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Ask The Devs 37 - Answers!

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 01:53 PM

Ask the Devs #37

Community Relations Questions/Concerns
Community consolidated question: Can you explain the thought process behind the forum changes, and specifically the removal of the General Discussion forum? Many of your fans regarded this section as the ONLY place to go to on your website, any plans on revisiting this decision so we could get the old forum format back as this is pretty painful for finding useful information.
A: If you want to find useful information, you go to the proper place. If you want to know more about military weapons, you will not go on a food site. It's the same principle and, contrary to what you feel, it actually helps us a lot in finding specific information, this is also easier for the dev team to find topics related to their specialty and respond + interact with the community. It's still a work in progress (like the FAQs need to be populated) and small changes are to be expected, but GD is not coming back. As for GD being the only place to go, we think there is lots of interesting information in other part of our forums, and this will help them to be discovered and populated, once the dust have settled and final tweaks done, it will be much easier for everyone to find discussion about what they are looking for as there will be a forum for it, with GD, we felt like lots of information was getting lost and lots of redundancy. As for the search function, it's scheduled to be improved. Also, with less moderation to do in GD, the Community Management team will have more time to interact in other forums.

Reani Che: I believe, you, guys are doing great job. I can also see, that "Battletech" for you is not only an industry but also some kind of hobby. So, what do you feel, seeing lots of negative words in your address (if I hear something like that about my work, I'd feel myself "a bit" upset or even angry) instead of argumentative criticism?
A: Thank you, it's hard to please everyone. The game is not completed yet, while there are lots of great Battletech site, MWO somewhat became the hub of lots of BT fans. Drama is a bit to be expected in every forum that has such a strong fan base.

Thontor: How do you plan to address the apparent and concerning decline in the morale of the community, and the apparent loss of faith in anything PGI says or does, that has become more prevalent in the last couple of months?
A: Current morale of the community is based on missing features, UI in the process of being revamped and lots of bugs that are to be fixed before full feature launch. It breaks our heart that the community feels like that, but here we'll have to rely the virtue of patience as we can't do everything at once. One comment that we see often is releasing new Hero Mech or anything consumable, one thing need to be understood, the team creating mech and consumable are not the same team creating CW feature and fixing the bug, they are separate entities and their work is streamlined.

Wizard Steve: How do you rate your Customer Relationship Management? In what areas do you feel you do well and in what areas do you feel you do badly? What efforts are you making to improve it?
A: Satisfaction rate of tickets sent to support is above 85%. Most complaints are about known bugs that are planned to be fixed before launch. On the forum side, we did two official polls recently, more specifically about HUD bugs and Forum reorganization, there is approximately 300 people who participated, which represent a very small % of our user base. As the main concern of the community are the bugs and lack of feature, we will do what we planned to do, fix them and deploy them before full launch.

Community Warfare/Clans
ChapDude: Will I, in CW, be able to play with my none-same faction friends, on the same team? Or will we be able to join a different faction temporarily to play together without losing any 'points' we have with our favorite faction?
A: In a purely non-faction public match, this would be possible.

irony1999: In Community Warfare we will be fighting neighboring factions over border worlds, according to the last AMA. Will all factions be fighting all other factions in CW matches, and only certain ones will count? Or will we only be fighting neighboring factions - so Liao faction members won't fight FRR, Kurita won't fight Marik, etc?
A: There is a matrix of enemy/friendly states. So no, not all Factions will be at war with everyone. Alliances will exist, and they will change dynamically according to the BT timeline.

Broad5ide: If anything in CW requires premium time to unlock will you still be able to access that unlock without premium time?
A: Currently there are no pay-only unlocks, and no plans to add them, other than existing concepts like Hero Mechs.

Ssm: On upcoming Community Warfare: Aside from continuously grinding fronts/borders, are you planning to include some kind of "special missions", e.g. deep raids into enemy territory to fight for 24hrs (real-time) over a single planet for special rewards (tech maybe)?
A: Merc Corps will be able to fight for and occupy specific systems.

