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Left-Handed Controls?

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#1 bilagaana


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Posted 04 December 2018 - 01:47 PM

Searching the forums I found a few threads on the subject of left-handed mech piloting, the most recent being from 2015, https://mwomercs.com...anded-keybinds/

When I started playing about six months ago I set up the keyboard and trackball much as I do for every FPS: using the trackball for aiming and scroll keys for direction, changing other keybindings for specialized features. [Up to now, I'd never liked a mouse for either gaming or general use, and always relied on ambidextrous trackballs.] It soon became evident that MWO has unique requirements and my standard setup was not always optimal.

Searching led me to conclude that no left-handed gaming mice are currently being produced (the NAGA version is no longer made) and I dropped a couple hundred dollars (seriously) into alternate controllers of various types which didn't work out. I've been tweaking key and button bindings ever since.

My current setup is as shown in the below images.

Aiming has improved since I abandoned the trackball in favor of the ambidextrous Logitech G903 mouse. However, I find that I can't reliably use all the available buttons for weapon groups; I'm just not nimble enough to rapidly reach the front side buttons and simultaneously avoid accidentally depressing others. So, with the keyboard, I continue to be limited to effective (or, what passes for effective in my case) use of two or maybe three weapon groups per mech.

Other limitations with this configuration include having essentially only two speeds: full-ahead and full-reverse but I generally don't find that an issue as with my abysmal situational awareness I'm always running for my life, anyway. And, I haven't found a good control for jump jets.

I'm curious what controllers and key-bindings other left-handed players are currently employing. I know somebody's going to say that they are left-handed and just long ago learned to use standard keybindings. Congratulations, but I'm too old a dog and that's not a realistic option for me.

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Posted Image

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#2 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 04 December 2018 - 06:38 PM

Greetingz fellow left handed battle brother.

What I find is that for lefties you have less good buttons close at hand, so I use these buttons for functions I use most.
For example I would take the target enemy from the mouse and put it on the keyboard as you use it once per enemy and not as often as fire key (or for me FULL Stop key) for example.

Posted Image

You may notice I map the Full Stop button to the middle mouse button.
Your mech will stop dead when FULL STOP is pressed even if FULL Throttle is pressed.
Full stop is awesome and can increase a mechs maneuverability and ability to turn on a dime.

Posted Image


Use full throttle and then tap the Full stop as required to decrease throttle as needed.

To demonstrate go to testing grounds with a wide flat area.
At top speed turn full right or left, you will notice you mech turns a wide circle.

Continue turning maximum left or right at full throttle, and now tap the full stop key once a second.
You will notice your turning radius decrease.

Now tap full stop even fasta ,say once every half a second, your mech will respond by turning even tighter. Now try tapping Full stop every quarter second, etc etc.

Using the full stop I can make even assualt mechs dance.

As for the mouse side buttons, use them for less common functions were precision is not required aka MASC and TAG

Enjoi the game

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#3 Koniving

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Posted 06 December 2018 - 06:41 PM

Throttle joystick could help (for use with movement in right hand as opposed to the awkward keyboard.

Played for a while using a Snakebyte PS3 controller for movement/jumping/overiding and mouse to aim/shoot. No reason to think mapping it to the right stick or using a right side throttle stick and left hand aiming would be an issue for left handers.

#4 loopala


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Posted 07 December 2018 - 09:15 AM

old time joystick guy here who mouses left handed. working cad and spreadsheets got me into the habit. i am right handed. in my right hand i use a X52 HOTAS joystick (due to the way the game is coded just never could get the throttle to work well) for left and right movement (legs) with the up and down axis locked out in software, and a the buttons for weapon controls and targeting. now my mouse is logitech g300. and yes it is a pain to find a left handed mouse in this right handed world. but this one is ambidextrous and fits my hand and has lots of buttons. i never got the hang of keyboarding for games. i can 4 finger hunt and peck 20ish words a min, so i get by. now my mouse i have setup unconventionally. i have my left mouse button set to center legs to torso. so look where you want to go and tap, you are headed that way. right button is JJs. i JJ dance a lot. the rest of the buttons are shown in this picture.

