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How To Play Solo Que By A Ozhomeroz Scrubby Hive Underlord Freebirth Extraordinaire

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#21 Mercie


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Posted 03 October 2018 - 11:52 PM

this is drunk crazy me talkin,
but please
somebody PLEASE ,mods or what-not; PIN his OP
( and delete crazy rambilngs of old drunk berserker-person cryin in his cups he isn't in valhalla yet)
but " for cereal" os much distlled wisdom in this thread.,,
should go right there next to kineticx's guide and and the fat4eyes' tatics101 in the new player area we had once on ever team speak.... disocrd.... w/e

#22 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 06:49 PM

I think tip Tip Seven:Change Sumthing when not doing so good

May apply in this case
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#23 mailin


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Posted 16 October 2018 - 05:13 PM

I have something to add that hasn't been said before. Learn to prioritize targets. If you know where the enemy assaults are, they are your primary targets because they have the potential to deal the most damage. So, take them out first. Any mechs that get in your way before you can close with the enemy assaults are fair game, but do not chase them. Instead keep heading toward the enemy assaults. Take them out and the rest of the enemy will be easier to deal with. Also, I see a lot of new players firing on an enemy and then firing on another enemy when the first is still in range. DO NOT DO THIS. If several enemies are in range and they are all equal priority, fire on one until he is either dead, runs away, or is a stick. Only then switch targets. Other than that, GREAT advice on this thread.

#24 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 16 November 2018 - 03:19 AM

I like tips

#25 shaytalis


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Posted 17 November 2018 - 09:11 AM

View PostTier5ForLife, on 09 September 2018 - 02:41 PM, said:

8) If you are with a good group of players that seems to know what they are doing and you are attacking, do not stop or worse, back up. Trust in each other and move forward allowing the guys behind you to add their firepower.

Why don't the group of good players trust me to add my firepower from behind them though?

#26 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 17 November 2018 - 10:10 AM

Nobody trusts nobody in this game
So add your firepower from behind and let them deal with their trust issues.

Thou if you get too far behind, their could be problems with being outnumbered and all dat or worse a light mech headbutting low hung bits of your mech
So having those guys kinda close could come in handy.

Although what I think was meant was , when the team attacks, you should too.
Front and behind were never mentioned, but I would go with whatever works best for you and your loadout/mech.

Hope that was helpfull.

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#27 Silra


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Posted 21 November 2018 - 03:47 PM

View PostTier5ForLife, on 10 September 2018 - 11:17 AM, said:



I record the games I play for possible youtube content and such, and so no VOIP during QP games for me, as I don't want random people's voices on my recordings.

#28 JediPanther


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Posted 29 November 2018 - 05:50 PM

A six year vet's best advice for new-er players...

1. Never fight alone in solo q. make a 'Battle Buddy.' You have a better chance of winning if you fight with a buddy making it 2 vs 1 or more.

2. Communicate. There was no in-game voip or command wheel in closed beta. All we had was in game chat. Make use of in-game chat,command wheel and voip. The team that works as a team will always beat the less cordinated team even if that other team as a list of same unit tags, founders etc.

3. When 'scouting' in a hurry use the simple bingo method of scouting. Example...in team chat type it as the following 'b4 x3.' Translation...in grid b4 you have spotted 3 enemy mechs. Remember a dead scout is just that. Dead.

4. Use the mini-map. A LOT. It tells you important things such as where are your team mates, where the heck am I, where are my team mates moving to. That erratically moving symbol on the mini map could be one of your lights engaged with the enemy fighting all four of alpha lance and too busy at the moment to get a lock on. Help the guy.

5. Uavs. They cost 40,000 c-bills and are one time use. They refil between matches when you set it to refill at a cost of 40,000. They are an excellent distress signal when you are suddenly wolf pack-ed by enemy alpha lance. It will cancel out ALL ecm near you and reveal enemy around you on your mini-map to the rest of your team. See the running theme?

6. Use the HUD. On HPG specifically and in all other maps in general you will get sound bugs in the form of missing or over lapping sounds from incoming fire especially from racs and uacs. Pay attention to the flashing red damage indicator of your hud and react to take cover and counter fire.

7. LRM dodging. IS lrm have a minimal of 180m. They will do zero damage at 179m and less. Clan lrm do vastly reduced damage at close range. Lrms have a small tracking window and arc. With proper timing you can step side them. Any cover will block lrms whether it be elevation change as standing behind a small incline, inside a tunnel on river city, a bolder/rock on canyon etc.