GutterBoy5: Will CW be pure tech . IS factions, mercs etc only have IS mechs & weapons. Same for clan? & no mix tech?
A: We’re not quite ready to discuss Clan tech specifically. IS Factions and Merc Corps will have access to all IS tech, however allegiance will affect prices.
EarlGrey83: Do the new Clan sub forums represent all the playable Clans in comunity warfare? (Wolf, Jade Falcon, Ghost Bear and Smoke Jaguar got forums, but the other invasion Clan - the NovaCat - did not. The rabid NovaCat fanbase in MWO, consisting of at least two others and me, would be very pleased for a playable NovaCat faction.)
A: For now, yes. More will come.

`Mech's and Mechbay

Timuroslav: Will there be an Increase in the Incentive/rewards for playing Light mechs, now that the Risk is more dangerous?
A: As we flesh out the roles for each `Mech, yes. But this is not specific to just Lights.

Narcissistic Martyr: Considering the Dragon already exists in game, I'm wondering why the Grand Dragon which looks basically the same has not been added?
A: Variety. We’re focused on adding more different chassis.

Teir Dasande: When will the Mech Lab have a full screen option?
A: UI 2.0.

C12AZyED: Will the Awesome ever get back its shiny armour effect that it used to have back in the days of Unique skins in closed beta?
A: Sorry, no.

StaggerCheck: When it comes to boated Mechs, such as the six PPC Stalker, are you pleased that the community came up with a configuration like that, or do you see it as a symptom of something that needs to be tweaked in the game?
A: Players will always build and use `Mechs that are perceived to be the best or most powerful. This changes on a regular basis as new mechs are introduced or items are tuned/fixed. There will always be a mech or two that people will favor. We do our best to make sure to encourage players to use a variety, this comes in the form of nerfs, buffs, tuning, etc.

Asmudius Heng: Will the hardpoint system be looked into to help differentiate mechs and curb excessive boating?
A: We review it continually, changes are made when necessary.

Lima Zulu: Do you have any plans to add IIC variants to already existing and announced IS mechs along with omnimechs? E.g. Hunchback IIC, Orion IIC, Commando IIC, Highlander IIC?
A: Eventually.

Homeless Bill: Can you give us a few details about "Epics" being the endgame for 'mechs?
A: Not yet. Details will come out closer to launch.

Zwanglos: Would you re-consider tweaking the new Champion 'Mechs so that they give a modest C-Bill boost instead?
A: For now we are planning only to offer XP boosts.

Ryoma: During live games I noticed some odd and consistent hit box problems.
1. The missile rack on the Jenner D and K counts as front CT from all angles.
2.The Highlanders spoiler/fin counts as front CT from all angles.
3. The back of the Atlas crotch counts as front CT.
Is the dev team looking back and searching for things like this?

A: Yes, we continually fix items like this. Thanks for the heads up.

Dukarriope: Can we get a different idle pose for the 'mechs in the Mech bay? Currently they all stand as if combat ready. I think it'd look a bit better if they used a powered down stance.
It'd be even better if the mech rotation function in the mech bay actually involved the 'mech powering up and turning with its legs!

A: Possibly, currently no plans to change this.


Yoseful Mallad: Will we ever get more dramatic maps or map effects that hamper or force us to use certain weapons and or equipment?
A: Once we have a lobby and players can vote for certain maps to be player, and players can bring more than one Mech with them to select from – yes.

WarpGhost: What is the significance and function of the "% water coverage" data listed on the pre-match screen? On a number of matches a % is listed clearly in excess of the playable area of the map. And if it performs no useful function now (beyond a minor heat reduction effect), will it become more significant in future?
A: This is for the planet as a whole, not just the map. And it is complete fluff.

FullMetalJackass: Have you or do you have plans to put easter eggs into the maps? Such as a lone destroyed clan mech or a reference to a famous character or event in the Battletech timeline?
A: If I told you about the easter eggs they wouldn’t be a surprise.

