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Clan Collections - Faq

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 07:22 AM

This thread answers some frequently asked questions from the Clan Collections Promotion. This post was last updated July 7, 2014 and will continue to be expanded as we receive community questions.

If you have feedback regarding this promotion, or if you would like to engage in discussion with other players, please see this thread.

General & Purchases
Q: I just purchased, where is my Clan Collection?
A: Your Clan Collection will be delivered at the next available injection occurring each business day starting at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT / 11PM UTC. The delivery script may take several hours to run over all affected accounts, so we appreciate your patience as it runs. If you purchased after the indicated time, your collection will be delivered with the next injection the following day, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can check your Pre-Order Status here:

You can change your badge here:

Q: Has a sale end date been announced?
A: No, you've still got time to purchase!

Q: What can I do if I have encountered a problem with my purchase?
A: Please contact support@mwomercs.com and our Game Masters will be happy to help you out.

Q: Is there an opportunity to upgrade my Collection?
A: Yes, you may upgrade your Collection for the duration of the sale.

Q: If I upgrade from one Pack tier to another, will I be receive duplicates of the items from the Pack tier I already own?
No. Upgrading your Pack tier will only provide you specifically with the additional items featured in that newly acquired Pack; as the price is adjusted to compensate for your existing tier, duplicate content is not provided.

Q: Can Collections be gifted to others? I.E. Can I buy this for a friend?
A: Not at this time.

Q: What is the difference between a Prime and Standard Variant?
A: The Prime Variant of each Clan Collection Mech gives a 30% C-Bill Boost. Standard Variants do not have this boost. The Prime Variant also comes with a unique paint pattern that cannot be changed, nor can it be acquired for other Mechs.

Q: If I sell my standard Clan 'Mech variants, can I re-purchase them?
A: Yes, but only if they are already available as per the Clan 'Mech Release Schedule

Q: Do I need empty MechBays before I can purchase a Collection?
A: Each Clan Collection comes with all the MechBays required in order to house your newly purchased Mechs.

Q: Can I sell my Clan Collection Prime or Standard Variant Mechs?
A: Clan Collection Prime Variants are locked to their MechBay and can't be sold. Standard Variants may be sold normally, freeing their MechBay for use with another Mech.

Q: Which types of payments do you accept?
A: We currently accept most major payment options through our current payment system. Availability varies by country. Please contact Support if you have a specific payment question.

Q: Will this be available Worldwide?
A: Yes, except where prohibited by law.

Q: When will the Standard Variants be purchasable with C-Bills or MC?
A: For those who do not buy a Clan Collection, the Standard Variants release schedule will be announced in the coming months.

Q: What are the Hardpoints details?
A: Hardpoints and other Mech details can be found here.

Q: What about unique skins?
A: Prime variants of Clan Collection Mechs will receive a unique pattern and geometry, similar to how our Project Phoenix Prime variants received a unique Phoenix pattern and geometry.

Q: What is a Warhorn?
A: A Warhorn is a mounted cockpit item that plays a fun sound when you've destroyed an enemy. Each horn sound is different and is heard by all players in your area. You can see and hear the full collection of Warhorns on Soundcloud.

Q: Do monthly rewards apply to any Clan Collection purchase?
A: Monthly rewards have already been delivered to those who preordered a Clan Collection.

Premium Time
Q: What is "Premium Time" and how does it benefit me?
A: Premium Time applies an additional 50% of gained XP and additional 50% of gained C-Bills while active, per game played. It is a powerful and time-saving method to gain the resources needed to enhance your Mechs and their loadouts.

Q: Will I be able to choose when to begin my Premium Time?
A: Yes, all collections-related Premium Time will be added to your banked Premium Time. Any previously banked Premium Time will be combined with the new Premium Time; a button in the client allows the one-time activation of all your banked Premium Time.

Q: If I already have Premium Time activated on my account, will I still have the option to begin my Clan Collection Premium Time at my discretion?
A: Yes, if you're currently enjoying activated Premium Time, you will still have the option of starting your banked Premium Time after your current time has expired.

Social Rewards:
Q: Will the Polygon pattern and other Social Reward be available for all of my Mechs?
A: The Polygon pattern and other social rewards have been delivered to purchases up to June 17, 2014. Purchases and upgrades after that date do not include the social rewards and Polygon pattern. In the future, the Polygon pattern will also be available for purchase for other standard `Mechs, including InnerSphere `Mechs.

Gold Khan Collections:
Q: Why are there limited quantities of Gold Kahn Collections?
A: As collectors’ items, the Gold Kahn Collections are limited so that they remain exclusive.

Q: How many Gold Khan Collections are there in total?
A: As of Thursday June 17th, there were no more Timber Wolf Mechs left with limited quantities for the others. The purchase page will be updated as quantities change.

Q: Will there be additional screenshots of the remaining Gold Khan Collection BattleMechs?
A: Yes, we will release screenshots of the Gold Khan Collection BattleMechs as they become available.

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Posted 29 April 2016 - 10:52 AM

Q: What are the specific variants that come with each chassis?

• ADR-Prime (I)

Dire Wolf
• DWF-Prime (I)

Kit Fox
• KFX-Prime (I)

• NVA-Prime (I)

• SCR-Prime (I)

• SMN-Prime (I)

Timber Wolf
• TBR-Prime (I)

• WHK-Prime (I)

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