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(24 December, 3048) There are those who decry war as the last bastion of savages when the good God has bestowed upon us the power of speech to resolve all our misunderstandings. While I too loathe the depravities of war and the suffering of the innocent, is it not also our God-given right to protect our freedoms, ourselves, our loved ones, our children?

Can anyone forget May 1st, 2787, when the Draconis Combine—completely unprovoked—launched their massive assault against our sovereign worlds? How a hundred planets fell across the next nine years to the slavering gullet of the Dragon, until it stood but a jump from the jewel of New Avalon?

And if we can forget that moment, how can anyone who claims to be a Davion forget 2796, starting on that fateful April day when a lone soldier fired a shot in defense of his homeland…a shot heard round the Inner Sphere as it killed Coordinator Minoru Kurita? And his lunatic heir, Jinjiro, who bathed Kurita sabers in the blood of 52 million Kentares citizens in retribution? Are these events not burned into our collective hearts until the end of time?

Can we ever forget the brave men and women in uniform who stood up to our enemies in our darkest hour? Who defied weak-willed commanders to mount un-sanctioned attacks across dozens of worlds…attacks that would lead down a long decade’s road to the reclamation of our lands from those who seek to destroy all we hold dear?

Should we not ever guard ourselves with stalwart hearts and sharp swords against such a ravening beast? Some would say that we are stronger than ever. That the Federated Commonwealth, with its thousand worlds and hundred regiments, has no need to fear “Here there be dragons” on any space charts.

Have we so quickly forgotten the War of 3039? Where all our might was for naught and the dragon unveiled Star League technologies long thought lost as they counter-attacked Davion worlds?!

Some may claim that attacks by the Combine against Davion worlds in the past few months were sparked by Prince Hanse Davion’s decision to send his Fox’s Teeth raiding across the Commonwealth/Combine border. I say our Prince has more understanding of the danger posed by the Dragon than anyone who spouts such nonsense. The Fox’s Teeth merely test for traps already laid; a new invasion to mirror that of two and half centuries ago may easily be hidden behind the Pillar of Steel and their xenophobic leaders.

We must be ever vigilant against the ravening beast. And if that means we must beard the Dragon in his den to convince every samurai across that realm that our swords remain ever sharp, to ensure the freedoms and safety of all we hold dear…then so be it.

—Olivia Daver, Commonwealth Press


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