WardenWolf: Is hiding in 'soft' cover, like trees, intended to be a viable way to hide from enemy view? If so, are you aware that draw distance settings affected by the low <-> high quality sliders can result in mechs appearing to be in thick cover when in the trees, but being completely out in the open and visible from a long distance?
A: Trees which are destructible (but not turned on currently), do not block targeting.

Weapons & Loadouts

Terran123rd: Looking around the forum, there seems to be some demand for a small-scale (light-mountable) ballistic weapon that is good as a general-purpose weapon, rather than as a dedicated crit-seeker. Are there any plans to implement this?
A: Machineguns are getting tuned to help with this.

IqfishLP: Can we have another Ballistic Weapon to close the gap between MG and AC/2?
Like a Light Gauss for example?

A: Currently we only offer weapons from existing timeline. I believe Light Gauss is available in 3056.

BlueSanta: When are you going to investigate the claims of an SSRM Bug currently in-game, where Streaks are almost always damaging the CT through either direct or splash damage, a problem that is especially affecting light mechs?
A: This actually does not happen, not every missile hits the CT every time. It’s random where each missile hits. Sometimes it may seem like you are being cored directly, however it is most likely due to splash damage. We are tuning this right now to minimize the SSRMs coring potential.

Capt Cole 117: Are there any plans to buff single heatsinks/ferrofibrous?
A: It will come under review soon.

MrTarget: Will the critical slots system be looked at, maybe something along the lines of MW4 system. Limited slots for weapon hardpoint's.
A: No plans to change how the hardpoints work right now.

MavRCK: Could you give some details on MASC -- will it be an equipment that takes up slots, a module, etc? Thanks!
A: It will be equipment and takes up slots.

Harmin: Could we have an on/off switch for AMS systems?
A: Yes.

KuruptU4Fun: With the ability to lock arms to increase convergence and aim time while IN a game. Has anyone proposed the idea of being able to remove 1 arm actuator (maybe at cost like ES and FFA).So that we could fit a slightly larger weapon in the arm? If not would you consider the concept now?
A: Probably not, as this is a fairly big change and would allow for some powerful permeations.

Zyllos: Has there been any talks on seperating the SSRM and LRM lockon mechanics so that they can act independently and not begin locking beyond their 270m range, be effected by Artemis IV, ect?
A: No plans yet.

TyGeR STD: Will we see any type of variation in weapons, engines, and maybe even mechs by manufacture that have different stats?
A: Yes, with Community Warfare. Details are still being worked on.

Bishop Steiner: Have you considered adding Weapon System "Efficiencies" to unlock in the Pilot Tree, much like we do mechs, allowing ones to "tighten" up use on preferred weapon systems?
A: Yes. We’re expanding the meta game post launch.

Redshirt2k5: What are some other modules we can expect soon other than consumables?
A: Seismic Sensor should debut in the next 60 days.

Ghost Badger: Has PGI considered/would consider creating a 'defensive' consumable module to give people a balanced counter to the offensive modules already in place? For example, consumable ablative armor packs that take up slots and tonnage, and increase a specific 'mech armor section by a set % (to balance this idea out throughout 'mech weight classes).
A: We have some ideas to add more defense, nothing we’re quite ready to talk about though.

Snowseth: Are there any plans to expand on the current heat system? Where running too hot is an actual threat with actual consequences beyond interrupting a shutdown?
A: Yes, we are exploring permanent (match) damage caused by overheating.

Mvrck: Given the new found usefulness of PPC's as long range weapons, and the buff to AC20's health pool, are there any plans to revisit the Gauss Rifle and give it a little more durability, or a lower chance of dealing damage upon explosion?
A: No plans to tweak Gauss Rifles at this time, however, we might nerf PPCs not that you brought it up. : )


Team Leader: How can we apply for a spot on the public test server? Will we be able to adjust weapon stats on the fly as a "host" in a server, live testing changes? Will there be sliders for damage, duration, recycle time, heat, projectile speed, etc? Respawn allowed in the test server?
A: We’re still deciding exactly how this will all work. Public Tests will be open to all during specific short time slices, say 4pm-6pm. They will test specific changes, say weapon balance, or matchmaking. Players will not have control over these changes. Standard game rules will be in place.

