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Why You Want Mechwarrior Online To Be Free-To-Play


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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:39 PM

Long time MechWarrior fan here, replayed MW:4 more than 10 times and still not getting bored PPC'ing the heck out of Atlas'es. Just tried the after hearing all the buzz, was watching closely when ya'all released the trailer back in 2009.

It didn't disappoint at all. With all these new content coming AND F2P ! :D I'll gladly take microtransactions for items such as getting normal Mechs faster, EXP boost, cheaper repairs and etc that doesn't ruin the balance of the game.

What the other players are saying are correct, F2P allows people to enjoy MWO at their own pace. But I'd be cautious what you put on the ingame store though, as it has been said: SAY NO TO

1. Crazy stats clan version weapons (gold lazors)
2. Mechs that will clearly ruin the balance if introduced (gold Mechs)
3. Making community battles to be gold players only ( ;) )
4. Loads of other stuff that other players will mention in time.

To Devs:
Thanks for making this game. I'm really happy the MechWarrior franchise is getting a reboot it deserves. It is such an unique title. B)

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 04:48 PM

View PostButane9000, on 03 November 2012 - 04:20 PM, said:

"The core experience is available to anyone for no cost at all."

Then why is it new players are forced into founders mechs that deprive them of said experience? If you think the combat is the "core" experience you are wrong. The big draw is the ability to customize your mech to your tastes. Trial mechs prevent new players from experiencing this by limit their use of the mech lab completely.

The only way around this is to grind for hours on end to earn enough for a Commando, arguably the worst mech in the game at the moment but also happens to be the cheapest. Or they can endure even more grinding and suffering at the hands of pre-made teams because you held back on implementing the matchmaking. So, their choices are to grind the bare minimum for the worst mech in the game or grind extra for a decent mech all the while being denied the largest part of game at the moment i.e. the mechlab.

We're not even going to discuss the fact that once they buy a mech unless they are a battletech fan they will know absolutely zip-zilch-nada about the weapons and items and how they effect their mech. I understand you are getting this into the game as soon as possible but it's too little too late. A feature like this should have been implemented before open beta. Remember that most of your core dependable battletech fans have mostly bought founders packages or intend to grudge it out and that this doesn't matter as much to them.

But you're aiming to bring more then just the core fanbase into the game franchise. And you're doing it poorly. I love this game and want to see it succeed. The founders program gave you a much needed buffer but you really need to ramp up production if you really want to see this thrive and succeed. I know it's hard and I know you've been working around the clock but you still need to push yourselves just as hard or even more so.

I wont say I am not worried, but I can say I am hopeful. You've proven you do indeed listen. You don't always but your ears are open and that matters more sometimes.

I get your point on the new players not knowing what the hell they are playing. They spam mouse clicks and 3-4 keys in every match.


Give a free permanent, customizable mech to players upon account creation (with a twist). Let them select only 1 Mech variant from the roles:

Light Mech / Tuned down Medium mech (sorta like Medium Lite)

Since repair bills are going to be proportional to the weight class, giving them heavy mechs won't allow them to earn much. No mech is better than others, just the roles it performs. Why not give a free weight class specific mech to new players for them to use?

1. Allows them to configure their mech (adding player interest in customizing)
2. Allows them to learn roles (light if he likes to run around, medium if he knows how to strafe and perform hit-and-runs)
3. Makes players WANT to go further up the chain (getting another chassis or heavier)

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 09:08 PM

Honestly, I don't like Mechwarrior all that much, and it's nothing against you guys because you're doing pretty great, but I never really liked many FPS games. Only Halo ever really caught my attention, and it was because of the story, not gameplay. So right out of the gate, I'm not your best customer here.

So why do I want MWO to be F2P? Because I love Battletech. Part of the reason I don't like FPS is because I suck at it. I have reflex problems, so I always will, but Battletech was very inspirational and important in my formative years as a gamer, and these days, I haven't got any friends around who play (heck, most of my friends these days don't even know what Battletech is), and there's not really any turn based battletech out there that I've found in internet land either (turn based slow is one thing, waiting for someone to reply to a post or email about what their move is gets too slow even for me). So while I don't really like FPS, MWO is the next best thing for me to get my battletech fix. I even get to tinker with mech designs a little bit.

So all in all, this is a game I'd never drop C-bills on to buy retail, but if it runs ok on my old clunker of a tower (I do hope one day I can go more than a match or 3 without getting massive gfx lag or blackscreen) I may drop a few bucks here and there on something neat, and who knows, maybe one day I'll have more fun with first person shooters because the genre sucked me in...

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 07:31 PM

As a former mechwarrior and battletech player I'm glad to see someone other than microsoft finally doing something good with the franchise.

F2P will give us the one thing we need most. Plenty of opponents to play against.
Nothing kills an online game faster than not having a large community of players around the world that you can play against and with.

The players who only play for free provide extra targets for my PPC's, and extra ally's who can spot for my LRM 20 racks. I am happy they are here.

Pay to win does not have to be a problem, Leage of Legends doesn't sell anything for money that you can't get by working for it. Paying money just lets you get it faster. The exception to this is skins, which give no advantage in combat, they just look cool.

If MWO uses LoL's model, then someone on a budget, or who just doesn't want to spend money can be just as effective as the person who drops $500 bucks on the game. you just have to be carefull in your planning, and make sure not to ever waste your hard earned C-bills on things that you won't use. You may not have as many mechs as the big spender, but as long as you have the mechs you are best at it doesn't matter. You can only pilot one mech at a time. Doesn't matter how many mechs he has at home in the mech bay. What matters is what's under his feet right now, and what's under yours.

I personally plan to spend what I would on a regular game. I don't really care about buying stuff, but MWO has revived a game that I love and by all appearances they have done it well. I will support them with my cash. If that gets me an AWS-9M faster than I could earn it by playing then great, but I don't really care.

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 02:20 PM

I apologize. In MWO are not only beginners and those who first time saw Batltech. Usually they are very well sell all kinds of Santa Clauses and more. I well received among those who play Batltech since 1992. And I have a few suggestions aimed at hardcore players who, I am sure, as I do not regret real money for interesting and useful content.

1. Panel weather and atmospheric conditions. Where real-time displays of the atmosphere, temperature, gas composition, etc.
2. Panel or Module battle report shows who killed, which weapon and in place. Perhaps in the chat window or a separate window.

Thank you and sorry for my English (Google Translate).

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