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Patch Notes - - 21-May-2019

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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:21 PM

Upcoming Patch - 21 May 2019 @ 10AM – 1PM PDT (5PM - 8PM UTC)
Patch Number:
Standalone Client Patch Size: 685 MB

New 'Mech: Rifleman IIC
You can check out the Countdown post for more details about the Rifleman IIC 'Mech as they are released!

Order them in the Store page here!

Bolt-On retrofits have been expanded to the following 'Mech chassis:
  • Marauder II

Trial Mechs Update:

Inner Sphere

  • JR7-F(C)
  • KTO-18(C)
  • GHR-5H(C)
  • AWS-9M(C)
  • COM-1D(C)
  • CRB-27B(C)
  • WHM-6D(C)
  • KGC-000B(C)


  • MLX-Prime(C)
  • NVA-S(C)
  • HBR-F(C)
  • DWF-W(C)
  • ACH-Prime(C)
  • HBK-IIC(C)
  • TBR-C(C)
  • WHK-C(C)

Faction Play Update:

Games will now be driving Conflicts which take place in Faction Play.
There will be story lines which play out over the course of a Conflict in a series of Phases. Similar to a Faction Play Event, Conflicts make up of mini-events which are called Phases and in each Conflict, there are multiple Phases.
Once a Conflict completes, the story arc ends and resolves the Conflict for a planet switch or story foretelling.

Conflict System summary:
  • Conflicts are completed via Phases.
  • Players can go to the 'Conflict Selection" screen to select a Freelancer/Mercenary/Loyalist role and join one of the two Factions in that Conflict or can click on a Call-To-Arms to join one.
  • A Conflict can be any one of 4 pre-determined map states (3050, 3052, 3057 or 3062)
  • Each Phase will contain an unfolding story, while also stating the duration, game mode and success condition.
  • The outcome of a story in the first Phase will affect the subsequent one.
  • Overall story of a current Conflict can be found under the 'Conflict' and 'Mission' tabs in the 'Conflicts Panel' on the Inner Sphere Map.
  • A 'War History' screen can be viewed at the end of a Conflict to review it's results.

There will be a set amount of time where players enter the queue and the Match Maker holds the match creation until the timer expires. This creates one big queue of grouped and solo players combined. Once the hold timer expires, the Match Maker starts to create matches by pulling the biggest groups against each other from largest to smallest until it has exhausted all of the groups in queue. Odd sized teams are then filled with solo players based on a zero sum ELO from highest to lowest. Once this is complete, all of the matches are released to the dedicated game servers and the hold timer is started once again.

Match Maker summary:
  • The queues and matchmaker have been replaced with a new single queue and matchmaker for both group and solo players.
  • Matches kick-off every two minutes.

End-of-match rewards:
  • Freelancers receive a 5% XP boost for every match they play.
  • Mercenaries receive a 5% C-Bill boost for every match they play.
  • Loyalists continue earning Loyalty Points (LP) for loyalist titles and rewards. (Note: Additional functionality will be added towards Loyalty Points in a future patch)

Jump Jets:
Class 1 Jump Jets
  • Cool Down brought into alignment with Class 2 and Class 3 Jump Jets.
  • Base Heat reduced to 2.55 (from 3.0)

Class 2 Jump Jets
  • Additional Jump Jet heat reduced to 0.125 (from 0.25)

Design notes: We wish to ease up on the Jump Jet heat generation and bring the cooldown into better parity with other classes. This is to allow Assault 'Mechs to both use their JJs at a similar rate to other 'Mechs while also making it to where the heat generated from using said JJ's does not cut into your overall heat generation compared to lighter classes.

MRMs (All Launcher Sizes)
  • Velocity increased to 500 (from 475)

Rocket Launchers (All Launcher Sizes)
  • Velocity increased to 420 (from 400)

Design Notes: With the recent velocity increases to both LRMs and ATMs now settled in over the past few months, we have decided to provide similar bumps to the Mid-ranged missiles. Making them a bit easier to use at longer ranges in addition to having a bit less time for AMS to shoot missiles down at shorter ranges.