Multitallented: During Brian's AMA, he mentioned that teams trying to fight each other through sync dropping would be "getting some love soon". Could we get any more info on this? When can we expect it?
A: Some of this will be solved with CW and Private Matches. Synch dropping is fairly disruptive and can be abused. Instead of putting in code that prevents this from happening, we’re focusing on developing features that allow players to choose opponents, and allowing large pre-made groups.

Krzysztof z Bagien: What makes you think Elo system is suitable for team game?
A: While no matchmaking system is ever going to be perfect, Elo offers a nice balanced approach, that is easy to feed data to create desirable matchups, whether solo or team based.

Apostal: Will empirical and statistical data on ELO and it's various information ever be provided for analysis by the wider community?
A: We have no plans to release Elo scores to the public.

Gameplay/Game modes

xPariah: Will there be a function for the command console to target the "main target" for the Team?
A: We haven’t released our plans for the Command Console yet. Still in design.

SuMMoN: Will we have more counter measures, like smoke or mines, heat masking(makes you invisible to thermal) or drones of any sorts?
A: Yes. TBA.

Maverick01: Would you consider adding the ability to send out a Distress Signal (press Home)? Basically, your position is pinged on the Battlegrid to alert teammates of your danger and request assistance. Your BattleMech will display “SOS” and a unique sound will be heard when activated. MWO is a team-based game, save your buddies!
A: Interesting idea. Possibly.

Blue Shadow: With 12v12 on it's way I was wondering if PGI has considered spreading a team of 12 to three separate starting locations on large maps, each lance with their own objectives at the start of a match?
A: This would be modal, and yes we have considered it for asymmetrical game modes.

Der Hesse: How about an easy to use function for the Lancecommander to call out the Targets for concentrated Fire? Maybe a Function where the Lance can see wich mech he is targeting. The Functions for the Commanders right now are too time consuming and arent used much.
A: We have a command wheel coming after launch that should help with this.

MustrumRidcully: Do you think the critical hit system is paying off in actual gameplay? I mean, crits sure happen, but do they have a big effect on game out comes and is the complexity behind the system (individual item hit points, crit seeking modifiers) worth the effect on gameplay?
A: They are working ok. More love and time is needed though in order to improve the experience.

Kell Commander: Is dropship mode going to be assault and capture with more lives or is it going to be something completely different?
A: DropShip mode is essentially the ability to respawn, which could be available to any current or future mode.

Fishhawk: When the CW is turned on, and a player is ready to launch an attack or defend a planet, will the map (or terrain) be a known or unknown just before launch?
A: For public faction play, players will hit launch, be matchmade and put into a lobby. In this lobby will be 2-3 maps to vote for. Each map will affect a different faction front based on the outcome of the upcoming match to be played.

Gallowglas: When 12v12 is introduced, which will be the available queue options?
Option A - Solo, 2-8 player premade, or 12 player premade
Option B - Solo, 2-4 player premade, 8 player premade, or 12 player premade
Option C - Something else
A: Currently 2-4 and 12. If we feel comfortable with matchmaking being able to create quality matches out of any size teams, we plan to do so.


HugoStiglitz: What exactly is the extent of UI 2.0, what all will it change?
A: UI 2.0 is a complete overhaul of the Front End menu system. We plan to put out a nice overview about all the changes when we get closer to testing phases.

Thomas Covenant: Is any level of dynamic music in consideration? As opposed to a certain song playing on a level, dynamic music reacts to the situation such as: base capture, engaging a target, or the tide of battle(winning or losing).
A: Yes. All of the above pretty much.

