SNV-A                       4,045 MC
SNV-B                       3,750 MC
SNV-C                       3,690 MC
SNV-BR                    6,750 MC

Bushwacker C-Bill Prices

BSW-X1              7,727,307 C-Bills
BSW-X2              7,605,307 C-Bills
BSW-S2              8,459,237 C-Bills
BSW-P1              7,453,971 C-Bills
BSW-P2              7,742,807 C-Bills

Buying a 'Mech Package can be more cost effective solution than using MC to purchase a 'Mech, 
particularly with Assault Class Mechs.
Check out the Package pages for more details.
Packages can include multiple variants with 'Mechbays, cockpit items and Premium Time.



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