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New Uac Skill Node

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#1 Serpentine Shel Serpentine


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Posted 16 July 2017 - 03:58 AM

"Enhanced UAC/RAC Design Notes: The previous UAC Jam Chance Nodes placed us in a spot where the initial test values were impacting the upfront, sustained DPS of UAC weaponry a bit too much; leading us into a position where we could not provide the Node with significantly more value than what it was previously tuned for without adversely affecting weapon balance. As an alternative, we have changed the functionality for UACs to provide a percentile reduction to Jam Duration . . .."

Does anyone understand what this means. It's interesting that most people thought the UAC nodes were a waste as is, but PGI thought they had too big an effect on DPS as is. How could that be? It may have to do with the DPSeffect per node being too high, even though the marginal effect is small. Most nodes have a very small effect individually but have more nodes so you can build up a significant effect with 5 or 10 SP. UAC jam chance had only two nodes, so a small SP cost, and maybe they couldn't fit more nodes into the tree. But I haven't done the math and it seems strange to me that PGI would just drop UAC jam chance entirely. This reinforces the already strong advantage of having a UAC Jam chance Quirk in a mech.
Why do people think PGI made this choice and will the new jam duration nodes have any value?

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 02:59 PM

Well the percentage for jam chance reduction is too little without additional reduction from mech quirks. Where as duration reduction will benefit anyone that equips a UAC. Especially the large UACs.

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