Pinselborste: Bryan said that UI 2.0 will reduce the need for trialmechs for new players, what does that mean?
A: With the new UI we have the ability to funnel players through a specific training phase, which teaches the player how to play the game, use Mech and Pilot Labs, etc. UI 2.0 + Achievements allow us to reward the players for completing specific key goals. Once the player completes the beginner tutorial, we can gift a `Mech to them, removing the need to use Trial `Mechs as starter `Mechs.

Butane9000: Can we get a rough estimation date for UI 2.0 and a feature/change log that it will come with?
A: UI 2.0 will start showing up in Private testing around Mid-June and Public test in Late-July, and go live in Late Summer. It’s a complete overhaul of the UI. The changes are mostly form, with some new functionality as well, plus Community Warfare tabs (Faction).

Country Gravy: I think I saw somewhere that the pilot tree may be expanded/changed sometime before launch. Will this have any affect on the skills we have already unlocked? I assume that the current skills will still be in there, but will they be changed in any way and will it change how one gets elite and master levels?
A: If we make changes, and they would have to be dramatic, we would refund all of the XP spent and allow you to respect as necessary. There are currently no plans to blow up the existing Basic/Elite/Master structure, rather we are looking to expand the efficiencies into other categories such as weapons.

Zerberus: Will it be possible to drop into the Training Grounds as a group in any reasonable timeframe (i.e. before launch?)
A: Players will never be able to drop as a group into Testing Grounds specifically. This is a local, single player only concept. Down the road, we are exploring opening up Private Matches to give players this ability.

Lukoi: Why is the option for an ignore feature, or ability to turn off chat/opponent team chat not being considered? It's common to many if not most MMO/MMORPG/FPS games.
A: Yes. No ETA yet.

ManDaisy: Will Repair and reload make an appearance in CW again?
A: We have no plans to bring back repair and rearm.
TOGSolid: There were some tweets that there is an engine update tentatively scheduled for May. Will this be a major overhaul or will this be a more or less minor engine patch for the backend?
A: It’s a minor update that addresses many CryEngine DX 11 bugs.

Citizen Erased: Any ideas about an ejecting system ?
A: Probably not. It would be purely cosmetic at this point, since players can’t walk around the environments outside of a Mech.

ThinkTank: Is there any ETA for a fix for the FPS drops (50% or more) that many have seen seen since the April 2nd patch?
A: We’re still looking for the cause. Our telemetry tracks user FPS, and there hasn’t been a widespread drop in FPS. Some behind the scenes automated testing is about to commence on the build previous to April 2nd and the current production build in order to track down the problem. Stay tuned.

Theevenger: It seems to me that this game doesn't actually support 5.1 surround sound. I hear noise coming out of my rear speakers, but in Battlefield 3 when someone behinds me shoots me, I hear it behind me. Are there any plans to implement 5.1 surround sound?
A: We do support 5.1, however there may be situations where to many sounds cause distortion/noise.

Moe Zart: Would it be possible to give information about team members' mechs in map screen and HUD lance info? E.g. Player name, mech, health %, location
A: Yes. We’re going to be adding more details and functionality to the BattleGrid.

Mal: Can we get built in screenshot functionality, since that's the only way to report players in game, and not everyone runs a third party utility to do screenshots.
A: Yes. The current implementation provided by CryEngine is designed to be a Debug tool only, and is not easily released to the Production environment without exposing more debug aspects.

Superbob: When can we expect an update on improving non-stnadard (pretty much anything beyond mouse and keyboard) input methods? Are any such improvements planned before launch? In particular, when will MWO support full analog control using either a joystick, a full HOTAS setup + pedals, a x360 controller?
A: Ongoing fixes are coming over the next several patches.

Gremlich Johns: When the CW mode is implemented, will it be 1st Person View only?
A: We haven’t decided on the final format. Both 3rd and 1st person will be available options, however we have yet to confirm how one or the other will be selected for specific scenarios, like Merc Corp vs Merc Corp.

MightyMeatShield: Would PGI consider partnering with Iron Wind Metals to release a limited (or permanent) run of miniatures created from either the 3D models used in-game or for the 'mech dash board items and include a redemption code for the in-game asset?
A: Due to licensing restrictions, we are not able to sell physical items.