Mech Changes:

  • Energy Range +10% quirk converted into a universal Range +10%
  • Missile Cooldown -15% quirk converted into a universal Cooldown -15% quirk
  • Machine Gun ROF +20% quirk added.

All Structure quirks converted into Armor Quirks

LRM Spread +10% quirk added.
Missile Velocity quirk increased to +15% (from 10%)

Energy and Missile Cooldown quirks consolidated into a global Cooldown -10% quirk.
SRM Heat Gen -10% quirk added.

  • Moderate increase to mobility attributes
  • The following locations have received new Base Armor quirks:
    Center Torso: Base Armor +8
    Left Torso: Base Armor +12
    Right Torso: Base Armor +12

Design Notes: This month we have targeted small updates to a number of medium 'Mechs and a raven variant that have fallen a bit below the curve compared to alternative variants of their respective chassis.

  • Missile Heat Gen increased to -10% (From -5%)
  • LRM Velocity 10% quirk added.

  • Missile Heat Gen -5% quirk added

  • Energy Range 10% quirk converted to a universal Range +10% quirk.
  • LRM Velocity 10% quirk added.

  • Energy Range 10% quirk converted to a universal Range +10% quirk.
  • LRM Velocity 10% quirk added.

  • AMS range 10% quirk added
  • Max Jump Jet limit increased to 4 (from 2)

  • Ballistic Range 10% quirk converted to a universal Range +10% quirk.
  • PPC Family Heat Gen -5% quirk added.

Catapult Design Notes: With the release of the C4 with the MW5 pre-order bonus' we wanted to go back and provide a bit more flavor quirks to the c-bill CPLT line giving a bit of a boost to those that wish to use their Catapults in the more traditional LRM loadouts, while also providing some light flavor quirks playing into the base loadouts of the Hero 'Mechs. We have also brought the Jester's access to further Jump Jets into alignment with all other jump capable Catapults.

  • ER PPC Heat Gen -5% quirk added
  • Streak Cooldown -5% quirk added

  • Range 10% quirk added
  • Missile Cooldown -15% quirk added
  • Stealth Armor Cooldown -15% quirk added
  • Moderate Mobility increase across all attributes.

  • Stealth Armor Cooldown -15% quirk added.

Design Notes: The Stealth Armor flavor quirk was initially intended for release with the Marauder II patch, but ran into some last minute bugs that forced us to bump the release of this quirk with both the Warhammer and the Marauder to the May patch.

King Crab:
KGC-000, KGC-0000, KGC-000B:
  • AC/20 Heat gen -15% quirk added.

  • PPC Heat Generation -15%

Design notes: Since its introduction into MWO, we have investigated a number of 'Mechs to receive the HSL quirks. Although the King Crab has been highly requested by a number of people to gain it for the AC/20's, internal testing of the quirk has shown that adding this quirk to the existing quirk set causes to sever balance issues for the internal team. Particularly when it comes to the cumulative 15% AC/20 cooldown quirks currently present on these variants combining with the HSL quirk giving the 'Mech massive pin-point damage that can one-shot many lighter 'Mechs while also having a significantly boosted DPS profile through the cooldown quirks. The only way assigning the HSL quirk would be tangible on the internal side would be if it came with a ground-up re-work of the quirks that saw the removal of a number of existing quirks in order to re-focus the quirk set around the mass pin-point damage of the AC/20, and not the boosted ballistic DPS the current quirk set provide the 'Mech.

The prospect of a complete re-working of the existing quirk set to balance it around a singular loadout while nerfing every non-dual AC/20 loadout for the 'Mech goes against the core of the MWO Mechlab experience of personalizing one's loadout through the 'Mechlab, and ended up punishing non-Dual AC/20 users much more than what we wanted to see on the internal side. Rather than moving in this direction, we will instead be providing the KGC dual AC/20 line a -15% Heat reduction quirk to complement its existing quirk set while providing better rewards for those that take the time to master its traditional dual AC/20 set up, without the need to nerf alternative loadouts people wish to use with the Chassis. This heat quirk will still allow for limited dual AC/20 shots when attempting to capitalize on an opening, but the core of the quirk set will remain centered around the boosted DPS properties the cooldown + heat reduction quirks provide.

