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Mw5 Joystick Workarounds Thread

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#121 Peace2U


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Posted 12 July 2020 - 11:54 AM

Almost 14,700 views on this thread now.
How may interested viewers will it take for PGI to realize this is something that requires a little TLC?

I like the sound of the autogen concept, but if the developers would just translate direct input (like many other game platforms), this issue would go away.

Really sad that articles like this even exist.

Imagine you were interested in purchasing this software and ran across it?
Personally, I would think, 'I wonder if my joystick will work or not??' then I would think 'I'll just wait till they iron out this wrinkle before buying this game and save myself the trouble'.
Sadly, I fell prey to my desire to play the stand alone version of mech combat again, and assumed (we all know what that means) since my stick worked flawlessly with MWO it would work the same with MW5.

Therefore the adage about 'ASSUME' must be true.
And here we are - - - -

At least I had the good fortune of conversing with some great people, and learned a few things along the way.

#122 LordNothing


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Posted 12 July 2020 - 04:09 PM

i mostly blame ms for not keeping di up to date. its gone 20 years without an update, and ms wants it dead. im not even sure windows 10 supports it anymore.

im hoping pgi sees the size of this thread and will figure out autogen as part of the dlc patch (which will include updates for the base game without purchasing the dlc).

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#123 Mykos


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Posted 20 July 2020 - 05:08 AM

I've given up on MW5, and I've not even really played it. As the owner of a TM Warthog stick and throttle, as well as TFRP pedals,I've so far spent about 5 hours trying to get them to work properly in MW5. I've tried with and without vJoy and UCR, and I can get close, but not close enough. Config files aside, I can't even remap any keys, let alone HOTAS buttons, as the in-game controls are uneditable for me (click to change and it enters a "blank" instantaneously).

The mind boggles, that the developer would release a product so obviously suited for HOTAS and pedals with little to no support for such devices. Then they later implement half the job in a way that needs you to spend time scouring the 'net for help, studying config files and using 3rd party tools?

I'm just glad I got the game with a good discount and using a free voucher for further money off, rather than paying full price.

I do hope they sort it out in a (not-too-distant) patch, but for now, I can't waste more time on it, and I hate saying that, because I loved some of its predecessors in the Mercenaries line.

#124 JeepStuff


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Posted 26 July 2020 - 02:28 AM

Hey folks, this is my first post in a really, REALLY long time. I took a couple years off to cool my frustration with the game, and now I'm WAY out of the loop on MWO and totally abysmally ignorant in MW5. So if I ask something that has been answered a hundred times, please be patient with me. I did a bunch of searches before posting here, and no joy.

I'm about this close ---><--- to giving up in frustration again and taking another couple years off, purely because of how difficult it was to get the throttle working in MW5 so that I can play with the same controls I use in MWO. Joystick support was sooooo frustrating when MWO was new, and now it's frustrating again with MW5. Sigh. But now I'm just preaching to the choir because I think this thread is full of posts from folks who feel the same way.

Anyway, for reference, I use a CH Pro Throttle in my left hand and mouse in my right.

Now, thanks to the community's documentation (and not PGI's - sigh), I have the axis controls and many of the buttons working the same in both games. In MW5, I bound many of the buttons to keyboard keys, and for the most part it works. However, some key bindings are giving me trouble and I'm hoping you can help.

One more caveat: I really REALLY don't want to have to load different configs into the throttle every time I switch games. I hate doing that. So in order to just "plug and play" both games, I did the keyboard bindings in the HOTASMappings.Remap file instead of using the CH Control Manager. In other words, I want the keyboard bindings to be wholly contained in the MW5 file, and I do NOT want to have to load a new config into the actual throttle firmware (using Control Manager) every time I change games. I want the throttle to stay the same, and the MW5 remap file to deal with the inconsistencies between MWO and MW5.

Thanks to the documentation, I learned that you can bind keyboard keys to the buttons in the HOTASMappings.Remap file by just adding a '+' sign at the end of a line and then including the key you want to bind that button to. So for example, night vision is bound to button 9 by adding a +n to the end of the line like this:

BUTTON: InButton=GenericUSBController_Button9, OutButtons=Throttle_DPad2_Right+n

That works great for easy keys. But for keys which don't have a simple character, I'm not sure how to bind them. For example, jump jets use the space bar and unit commands use the F keys. How do I include those at the end of the line in the remap file? For example, if I want to add "space bar" to the end of the line, is there an escape character I need to include before the space, or put the space in quotes, or use the ASCII code for the space, or something like that? Has anyone done this? I randomly tried a few things but nothing worked, and I don't want to have to guess the correct syntax. I'll quit and take another couple years off before it comes to that.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

#125 JeepStuff


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Posted 27 July 2020 - 06:12 PM

Just following up on my own post, it turns out I was being stupid. I was trying to figure out the syntax for "space bar" or the F keys to put into the HOTASMappings.Remap file. But that's dumb. It's easy enough to just re-assign a new key in the keyboard GUI. So instead of using space for the jump jets, you can also map the "j" key to jump jets (in addition to space if you want), and you can do this in game. Then once you do that, you can add a "+j" to the end of the line for whatever button you want in the HOTASMappings.Remap file, like this:

BUTTON: InButton=GenericUSBController_Button9, OutButtons=Throttle_DPad2_Right+j

So no need to figure out the syntax for adding "+<space>" at the end of the line.

Anyway, I'm not sure if anyone else will find this useful. But it solved my immediate issues. Now I can use the same joystick settings for MWO and MW5 without reprogramming the key bindings in the joystick.

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