Spirit of the Wolf: What's the current record for the longest straight run of playing MWO for any of the people at PGI?
A: I would guess a few hours (4-5).

Cockpit, HUD & Customizations

Willie Sauerland: I really like the Lance information provided in the HUD now. Will there be a command view for the commander so he can keep tabs on all his units?
A: The BattleGrid serves this purpose (push ;) for now. We may add the additional units to the HUD via a toggle of some kind.

Iron War: What is the official reason to why the catipults cockpit is so large, when most other mechs had theirs reduced?
A: If you are meaning hitbox - the head hitbox is similar to other Mechs.

Accursed Richards: The cockpit monitors have been trying to Auto Detect for nearly a year now, will they ever get a result other than No Signal?
A: We have paused development on adding more info for now until a few HUD related bugs and performance issues have been fixed.

FireSlade: I have noticed playing on some brighter maps, particularly the daytime snow and desert ones that the HUD/Map can be rather difficult to see. My question is will there be options to change the opacity of the HUD/Map and be able to cycle through colors like red, blue, green, yellow, etc. that the HUD is displayed in and have darker blues for allies on the map? If not, will it be something that could be looked into?
A: Opacity and color changes are on the horizon. No ETA when they will arrive. This will also player with color blindness.

jay35: Can you please provide a specific date for when Hero mech recoloring will be unlocked (and what has held it up)? This was slated for March but then a "small technical issue" was to delay it to April.
A: We needed to come up with a solution for reverting back to the default Hero Mech colors. This functionality will be available in the May 7th patch.

Lazor Sharp: Will we get a rear view mirror in the cockpit, or a button that shows the rear view like MW4...?
A: Due to technical and performance reasons, we have elected not to offer any form of picture-in-picture modes. This requires the entire scene to be rendered at least two times, dropping FPS significantly.

Matux: When will we see bacon camo ?
A: When we finish the eggs and hashbrown patterns.

ArchMage Sparrowhawk: Will we see some kind of Death From Above camera or a downward looking camera, possibly displayed on one of the many cockpit screens, for the Jump Jet enabled mechs?
A: We do not have any plans to add specific camera modes yet.

Forum/Website/Sales and Tournaments:

Lukoi: Will you please consider a special queue for players opted into the periodic tournaments?
A: Possibly. It’s something that will become more realistic when we get Factions into the game.

Piemei: Previously you mentioned regional realms would be set up in the future (I'm guessing around launch time?) and that players would be able to perform a one-time transfer of their accounts to the new realms. As part of this transfer process, will it be possible to change your pilot name? If not then would you consider adding such a feature? (as some of us found our preferred pilot names were already taken when we registered for the beta).
A: We’re going to allow player to change their names in the near future. Expect this to have a reasonable MC price associated with it.

Doc Shmol: Are you planning to create premade Lance contests ?
A: Team tournaments will come with Community Warfare, 12 v 12, and UI 2.0.

Lusankya: Are we going to have the option of purchasing gift packages for friends in the future?
A: Eventually.

Hobietime: Would you guys be willing to reintroduce dev blogs? I loved reading about the technical challenges and design process of building a modern day game.
A: Dev blogs have been replaced by a variety of different concepts, like Command Chair and the Ask The Devs posts.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:01 PM

Love the range of questions that got real answers! Huge improvement over last week.

Also I meant the Jaegermechs fin, not the highlanders.

#3 Ozric


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:10 PM

Yeah very nice update. Thanks Bryan.

#4 Iqfish


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:13 PM

Thank you for the answer ;)

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:15 PM

Lima Zulu: Do you have any plans to add IIC variants to already existing and announced IS mechs along with omnimechs? E.g. Hunchback IIC, Orion IIC, Commando IIC, Highlander IIC?
A: Eventually.

IIc variants are Clan mechs. Despite their IS mech heritage, they are Clan tech and not IS.

#6 ZnSeventeen


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:21 PM

You really ran through a lot of questions. Good on ya.
The trial mech, newbie-gift thing sounds very interesting.

