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A Way To Determine What Mechs A Player Has

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 03:31 PM

Looks like my question has already been answered here:


I have been trying to create a tool to help my unit manage the process of assigning pilots to 'mechs for league drops, etc.

Using a web bot, I can scrape together a list of all the mechs that they own by going to:
(or, more accurately, the players can scrape their own lists, as it requires logging in)

I was hoping to build a rough estimate of what level the mechs were (basic, elite, master) by scraping "XP Earned" column from this page:
(and of course, adding in the 'archived values)

I knew this would be prone to errors (since you can use GXP to level up a mech, or convert XP after basic is complete)
Unfortunately, it seems even more error prone that expected.

I was hoping that 64,500GXP would indicate that a mech has been mastered, but it seems that the stats are not 100% correct.

For example - I mastered all 3 of my stormcrow variants without using any GXP, and the total GXP earned varies from 55,757-59,074, but all are short of the expected 64,500GXP.

Maybe this is because I used premium time?

Well, anyways, I am not too concerned with the cause, but I am looking for a solution to my issue.

Anways, I'll cut to the chase:

Could you dump a read-only version of this information to the users hard disk?
- Mechs Owned
- Efficiencies Unlocked (Pilot tree and mech tree would be useful)
- Modules owned

Actually, a complete list of all equipment owned would be quite cool.

You could dump this info in the pilot folder, perhaps?

It would make it much easier for units to determine what pilots should be using what Mech, especially for matches that have restrictions in place, ex: 550 tons total. Right now it is impossible to make a tool like this, unless you want to make the pilots individually fill out a list of how leveled up all of their 'mechs are. (Takes a long time when you own 50+ mechs, even though I can scrape a list of what mechs are owned)

Alternatively, could the mech list on this page:
could be made to show
Basic Complete / Elite Complete / Master Complete
(I realize that mech XP isn't tied to an owned chassis, but to the chassis type, but it would still be useful. It doesn't matter if a pilot mastered a chassis if they no longer own any)

Or, perhaps this page:
could be made to show:
-Mastery Level (Basic/Elite/Master)
-Currently Owned (Yes/No or Count 0,1,2 etc...)

It would make it much easier for pilots to provide info to their unit leaders.

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