BattleMech 7 - Commando

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Her eyes are fixed to the edge of the rock wall to her left. The sound of rain strumming against the cockpit almost unheard as she stared at that corner, waiting. Did she feel that? A slight shaking. She’s trying to settle back, calm her muscles, but they are all afire now. It’s always the waiting. No matter how many times she’s done it, sitting in an almost entirely powered down 'Mech always feels strange. Like having shoes without laces or… -wait, did she see that? Yes!

It was what she was waiting for, but also more than that. It was not an Atlas, it was two. And they had Hunchback friends. This was bad. Trying not to panick, she hovers her finger over the button to reactivate her 'Mech. The four tons of armour she has are useless against the kind of firepower an Atlas or even a Hunchback can bring; her SRM-6, SRM-4, and Medium Laser, however, can prove a nice little kick to a 'Mech with its back turned. All she had to do was wait…



And, bizarrely, they did not see her. Whether due to placement, luck, or carelessness on their part didn’t matter, she tapped the power button as the trailing Hunchback was almost out of sight. 'Mech whining as it revved up, she raised her weapons, and…

Time seemed to slow – her missiles corkscrewed into the back of the Hunchback, literally shoving it forward onto its left leg, armour showering out, and her Medium Laser cutting a line from hip to hip. The missiles seemed to flower all across the 'Mechs back, spraying shredded metal in a torrent. The Hunchback’s status on her display showed she had done significant damage to its back; not only that, but the co-ordinates of the enemy 'Mechs had been relayed to her Commander.

She punched her throttle forward and to the left, hoping to circle away from the enemy lance when she suddenly felt the ground shake and roll. Had the Hunchback fired on her? No! It was the Commander – raining artillery down on the 'Mechs she had spotted! The Hunchback suddenly lost an arm as it turned to face her, the pieces flying to the side, rocking the 'Mech as it turned. She wasted no time in rounding the bend to avoid that AC/20, quickly juking left like a boxer.

Suddenly a voice filled her ears:

“Thanks for the spot – we have artillery and LRM’s en route. Those 'Mechs are toast. Good work, Scout!”

The praise faded in her ears as she rounded the corner, suddenly face to face with a Centurion - AC/10 raised.


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