#7 Rebas Kradd


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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:21 PM

Very informative, and some excellent questions asked. Good job all around.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:22 PM

Thanx Again!

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:25 PM

FPS fix is being looked at! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Have struggled to save up for the Blackjack due to FPS issues. Great ATD, thanks Bryan!

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:27 PM

Iron War: What is the official reason to why the catipults cockpit is so large, when most other mechs had theirs reduced?
A: If you are meaning hitbox - the head hitbox is similar to other Mechs.

I'm sorry, but the catapult's head hit box is no where near similar to other mechs guys. The catapult is the only mech that has a hit box where you can hit the head hit box from the front, top and sides. The Cataphract has as many cockpit windows as the catapult, yet you still have to hit the center window in the center of THAT window. The atlas and commando have to be hit in an eye and all the other mechs have much smaller cockpit areas of which their hit boxes are even smaller.

So yeah... The over sized, multi windowed hotbox of the catapult is in no way similar ;)

If its hit box was just that center window... Than it would be similar.

Edited by Yoseful Mallad, 03 May 2013 - 02:29 PM.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:32 PM

Allowing 3rd in CW could be a source of a lot of rage. You may want to re-think it.


Concerns addressed. Thanks Koniving!.

Edited by Terran123rd, 03 May 2013 - 07:50 PM.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:45 PM

Thanks for (briefly) answering one of my questions ;)

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 02:48 PM

Great Answers to a wide range of questions!

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:11 PM

What Yoseful said. The catapult head hitbox is huge compared to all other mechs, and in no way is similar in treatment to other mechs with similar visible cockpits on other mechs, except for the centurion and raven. These three mechs have large side areas that are part of the head hitbox.

The difference in head hitbox size is easy to see in the mechlab. The head hitbox in the catapult becomes selected when the cursor touches any glass. By comparision, to select the head hitbox on the cataphract is actually somewhat difficult and only works on the center pane of class, along with the cicada, and along with nearly every other mech. Some like the jenner or stalker side glass can select the head hitbox, but the side glass on those mechs is so small as to make the difference minimal.

The best example of this might be the trebuchet. Click on the side glass panels of the head, and you get center torso. The head on the trebuchet is visibly similar to the centurion, but the two mechs' hitboxes are very different.

I don't know that it's a bad thing that different mechs have differing headbox strengths and weaknesses, but they are definitely not "similar".

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:12 PM

My question was about the longest straight session of playing MWO someone at PGI has gone through.

His guess: 4-5 hours.

I call weaksauce; I've gone 12. (I'm not counting the tournament periods.)

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:15 PM


BlueSanta: When are you going to investigate the claims of an SSRM Bug currently in-game, where Streaks are almost always damaging the CT through either direct or splash damage, a problem that is especially affecting light mechs?
A: This actually does not happen, not every missile hits the CT every time. It’s random where each missile hits. Sometimes it may seem like you are being cored directly, however it is most likely due to splash damage. We are tuning this right now to minimize the SSRMs coring potential.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. The first three sentences sound like a denial of the bug's existence, especially since splash damage was supposed to be disabled and so shouldn't be affecting anything. On the other hand, you say they are being tuned. I'm going to reserve judgment and continue posting armor paperdolls.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:21 PM

Am I the only one who feels like he typed the answer to the first question using only his middle fingers? Because I hear a giant 'f you' silently whispered between each letter.

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:25 PM

Rotary autocannons?

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:26 PM

I played the "No Plans, No ETA" drinking game and... didn't even really get a buzz!

Nice! Now I need a new reason to drink... ;)

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:27 PM

I really wanted this answered and I feel he dodged this one completely.

WardenWolf: Is hiding in 'soft' cover, like trees, intended to be a viable way to hide from enemy view? If so, are you aware that draw distance settings affected by the low <-> high quality sliders can result in mechs appearing to be in thick cover when in the trees, but being completely out in the open and visible from a long distance?


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