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#181 dogwillhunt83


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Posted 18 July 2020 - 04:52 AM

View PostBanditB17, on 31 March 2017 - 04:48 PM, said:

If you are looking to participate in the competitive scene and haven't found a team to play with, post your information here. Team recruitment officers will monitor this thread and send you a message on the forums introducing their unit. If you join a team, please edit your post to reflect that so you don't continue receiving inbox spam.

Teams! Click "Follow This Topic" in the upper right of this thread if you want to receive notifications any time a pilot posts here.


In-Game Name: dogwillhunt83
Are you 18+: yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: in this game none, came form world of tanks
Any specific league/tournament: no
Region: oc
Times Available: anytime
Mic/VoIP access: yes discord in game chat is not possible with my head set
Willing to tag up with a unit: yes
Additional comments: easy to get along with not a potato but new to the game

#182 CT Sparty


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Posted 31 August 2020 - 03:05 PM

here,... again
Can't find the earlier post I made.


#183 TheUltimateGhost


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Posted 09 September 2020 - 06:43 AM

View Postdogwillhunt83, on 18 July 2020 - 04:52 AM, said:

hit me up on discord (TheUltimateGhost#1962), same goes for you sparty :)

#184 Brother MEX


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Posted 24 September 2020 - 04:26 AM

Servus !

Anyone interested in joining my team too ? Posted Image

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#185 xX PUG Xx


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Posted 26 September 2020 - 07:15 AM

In-Game Name: xX PUG Xx
Are you 18+: Yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Yes
Any specific league/tournament: MRBC (IDI and FUR)
Region: EU
Times Available: 20:00 - 23:00 GMT
Mic/VoIP access: Yes
Willing to tag up with a unit: Yes


#186 live1991


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Posted 27 September 2020 - 05:52 AM

If you are looking for a team to get rewards or top 12 - join the discord for the comp -- https://discord.gg/6wxM5hC

#187 Malsumis


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Posted 01 October 2020 - 02:53 PM

In-Game Name: Malsumis
Are you 18+: Yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: No
Region: Eastern Time[
Times Available: after 5pm EST
Mic/VoIP access: Yes

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#188 Arn0ldSchwarzenegger


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Posted 02 October 2020 - 05:12 AM

Going to be damn rusty, as I've not played in many years, but when I did I was DC for Antares Scorpion, playing in the top divisions, MRBC etc. Was widely regarded as one of the best light pilots in the game. Obviously I'm not going to be at that level now, however, I'm still looking for a damn good team to join, that'll help get me up to speed in no time. Hopefully my name and record still carries enough weight to do so!


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#189 ApostleBerk


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Posted 05 October 2020 - 10:01 AM

In-Game Name: ApostleBerk
Are you 18+: Yes. 34
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Former Counter Strike: Source and TF2, professionally played with Vector Gaming as tag Mexican Iguana. Magic The Gathering, can review DCI records
Any specific league/tournament: Cal:O, Cal:IM and Cal:I
Region: North America
Times Available: After 6pm Mon-Fri, anytime on weekends
Mic/VoIP access: Yes, discord, teamspeak, etc etc
Willing to tag up with a unit: Absolutely
Additional comments: Former competitive gamer back into MWO now that I finally have more free time to enjoy gaming again and would love to compete in MWO. I'm experienced with learning maps, strats and taking direction while making apt follow through decisions on my own. I enjoy all classes of mechs both innersphere and clan but the flea has a special place in my heart. I frequently will spend a season or two to do experiments usually coinciding with changes that are released. I feel I've learned as much as I can from youtube and twitch streamers and through quickplay. I would like to take the next step further and am currently studying the tournament videos available on youtube, I didn't even know they existed until recently! Way back in the day, MW4 vengeance and Mercenaries I did competitive play as well. I utilize a highly competitive gaming setup and a Tier 1 internet connection.

Yarl's list last season rank: 748
Highest ranking season: 664

Any questions or concerns feel free to reach out me, I am eager to learn.

Thank you for your interest and time
- ApostleBerk

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#190 jtiffs


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Posted 19 October 2020 - 03:36 PM

[color=#959595]In-Game Name:jtiffs[/color]
[color=#959595]Are you 18+:yes[/color]
[color=#959595]Previous Competitive Experience/Teams:none[/color]
[color=#959595]Any specific league/tournament:upcoming comp[/color]
[color=#959595]Region:North America[/color]
[color=#959595]Times Available:Evenings EST[/color]
[color=#959595]Mic/VoIP access:yes[/color]
[color=#959595]Willing to tag up with a unit:yes[/color]
[color=#959595]Additional comments:1,800 matches mostly in lights. Best in my Flea 20[/color]

#191 Epsilon X Sigma


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Posted 20 December 2020 - 02:09 PM

In-Game Name: Epsilon X Sigma

Are you 18+: Yes

Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: I started playing MWO during the late beta in 2013. Played with a team, Darksaber, for a year or two. Stopped playing in 2015, but after a solid five year break, I've come back to the game.