Posted Image

the full throttle/inverse throttle buttons get used a lot, especially in lights. the biggest problem i have with this setup is hitting the JJs and full stop at the same time on accident but it works out.
Oh i do use the mouse to control the Torso (aiming).

here is a recent vid of "Santa Urbie" watch the white arrow as it tracks back to center of vision.

as i typed a bit unconventional but works for me.

and yes i am Tier 5 but that has a lot more to do with me playing fun to me mechs, not META, my YOLO baserker play style, and a love of locusts and other easy to one shot lights, then my controls setup. and maybe a bit to do with my last toaster only getting 15fps on a good day.

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#5 Darth Hotz


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Posted 07 December 2018 - 09:48 AM

I use an old Ideazon Fang keypad (If you ever see one, buy it) for the keys and a Steelseries Sensei mouse. I tried many ambidextrous versions from different manufacturers and no one was perfect. I got the lefthanded Razer Naga too, but its to big for my hand.

I'm really jealous when I see what great righthanded mice there are and seriously thought about a Kickstarter campaign to develop and produce the ultimate lefthanded gaming mouse. Hower, my plans have changed but I would still back it massively if someone would start it.

#6 bilagaana


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Posted 07 December 2018 - 02:32 PM

I really appreciate all the suggestions and am open to any others.

I admit to overlooking Full Stop. As my play style depends heavily on maneuverability (as noted) it would make sense to have it available. I'm going to try mapping it to the numpad.

I actually like having Target Lock on the mouse, instantly accessible. I don't do LRMs; to me the essence and fun of MWO is one-on-one face-to-face combat. As my mech of choice is a LBK with HMLs operating in a support role selecting appropriate targets (along with, again, mobility) is crucial to survival and scoring. It always bugs me when spectating that so many players, especially in the heat of battle, seem to overlook or be too focussed on survival to reach for their Target Lock button.

A lot depends on what one is used to and I've been reluctant to try using my venerable Saitek joystick, long ago configured for left-handed use. It may be worth trying just for the many accessible buttons. That would be scary, though, as I find the G903 mouse vastly increased my aiming accuracy over the trackball (an older Logitech Marble Mouse).

I ran across the Ideazon Fang in my initial searches. It's out of production, of course, but I also got the impression that there are driver incompatibilities with W10. I did order a Delux T9U which is similar to the Fang but am not entirely happy with the layout and programmability.

Darth mentioned a Kickstarter campaign for a gaming mouse. I played around with the idea of building a keyboard-style controller specifically for MWO, ordered a few components to play around with the concept but quickly foundered on the software. It seems to me that with 3D printing and a relatively large community of keyboard builders such an idea is not entirely fanciful.

I'm still looking for a way to activate JJ's while generally preserving my current aiming and direction configuration. I like loopala's idea to rapidly center legs to torso, to look/tap and change direction. [Incidentally, loop...no need for any disclaimers about Tier ranking. It's evident (yours truly is a prime example) that PSR has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with frequency of play. Quantity over quality.]

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#7 loopala


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Posted 07 December 2018 - 03:46 PM

View Postbilagaana, on 07 December 2018 - 02:32 PM, said:

I really appreciate all the suggestions and am open to any others.

Incidentally, loop...no need for any disclaimers about Tier ranking. It's evident (yours truly is a prime example) that PSR has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with frequency of play. Quantity over quality.]

Just a couple of points

First yeah I probably didn't need to explain my tier but to be honest I just read a thread in which a poster tried to discredit another poster's post by bringing up thier tier and Jarlist ranking. Too make it worse 2 other jumped on the "your tier 5 so you don't know what your typing about" band wagon. So I was feeling a little defensive. Thanks for letting me know that there are still open minded folks out there.

Second on the target lock. My joystick has a pinkie switch. Since way back in netmech I have used a joystick with a pinkie switch to spam my target locks. And yes this is one on the must have easy to hit buttons. Don't care what you use, as long as you do :-)

Third the full stop. It is amazing and will change your game, as long as you have full throttle just as easy. :-p

gl hf or die trying

May your match score be greater than your ping....

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#8 TehChi


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Posted Yesterday, 03:15 AM

Greetings fellow lefties! We should set up some group play sometime, so we can reverse-nascar the hell out of everyone Posted Image

I feel your pain about mice. Symmetrical is the only option ATM, unfortunately. I have been using, with decent results, the Logitech G300.

Here are my bindings. As you can see, I am all about the keypad. Everything else is in their default positions. All keys under the 456 line except Enter are thumb-activated, my standard resting position is 0-4-8-6-+.


Posted Image

Posted Image

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