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Let Us Select A Different Loadout For Our Mech After The Map Has Been Selected

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#1 Honeybadgers


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Posted 04 October 2019 - 12:55 AM

I'm so tired of getting stuck with my mech that uses *gasp* mixed ATM/LRM loadouts just being laughed at on solaris city because of how bad that map is for ranged builds, when I could just swap my scorch into its more typical brawling build.

Same goes for bringing that laser vomit screamer only to get terra therma and be utterly useless.

I feel like you should be locked into the specific mech you bring when you hit quick play, but in the 60 second countdown, you could switch between variants or maybe specific loadouts on the one variant you brought. It would add tactical decisions similar to faction play, games would likely be better balanced (god help the team with 2 or 3 snipers on solaris) and it would make use of the "Ready" mechanic. It'd be more lore friendly, too, as no self-respecting mechwarrior would bring that triple RAC-2 shadow hawk into a mission that will have CQC, and instead might want to bring his shadow hawk with 3 MPL and 3 SRM-6A.

Doing this wouldn't mess with tonnages, it would let players with a lot of variants of mechs have some variety, and if you let players switch builds on the same mech, the newbies wouldn't be punished too hard either.

I feel like all that'd be required to make this work is let us keep and freely switch between ferro/light/std, endo/normal, and artemis/std missile options once we purchase them once for the mech. It's not like the game has an economy that needs us to sink so many of our spacebucks into switching everything, and we've already gotten that freedom with the skill trees.

#2 Sneaky Ohgoorchik


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Posted 13 October 2019 - 12:19 PM

I just love this suggestion. Sometimes I hate to see Polar Highlands, sometimes Solaris. So, yes, switching between mechs/builds would be great in this case.

Also, I want to mention, that you maybe try Bushwacker for RACs build. Generally speaking I see RACs as CQC weapon for chicken-like mechs.

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