9. Stealth ECM mechs can be detected by...seeing it move,seeing it fire weapons,turning on thermal/night vision to see it, or by shooting it with a weapon. Stealth causes a lot of heat build up so forcing one to fire will cause it to need to run away to cool down or risk blowing up from heat damage.

10. The people who know maps better than most are the light mech pilots as they depend on map cover to move about. They are the ones to ask when you want to know the fastest way to move around a map.

11. When in a heavy or assault mech that is slow ask a light for escort. Many love being an orbital extra gun as your bigger mech makes a bigger target. This isn't rude. The light gets more seconds to live doing more damage while you get extra fire power and protection from enemy lights.

12. Don't be a stat warrior. You can be competitive as much as you like but you'll enjoy the game far more if you make up your own in match goals instead of kdr w/l as the means of your success.

13. Experiment with crazy builds. MWO allows a lot of options so go with it. Mechlab is half the fun for tinker-ers.

14. Learn your play styles and mech classes you do well in. Examples...The Atlas may be the bamf for some but if you stink at using it and hate it you'd be better off in a different mech. PPC is fun but if you can't aim without adv zoom and wiff every shot try some thing else.

15. Old-er mechs are still viable. Catapult k2 was one of four mechs in closed beta. Since then there are lots of mechs that can do big guns. That k2 isn't meta now but it still does damage. A pilot who has hundreds of matches and experience with an old mech is just as deadly as a new-er mech.

16. Never chase quirks. They change or get removed constantly.

17. There are trash tier mechs in the game. They have any combination of the following...bad hard point locations,low hard points, slow engine caps, bad base stats or poor geometry. Spider 5V is the prime example of this.

#29 Void Angel


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Posted 29 November 2018 - 11:22 PM

When I play a Medium solo queue, I often try to find a mech and be what I call his Hunchbuddy. I'll drive off Lights, move out of cover to poke with him, and go in with him to create havoc if he closes to brawl. With practice, you can keep him from being taken out of the fight by Light harassment, add your firepower to his when he pokes (you'll be clearing his profile and shooting after they shoot at him,) and force people to choose between having you or him at their backs in the brawl.

You can't always get an assault that plays with the team, but it's a ton of fun if it works, and the assault pilot will love you.

#30 Toha Heavy Industries


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Posted 30 November 2018 - 04:25 AM

View PostSilra, on 21 November 2018 - 03:47 PM, said:

I record the games I play for possible youtube content and such, and so no VOIP during QP games for me, as I don't want random people's voices on my recordings.

I don't think i would want to watch solo mechwarrior's no coms gameplay on yt.


watched this

Not overly interesting tbh, i'd much rather enjoy watching whole games with communication / tactics involved.
At the end, you used the terrain and the high mounted MRM so well but you didn't comment on it, it think those gameplay tips you can easily share.

If i actually watch mwo content on yt instead of playing the game myself, i am really looking forward to other peoples opinions, their thought and ideas, tactics, way to handle stuff. Commentary is the most importent element i am looking forward to. Be it on the fly as you play or afterwards as an overlay.

Of course, it's your channel and content, i am in no postion to criticize you or your content.
It' s just my honest 50 cents on it.

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#31 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 06 December 2018 - 10:04 PM

View PostTier5ForLife, on 10 September 2018 - 11:17 AM, said:

You do not have to call the match or even to call targets. It is hard to call targets if you are not close to each other and seeing the same thing. I know of a couple of teams that will be on two-three different Teamspeaks channels often doing it by Lance instead of all 12.

Plus sometimes the game happens too fast at times. If you have targets popping up and back the target you called is gone. In fact, it is often difficult (small edit for missing word) to even target anything to call a target in such conditions.


In these conditions I guess using my:

Tip Four :Gauge your teams Quality

and the using the strat below:

"Guid Pilots: Follow the pain train and weapons impacts (aka laser beams) strategy.", should do the trick.

IN plain speak: SMASH what your team mates are SMASHING, by watching which mech is getting smashed and in what naughty place said mech is being smashed in.

Add your fire to exactly and precisely dat same naughty place for best results, without waiting for someone to tell you.

Coz your OP, You have eyes, their OP! (plz nerf - Im kidding PGI plz dont)
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Great feed back much thanks

Yo up and coming winners of the solo que of stompage, come check out this thread and gain a express shortcut to success, wid minimal effert.

Worked for me
It can worx for u 2


Good threads neva dae Posted Image

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