All Variants:
  • Jump Jet Heat -20% quirk added
  • LL Base Armor +8 quirk added
  • RL Base Armor +8 quirk added

  • CT Omnipod Base Armor +10 quirk added
  • LT Omnipod Base Armor +8 quirk added
  • So8 Missile Cooldown quirk increased to -15% (from 10%)
  • So8 MG RoF +20% quirk added

  • CT Omnipod Base Armor +10 quirk added
  • So8 Acceleration +10 quirk removed. Replaced with Missile spread -5%

  • CT Omnipod Base Armor +10 quirk added
  • LT Omnipod Base Armor +4 quirk added
  • RT Ominipod Base Armor +4 quirk added
  • So8 Laser Range quirk converted to a universal 10% Range Quirk

  • CT Omnipod Base Armor +10 quirk added
  • LT Omnipod Base Armor +4 quirk added
  • RT Omnipod Base Armor +4 quirk added
  • So8 Missile Cooldown quirk increased to -15% (from -10%)

  • CT Omnipod Base Armor +10 quirk added
  • LT Omnipod Base Armor +4 quirk added
  • RT Omnipod Base Armor +8 quirk added

Viper Design Notes: As one of the most agile 'Mechs in the game, the Viper's niche will always be centered on its mobility. But with a number of hardwired JJ's, we have felt that productive use of its Jump Jets while attempting to stay mobile can often hamper the design in unintended ways. We are globally enhancing both the leg armor and providing a native -20% reduction in JJ heat to give a bit more wiggle room for players that learn to take full advantage of the 'Mechs high mobility. As the earliest 'Mech to receive Set of 8 bonus', we also felt that it was past time to give both the So8 bonus' and underutilized hardpoints similar treatment that many more recently released Omnimechs have received.

  • CT Omnipod Base Armor quirk increased to +12 (from 8)
  • LT Omnipod Heat -5% quirk added
  • RT Omnipod Heat -5% quirk added

  • So8 Torso Turn Rate +10% quirk added
  • S08 Missile Cooldown quirk increased to -10% (from -5%)

  • LT Base Armor quirk increased to 12 (from 8)
  • RT Base Armor quirk increased to 12 (from 8)

  • LT Torso Turn rate 5% quirk added
  • RT Torso Turn rate 5% quirk added
  • So8 Missile Cooldown quirk increased to -15% (from -10%)

  • So8 Torso Turn Rate 10% quirk removed (rolled over into the side torsos.)
  • So8 Ballistic Cooldown -10% quirk added.

Direwolf Design Notes: Although certain configurations of the Direwolf are very powerful with good positioning and team coordination and perform admirably in these roles with skilled players, we want to provide the chassis more customization options through the omnipod system to allow players who struggle with certain aspects of the 'Mechs performance a way that they can customize the Direwolf to suit their needs. Be it more heat sustainability, more general tankiness, or more responsive torso turn rates.

  • Hibernal Rift Map brightness has been tweaked down.
  • Hibernal Rift Map no longer has a floating invisible platform located in cell E3.
  • General rewards across all game modes have been increased approximately 15%.
  • Getting hit by NARC missile or TAG laser no longer stops point capture process as if taking damage.
  • Fixed some overlapping UI issues with the 'Current Battlemech widget' and 'Cart widget'.
  • Fixed some UI text issue where the Rejoin Game in progress overlay displayed an incorrect name for the map Hibernal Rift.
  • Fixed a bug where the End of Round screen would display 'Capture Time' stat tracking the time that a player stops an enemy capture as well.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping Ferro Fibrous armor without enough C-Bills would prevent players to increase the armor value.

