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Developer Q&A 4 - Role Warfare

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 02:15 AM

The Varient thing is pretty easy to explain I would think , mechs come with preexisting modules for the specific role they were designed for i.e. the jenner a was designed as a light recon so it comes with a recon mod , the jenner b was designed as a light scout/support mech so comes with a combat mod . these being " Hard Modules" built into the mech to speed production .
Each weight class ( light, medium,etc,) has a certain number of mods ( light 2 , medium 3,Etc.) and 1 or more of them is a " Hard Module" not to mention engines vs hard heatsinks , Mini guns being prebuilt .
Think of a car that comes with standrd allwheeldrive but you pay to have heated seats and flashy rims put in .
the AWD is standard to ease the production line ( all the same all the time) then the after market stuff is added later .Makes sence to do it this way .
as for mechs being " Indesructible" so to speak thats great cause in a game like thisa they basically are your character ( not sure about you but i'm not spending any time out of my mech ) but,,Modules on the other hand , those could be lost !!! how to solve this ? Blue prints . when you take a skill or " Skill" for a module what your basically doing is learning the Blueprint . so you could add salvage to the game as such . you go to combat die loose a module don't have the items to make so can't go combat again untill you've farmed the items and made another mod .Or you could have several mods on standby ( in game economy) by either making or purchasing them from other players .

Couple comments and ideas from reading through this thread and seeing what got peoples interest .
Other then this the game will be perfect cause it's MECHWARRIOR and thats all that matters ( besides the fact they are making what seems to be a dynamic comprehensive game that will take time and teamwork to master) ,CAn I paint my mech Pink ? thats the real question.

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 10:46 PM

I am a disable gamer..How are u going help ppl with a disablity with the controls in MWO? Gamepad Etc.

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