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Is it done yet?

The naughty producer blog.

Hi everyone my name is Matt Newman and I am the producer on MechWarrior Online. You may remember me from the Developer QnA as the guy who joked around a bit. (<-Understatement)

Well I am here today to make up some plausible excuses and give you a peace offering.

First off though let me just say I love MechWarrior and I love my job. The first computer I bought, with my hard earned Tim Horton’s donut money, was a Pentium2 133 loaded with a Matrox Mystique and an enhanced version of MechWarrior 2. I played that game so much that the first serious and live in girlfriend dumped me....true story....look at me now Shelly!

On to the plausible excuses!

Fumble # 1 – “How about Hula girls? You like Hula girls right?”

Ok so the community seemed to respond to this very well, but man, I am taking the heat here at work! “You realize now they expect us to make Hula girls right?” says Garth “I don’t think Hula girls are in the canon” complains another. Long sigh from a programmer then he grumbles something about “Real hula girl physics! Yeah right.” Sorry guys my bad! This was a call back to the original trailer and if you haven’t seen the Hula girl in the trailer well then you haven’t watched it enough. Go watch it again and while you are there subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Fumble # 2 – “I can’t hear you over the sound of my Hunchback’s AC-10!”

That one was my fault. I cared more about the joke than the fact that the Hunchback actually has an AC-20. AC-20s are much louder than an AC-10s, No wonder I couldn’t hear you. Some people were offended by my error and for that I apologize but what I liked were the people coming to my defence. Also this post is awesome: In fact that whole thread is awesome.

Fumble # 3 - “I remember that trailer and I don’t think there was a Warhammer in there... I think it was an Urban Mech. Man I love those trash cans.”

I have to admit I knew it was a Warhammer and it was my way to dodge the question about the Unseen. The answer about the Unseen is in the FAQ here. I went on to answer another question about the unseen regarding the art style “If we are going to make any `Mech, it is going to go through Alex’s treatment.” I also want to give a shout out to the guys who can’t stop talking about the UrbanMech. Go and sign the petition here!

So there you have it. Totally realistic plausible excuses! And here is my peace offering.

Your Humble Producer
Matt Newman

P.S. Paul has banned me from future QnA’s.


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