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Thoughts On The Movie Ghostbusters

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Posted 19 June 2019 - 08:43 AM

Ghostbusters 1984 Rated PG

Staring Bill Murry, Dan Aykroyd, Herald Remis, Sigourney Weaver, Rick ******, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts.

Going into business for themselves, busting ghosts.

The movie "Ghostbusters" begins simply enough, with a librarian putting some books on shelves, only to have a few relocate themselves by floating here and there. It then flips to where a test of ESP is being given, with one poor soul having the daylights shocked out of him no matter what the answer. This ****** ends when everyone charges off to the library. There, the trio of misfits encounters slime, and their first ghost.
Upon their triumph, they researchers are kicked off campus, and create the Ghostbusters. They resettle in an old fire house that was better off condemned, and an ambulance. Their first test comes in a grand Hotel where the famous lines are uttered:
"I think we should split up."
"Good Idea. We can do more damage that way."
Upon the 12th floor, they meet Slimer, and after nearly destroying the place, catch the elusive little spud who soon becomes a beloved character in the cartoon "Ghostbusters". Business picks up, and the "Ghostbusters" even catch a spot by Larry King as part of the movie. Things turn sour for the Ghostbusters when the EPA shows up and shuts down the containment system. After an epic ********* ghosts fly all over the city. The mayor frees the Ghostbusters, In a final showdown, the Ghostbusters take on an oversized snack icon, Mr. Stay Puff.

The movie features an all star cast, although Rick ******** replaced John Candy as Ernie, the movie was a blockbuster hit during the mid 1980's (1984), and featured some really great music, including the song "Ghostbusters" performed by Ray Parker Jr. Special effects were backed by an experienced crew consisting of those who had worked on other great movies such as Alien, E.T., and Star Wars. For the encounter with Mr. Stay Puff, the studio purchased several toys from Toy's R Us. to provide appropriately sized vehicles (when compared to the walking horror).

I must admit, that I am a fan of this fun witted film, although even with the PG rating, there are a handful of foul words, fantasy violence, mega **********, and some implied ****** content. Still a great movie, and for the most part suitable for the whole family. So, if you believe in "ghosts" go ahead and hit the like button as this movie gives some tribute to older spooky comedies in the footsteps it follows. Thank you Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver for partaking in this film.

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