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Team Damage Penalty Needs Patching And Changing

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#1 Wesxander


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Posted 13 May 2019 - 05:24 PM

Currently there is still a bug where if you hit friendly and enemies at same time with any kind of strike all the damage counts as friendly.
Additionally people that are inentionally teamshooting people are not being penalized as much as some who does it unintentionally.
Earlier tonight had guy on my team core the hell out my mech at start up. My engine has 2 crits on it then people say it's no big deal. No enemy in sight just intentionally shot the hell out my back right at start of the game.
That person is not penalized for doing 40 points to my back on purpose.
Later, in another game, I shoot an air strike that kills a guy, it was my fault was aiming at enemies, I am penalized for it.
When assaults shoot through lights they know they will not be penalized for it unless they kill the light.
Example say a piranha or flea takes 15 points from a blood asp that shoots through them (as is the standard practice among assaults) the assault will not be penalized for scoring excessive internals on the light. Then you wonder why lights are reluctant to play anymore. They get team shot to hell and the guys that do it constantly could care less. As their damage is minor even though it cored the light from behind. 30 points of armor damage to an assault from strike will count as 150 friendly fire damage, but an assault that shoots through a light and scores say 10 or so internals will not be penalized in the least.
Same assault gets hit with say friendly fire strike by accident then the player that shot that will have the assaults damage and any enemy that it hits count as all friendly fire. They sit out for 2 mins for doing say 266 damage. Even though none that damage penetrated the friendly assault.
The strike system should be changed as many people have commented they hit one friendly mech and are penalized 150 damage. Yet if that same strike hits the enemy say 5 mechs huddled it will barely do 200 damage. How is that possible?
The system needs adjusting. Currently assaults are not penalized for scoring internals on any friendly mech they hit.

#2 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 14 May 2019 - 11:18 PM

Its a zero weight, skill point opportunity cost weapon
Needs some disadvantages

#3 The Basilisk


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Posted 15 May 2019 - 01:48 PM

uhmm...I think I'm actually with the op.....this needs fixing....no consumables anymore.....patch them out.
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#4 Reaper3015


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Posted 19 May 2019 - 03:48 PM

Or maybe light pilots learn to not run in front of assault mechs once the shooting starts or accept that fact that you ran into the line of fire and suffered for it.

#5 Gilgamecc


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Posted 19 May 2019 - 05:27 PM

Players who thoughtlessly block shots from heavier or multiple mechs by wandering in front of them are more at fault than an assault pilot who keeps firing when a friendly mech is waffling about directly in front of them.

Larger mechs aren't as mobile and are not responsible to keep smaller mechs out of their firing line. You call out to obstructing mechs and try to pull shots as best you can for friendlies who need to cross, but ultimately if a Piranha or Assassin pilot wants to hang out directly in front of their heavy gunnery mechs, there is only one outcome to be expected.

#6 Hierarch


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Posted 21 May 2019 - 06:10 AM

While I understand and have shot team mates who walk in front of me. That is a failure of the shooter, unless the shotee is a face hugging potato then it's okay.

#7 OZHomerOZ


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Posted 21 May 2019 - 11:45 AM

The guy behind can see the guy in front
But not vica versa.....................Think how road rules work.
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