Any specific league/tournament: Not sure about this, I'm relearning the game and a lot has changed with MWO in recent years.

Region: North America

Times Available: Evenings (GMT -7)

Mic/VoIP access: Yes

Willing to tag up with a unit: Yes

Additional comments: I'm looking for a chill group that doesn't start foaming at the mouth with rage over a video game. I wasn't an exceptional player when I played before, now that I've been gone a while, I'm even worse. But, practice makes perfect. I'm willing to learn and help out with a team as long as it's all about playing for fun.

#192 Blackcat67


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Posted 30 December 2020 - 07:21 PM

In-Game Name: Blackcat67
Are you 18+: Yes
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Playing MWO for over seven years now. Own 100+ mechs
Any specific league/tournament: Any
Region: USA Chicago CentralTimeZone
Times Available: after 8pm weeknights, weekends
Mic/VoIP access: Yes, any platform (currently use TS and Discord)
Additional comments: I enjoy competition, but more than that, I want to hang out online with decent human beings.

#193 Drewster1012


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Posted 02 January 2021 - 07:35 PM

In-Game Name: Drewster1012
Are you 18+: oh yah I'm 29 we good
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: none yet who wants to get my feet wet in this and start this badass comp experience for me?
Any specific league/tournament: man idk I just wanna play some MWO and kick ***
Region: NA PST
Times Available: we can work this out I'm sure
Mic/VoIP access: yah got that blue yeti mic killing it
Willing to tag up with a unit: hell yah lets do it good way to make some new friends and learn something new
Additional comments: I'm tier 1 so I'm not a complete ******* I promise but I know that there's always more to learn and that I will only get better with time.

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#194 Ritual Hammer


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Posted 29 January 2021 - 12:04 PM

In-Game Name: Ritual Hammer
Are you 18+: Don't tell anyone but, *wink*
Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Nil experience in Faction or Comp but not a stranger to the snapped in half broken OP of teamwork in general.
Any specific league/tournament:
Region: NA
Times Available: at evening PST
Mic/VoIP access: Why would anyone play this game w/o a Mic, it's not LoL?
Willing to tag up with a unit: Take my home Dakka Daddy!
Additional comments: Been playing pug for years on and off. Got the fever again. I've only got a handful of chassis and they all IS, didn't stop me from climbing rank consistently. Already got the cbills to flesh out at least a deck is y'all a Clan clan. Frankly, I'm happy as a clam in any role and I know THAT part of the game from MechBay to Victory but I think its weird I know so little about anything outside of what's absolutely neccessary for pug seeing as I've loved this game for years and hours, and I'm looking forward to diving in more. Y'all hiring?

#195 siahofmars


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Posted 31 January 2021 - 07:30 PM

Old player, started back up, looking for a team!

[color=#959595]In-Game Name:siahofmars[/color]
[color=#959595]Are you 18+:Yes 36[/color]
[color=#959595]Previous Competitive Experience/Teams:No previous competitive experience[/color]
[color=#959595]Any specific league/tournament:No[/color]
[color=#959595]Times Available:Varies but mostly nights[/color]
[color=#959595]Mic/VoIP access:Yes[/color]
[color=#959595]Willing to tag up with a unit:Yes[/color]
[color=#959595]Additional comments:Love to start playing some competitive![/color]

#196 Vellinious


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Posted 14 February 2021 - 10:36 PM

In-Game Name: Vellinious

Are you 18+: Yes

Previous Competitive Experience/Teams: Was a member of SiG, played in Marik season 1-3, in the MercStar Alliance.

[Any specific league/tournament: No idea what's even out there anymore

Region: US Central Time Zone

Times Available: after 5pm CST

Mic/VoIP access: Yes

Willing to tag up with a unit: That's why I'm here

Additional comments: Been PUGn a bit the last few days....it's as painful as I remember. Looking to get into a unit, and possibly even start playing competitively again. I'm primarily a light pilot, but have considerable time in long range heavies and assaults. Back when I was playing all the time, the meta was sniper loadouts. Was around for the first few years of the game, and felt like I was a pretty decent pilot.

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