Patch Files (Direct Download)

To make the patching process easier for players with limited download caps, we'll be providing direct download links for the patch file(s) that comprise this patch. This will allow you to download the patch file(s) elsewhere, for manual injection into the MWO patcher through a Patch Cache folder.
Aside from allowing you to download the patch file(s) elsewhere, on another connection, there are no additional benefits to performing the patch this way; the patching process itself will be the same.
This direct patch download process will only work for players running the standalone client. It does not apply to players running MWO through Steam.

Patch File(s): To be provided on patch day

How to use these patch files
• Download the above file(s)
• For sake of ease we recommend creating a dedicated folder for the patch file(s), such as 'MWO Patch Cache'
• You do not need to unzip or unpack the patch file(s)
• Launch the MWO Portal
• Select the three horizontal lines in the top left of the Portal Window
• Choose the 'Specify Patch File Cache' option
• In the field that appears, paste or enter the location in which you saved the patch file(s) and hit OK
• For example, C:\Users\<username>\Documents\MWO Patch Cache
• Click the blue Patch button
• The launcher will now check the Patch Cache folder you defined. If it locates the required patch files, it will unpack and use those files to apply the patch.
• Once the patch is complete, launch the game

#2 Domenoth


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:40 PM

Not enough CBills to equip ferro? Yikes. Wonder what that's like.

#3 K19


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:44 PM

More same not glass armor :S Posted Image Posted Image

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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:53 PM

• LRM Spread +10% quirk added.

Isn't that a nerf?

#5 Sereglach


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 05:59 PM

Always pleased to see at least a little more meat on the balance side of things. I hope that continues through future patches. It should always be iterative and really shouldn't be absent in any patch. I particularly hope ALL Jump Jets see more love in the future, as well as Command Console, Flamers, and everything else that needs attention.

While no AC20 HSL quirk on the KGCs isn't surprising, I was kind of hoping we'd see it on at least one variant. Would PGI consider making just one KGC (possibly the "original" 000 Variant?) the AC20 HSL tuned variant while allowing the others to be more flexible? Does internal testing just say it would become too OP to have in any regard at all? This is actually a rather curious point considering the perceived contention over 2xHGR combos. Also, while talking about the King Crab, the 010 variant would add some great variety to the chassis . . . just saying.

Any chance of addressing Flamers soon, since the LRM fixes have been out for a few months now? According to Chris that was the big thing stopping that weapon system from getting looked at for its own overhaul/fix to line up with the new heat systems and gameplay mechanics. Fixed, flat numbers are the way to go, honestly . . . sticking with exponential/accelerating values and "free fire windows" will always cause balance headaches as they're too easy to tip from OP to garbage and vice versa (right now they're way too ripe for abuse, as people are starting to figure out).

#6 Smutty


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:00 PM

So King Crabs are never getting their HSL+1 quirk for AC/20s I guess. Or do you plan on bumping AC/20 Ghost Heat thresholds up to 3+ for the entire game? I mean, it's not like you need 20 slots, 28 tons, and 5-7 tons of ammo to use a pair of /20s already. Better hold those systems down while twin HGR and ATM builds continue to dominate CQC

#7 Zookeeper Dan


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:09 PM

"General rewards across all game modes have been increased approximately 15%."


#8 Geewiz 27


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:09 PM

Useless ******** fw update delayed it's f#$%in May already pull your finger out of your ***!

#9 Mister Maf


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:16 PM

Seems like a good update. I like the small incremental balance changes. The mechs that got buffed definitely needed the love.

#10 byter75


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:46 PM

  • AMS range 10% quirk added
Why not just roll both range quirks into a universal 10% range quirk like the others?

The Jester will have 10% energy range and 10% ams range, which has the same benefit as a universal 10% range quirk will (it only has energy and ams to benefit from range quirks).

Edited by byter75, 17 May 2019 - 06:47 PM.

#11 GamerPro4000


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 06:50 PM

PGI. Any way you can release Terra Therma Classic in the near future?

