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#141 Tsphered


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Posted 14 April 2019 - 05:09 PM

In-Game Name: Tsphered
Are you 18+: Yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Yes
Any specific league/tournament: Division D of MRBC on Coffins Raiders
Region: North America
Times Available: Pretty much anytime
Mic/VoIP access: Of course, prefer discord will download anything.
Willing to tag up with a unit: Of course
Additional comments: I play pretty much only Light mech' and im damn good at it. My preferred Battlemech is the Wolfhound,i love the locust and own almost every light in the game. I will be dedicated showing up to any practices and helping my teamates improve. I have minor experience drop calling comp matches, all the time in qp. Message me via this or discord @Tsphered#2427, Thank you.

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#142 tresspaser


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Posted 12 May 2019 - 09:08 PM

In-Game Name: tresspaser
Are you 18+: 47
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams:
First MWO world championships with [CEF] Canadian Expeditionary Force
Any specific league/tournament:
Region: EST
Times Available: varies
Mic/VoIP access: yes
Willing to tag up with a unit: yes
Additional comments: I love faction play but never get to play it. wish there was a tournie for it.

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#143 Mar X maN


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 11:40 AM

In-Game Name: Mar X maN
Are you 18+: yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: not sure
Any specific league/tournament: nope
Region: EU
Times Available: 24/7
Mic/VoIP access: prefer discord but TS will do
Willing to tag up with a unit: yes
Additional comments: been playing MWO with a few teams before

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#144 eleazr


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Posted 22 May 2019 - 10:52 AM

In-Game Name: eleazr
Are you 18+: definitely
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: MRBC (bottom tier with Seraphim) and 2-3 other tournaments
Any specific league/tournament: it's all good
Region: USA, Mountain
Times Available: evenings excluding Sunday & Thursday
Mic/VoIP access: yup
Willing to tag up with a unit: yup
Additional comments: I took about a year and a half off, so my mech collection is a bit dated, but I have horded my stash of G SP from the module change. I'm looking for a serious team and to take my play to the next level.

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#145 Grayfox


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Posted 28 May 2019 - 03:12 PM

In-Game Name: GrayFox
Are you 18+: 30+
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: 007 , GK, SJR
Any specific league/tournament: Basically anything that was running back then I know MRBC was at that time as well as RHOD, and some smaller 4v4 stuff etc.
Region: US East
Times Available: US Evenings
Mic/VoIP access: Yarp
Willing to tag up with a unit: Yes
Additional comments: I came back to the game a few weeks ago and after getting back into the groove of things and catching up on meta changes I think I might want to try doing some comp play again, mostly for some good competition and good teamplay. I hope to hear from a few units and spend some time with each before making a decision on where to go but i suppose that depends on who actually looks at this forum.
Peace Big stompy robot guy

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#146 Haniibal


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Posted 28 May 2019 - 03:53 PM

[color=#959595]In-Game Name: Haniibal[/color]
[color=#959595] Are you 18+: Yes[/color]
[color=#959595] Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Not for a couple years [/color]
[color=#959595] Any specific league/tournament: Anything[/color]
[color=#959595] Region: Central [/color]
[color=#959595] Times Available: 6:30pm [/color]
[color=#959595] Mic/VoIP access: Yes[/color]
[color=#959595] Willing to tag up with a unit: Yes [/color]
[color=#959595] Additional comments: Been playing for 3 years or so...have pretty much every Mech I want or need. Tier 2 working on getting Tier 1. Comfortable playing any weight class.[/color]

#147 Merc 4 Hire


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Posted 09 June 2019 - 02:52 PM

In-Game Name: Merc 4 Hire

Are you 18+: Yees, sadly^^ lol

Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Nope, not in MWO

Any specific league/tournament: German and English

Region: EU

Times Available: depending but normaly around 8pm to 10pm on weekdays. I can arrange at weekends

Mic/VoIP access: Yeah TS Client and Server

Willing to tag up with a unit: sure, as Long as its steiner^^

Additional comments:

Im new to MWO, try to learn and want to be teached from experianced Players. I know the first Person shooter Scene, played in ESL for a long time. So im ready if you are^^

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#148 ScottieG86


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Posted 10 June 2019 - 01:19 PM

In-Game Name: Lndalecio (Indalecio was already taken.)
Are you 18+: Yes, 33.
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Aliens vs Predator, Killzone 2, PVP in Dark Souls.
Any specific league/tournament: Nah, just tired of getting my butt whooped in group play.
Region: ET/GMT-4
Times Available: Most evenings after 5:30PM.
Mic/VoIP access: Yes.
Willing to tag up with a unit: Absolutely.
Additional comments: I haven't played this since the beta back in 2012 and it's been on my mind for years. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys.

#149 Prototelis


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Posted 08 July 2019 - 05:21 AM

MWO Username: Prototelis
Role(s): lights, falling off walls
Current Tier: 1
Jarls: 91% https://leaderboard....ch?u=Prototelis
Commitment level: Very
TimeZone: Est; Flexible can play almost any time
Goals: Get better, get on a team for any of the upcoming comps
Comp experience: BFM Div C champions with MS. Played Mor8 DivB, and ISC

#150 Dubious Squirrel


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Posted 09 July 2019 - 12:31 PM

In-Game Name: Dubious Squirrel
Are you 18+: Yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: ISC 6v6 (CSPS)
Any specific league/tournament: ISC 6v6
Region: EU, can play NA too.
Times Available: Any
Mic/VoIP access: Yes
Willing to tag up with a unit:
Additional comments: Looking to gain further experience with comp team play.

#151 3fl0w W0lf3


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Posted Yesterday, 08:09 PM

In-Game Name: 3fl0w W0lf3

Are you 18+: Yes

Previous Competitive Experience/Teams:
Play quite a bit back in 2016, just started playing again

Any specific league/tournament:
No most just Invasion and Scouting

Region: U.S
Times Available: Varies with School and Work

Mic/VoIP access: Yes

Willing to tag up with a unit: Yes

Additional comment:
Prefer very structured and organized units
enjoy playing the most with people that know the game well
Currently started a New Charcter I'll humping Tier 4 again Posted Image
KDK-3 Brawler UAC
HBK-IIC Poker (working progress)

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