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Tactic For Downhill Spawners

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Posted 23 June 2016 - 12:38 PM

I've heard in the past that Alpine Peaks was a bit biased towards the team that spawned at the top of the mountain, 'uphill' area (E8, F10).

I know with the recent patch the spawn areas have been moved and this has improved the balance a lot I feel, but still I think there is a slight disadvantage to spawning in the 'downhill' area of the map (K5).

I'd like to share a tactic (strategy?) which I discovered on one match, thanks to another visionary member brave enough to call it out. To be fair he should be the one credited for this, but I have forgotten his name, I'm sorry mate Posted Image

The tactic is simple: relocate the entire team to G4 in the extreme left edge of the map. It's a small ridge line hidden by a steep hill which provides excellent cover and a vantage point to see the enemy coming from any direction.

If they spawn uphill, you end up with a poking game from a nearby ridgeline - alright, that's not very helpful but at least it's equal terms. But if the enemy spawned behind the massive mountain in J12 you end up with them coming uphill to get you - usually with lights and mediums first. It's such a long distance you're bound to get them strung out and of course it's easy pickings.

So long as everyone stays in cover and the brawlers don't peek, it's a winner.

Thought I'd share this, let me know what you think. Posted Image

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