#12 KrocodockleTheBooBoxLoader-GetIn


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 07:16 PM

15% more cbills? Yes please

#13 BrunoSSace


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 07:20 PM

Buffing my Raven 2x more? Ok than lol. Please keep buffing under used mechs.

#14 Alilua


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 07:41 PM

Looks fun, can't wait till patch day!

#15 byter75


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 08:26 PM

As for my general thoughts on this patch.
15% more earnings on all modes is great. Really great. It should be a lot more prominent to let the community know rather than leaving it as a footnote.
Most of the mech/weapon changes are nice but are mostly incidental.

A lot of the patches seem to focus on mid ranged opions like mrms, lrms, atms and whatnot.. but I really wish brawling weapons weren't always given the cold shoulder.
Dual ac20 king crab needs to be decisive because you don't have the luxury of trading at range with a good peaking profile. It is a weapon combo that requires a lot of commitment to get into the fight, once you are there you need to make an impact.. rather than being just slighly better than longer ranged mechs.
Weapons like srms and streaks are still very unfairly targeted by the ams buffs. Srms are like atms in the sense that they require a fair amount of tonnage invested to get small volleys of high damage missiles. In fact they are even more hardpoint hungry with generally smaller total numbers of missiles possible without ghost heat. This goes doubly for IS tech and streak launchers, who pay a heavy premium to be shot down by ams just as easily. Is it too much to ask after several months, that these weapons be tweeked a little more individually/fairly?

There's roughly 2 HSL quirks for mid to long range weapons like ppcs and lpls for every short ranged HSL quirk (and that's only because I counted the rockets as short ranged).
In regards to the ac20 HSL quirk. There are already uac20 HSL quirks in the game. There's already 45 pinpoint damage with cooldown quirks and twice the range in the hppc awesome.
Is the reason heavy gauss can do 50 pinpoint damage is because it can also be meaningfully used at mid range? Would streaks be treated as nicely as atms if they could also go out to 1k?
Jokes aside. It feels like the game is empthasizing range a lot lately, there's plenty of new range quirks, buffs to lrms, atms and mrms. It feels like shorter ranged weapons are an afterthought, who have to pull teeth to get what little table scraps they can as they gradually get outcompeted by the blander but more universally effective alternatives.

#16 Monkey Lover


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 09:03 PM

Lol ac40 still too OP for 100 ton mech. Guess i will keep using a pin point 50 dmg zero heat system on mechs 30 tons lighter.

Edited by Monkey Lover, 17 May 2019 - 09:10 PM.

#17 Navid A1


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 10:13 PM

Posted Image

I remember similar justifications when PPC family HSL quirk was un-intentionally added to AWS-8Q which allowed 3xHPPC to be fire without penalty.

PGI was in full panic mode about the fact game balance was going to break hard because 3xHPPC is going to be too op.
How did that go?
did the game break?
exactly according to how players saw it.

Will an AC20 HSL +1 quirk on the KGC break the game?... NO!... HELL NO!
It wouldn't even make it half decent!, even with the 15% cooldown it already has!

Did the UAC20 HSL +1 on the night star break the game?

I'm sick and tired of this. You guys are given genuine feedback about stuff, and you are just flat-out ignoring it, or twisting it in a way to absolutely prove that you are the boss.. you know best!

If it breaks the game, then we all know how quick you are on the hotfix!!!!

#18 FupDup


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 10:15 PM

The AC/20's ghost heat cap of 1 wouldn't be as much of an issue if the AC/20 wasn't sub-par on its own merits.

#19 Navid A1


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 10:20 PM

The disgusting fact is that you have currently mechs with enough JJs in the game that can auto-aim 144 damage straight to a target's CT, killing it in one shot.

But god forbid 40 damage from wide as a barn door low-slung hardpoints with slow velocity and convergence issues.

#20 Gagis


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Posted 17 May 2019 - 10:21 PM



• All Structure quirks converted into Armor Quirks

My baby has grown up!

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