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Ruber------Banding Bug And Group Que

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#1 We Are Mobius


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Posted 30 April 2020 - 01:36 AM

After the April 28 "updated servers". myself and several others are rubber-banding all over the place it makes the game unplayable. fast mechs and mechs with masc seem to make it worse so much so i have had my game crash while using my phoenix hawk 3s and wolverine d both with mask.

We are back to the death ball stomp as your 2 to 4 man organized lance focuses on weaker players it is taking any fun out of the game.

My suggestion make group que group vs group only 4, 6 and 8 players this will be much harder but it will stop the death spirals. leave 12 vs 12 pugland a place where you can grind your mechs up.

separate group que to organized groups vs organized groups this will be much more challenging and pug players that try to make a team will get stoped there as it will become known if you do not have the fundamentals down do not bother playing GROUP QUE.

LASTLY your biggest problem with this game is the low quality of players in the game in general
having three to six people that have no idea how to torso twist use cover or understand basic unit and formations that play this game like a battle royal or quake ramboing themselfs into a death the first minute of the game insures your team will loose no matter how good you are.

expand the academy to cover formations, torso twisting and cover as well as other fundamental skills other wise you have a high skill game being played like checkers instead of chess and your low skilled players are dragging this game down. educate them show them that the game is a tactical team based shooter and that every mech has a role and that role is to support the team. not solo into a fast death.

better players make better games i have tried to do this in the lobbies before the games but that is not enough.

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#2 Negat1ve Nancy


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Posted 06 May 2020 - 02:35 AM

Better to fix match maker so the low end players do not meet the high end players.
Sounds logical to me
Just not to the guys who make this game, scratching my head.

#3 Tesunie


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Posted 10 May 2020 - 03:58 PM

There are currently many things that could be done to help this game. Most I feel are "small fixes" to what currently exists.

Excluding your rubber banding issue...
- MM is relatively okay at the moment. PSR is, in principal, a good idea. However, how it was actually implemented is more so the problem. Too many ways up, not enough ways down. First, win and loss should be removed from the equation completely. Have it based strictly on match score. Those who achieve "average" match scores in a match should always get a PSR = result. Those that do under "average" scores should lose PSR, with brackets leading to worse performance hitting PSR harder. Do above "average", go up with similar brackets for better increases. Finally, your PSR should shift a lot faster for better/worse performance than it currently does. I would say 20-50 matches of a PSR change score should change your PSR. Not hundreds or thousands of matches.
- Normal QP should remain solo, no groups of any kind permitted. We use to have 4 man groups or less in Solo play... and it was removed back then for a reason. No need to go back to what already didn't work. Instead, I still think that players should have the option to Opt In to dropping as solo into GP matches to help flush the ranks as needed. I know there are people, such as myself, who would happily opt into it.

As for your final complaint, I don't think any amount of tutorials can help. A more in depth tutorial might be helpful, but it would have to cover "unchanging" aspects of the game. Otherwise, a single change and the tutorial is completely wrong and needs to be redone... If anything, you just need to accept that some people don't want to go into more in depth tactics, and are here just to be "big stompy robit". Best I can say, is that training willing players who want to get better is going to be the job of the community. Bring positive advise and friendly help to players (compared to bringing players down and calling them bads because they don't know how to do X).

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